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Why do some people seem to age better than others?
I've noticed some people seem to maintain their youthful looks well into their old age, whilst others seem to age really quickly. Why is there such disparity within the human race when it comes to ageing and the effect it has on our bodies? Is it genetic? Or is it solely down to lifestyle and diet?

Asian woman tends to age better but i dont know why tho.

Harmless Curiosity
It really has to do with lifestyle and diet. A person who is overweight is going to look older; a person who constantly sunbathes is going to get more wrinkles and look older.

Alot has to do with smoking.If you smoke your more likely to look warn out.It all depends on how we take care of our health and the way we eat,put creams on our faces everyday.

I'm 24, and the father of my child is 30, he looks younger than I do, and I still get carded when I go out (age of majority is 19 here).

I don't know why that is, I have a healthier lifestyle than he does.

I believe its a mixture of both genetic and lifestyle. If you have inherite a good facial bone structure you certainly have a head start on aging well but after that its down to taking care of yourself.

Health/bodywise its again a mixture but certainly keeping active and also a positive attitude towards life helps.

its all in the mind..when u r positive in your mind you will look young and when you let tension and negative aspects overcome you then you will look definitely old so just enjoy life with all positive aspects.

it has to do with your lifestyle and diet. those who keep in shape, exercise, and eat healthy age more gracefully.

Many reasons, genetics and diet are two of the main reasons. Stress also plays a big factor. There are things you can do to help anti aging, such as exercise, supplements with grape seed extract are good for the skin. There are a lot of good products out there to help you. Check out my profile for one. Also, eat right, get plenty of sleep and you can improve your youthfulness.

garion b

i look alot oyunger than i am.
i have always exercised alot and have always watched what ive eaten to certain extent. I also am a bit of a sleep junky.


i have also led a very bad lifesyle at points in the past (drink and other substances) and it hasnt aged me a bit.

I think its down to genetics.

Genetics and lifestyles, some people never drink water to keep their bodies and skin hydrated thus resulting in wrinkles earlier in life and sagging body bits.

I think it may be a mixture of both. Genetics help immensely, however lifestyle is the determining factor. You can definitely can help yourself age better. Limit the amount of time you spend in the sun, or at least wear a good quality sunblock...cliche..but..water, water, water, and keep control of the food that you put into your body.

genetics and life style.

genetics. diet. lifestyle. staying out of the sun. botox. facial creams. it also helps if someone is a late bloomer. most women who start developing later will actually look many years younger than their friends later in life.

it's genetics! If you're born with darker skin or more oily skin you will wrinkle less and your face will look more youthful. But if you have fair skin or skin that tends to be dry more likely than not you'll wrinkle up like a prune. Also it's how you take care of yourself. If you have more money you can afford to have expensive treatments, or if you were raised with good hygiene habits you might take more care of yourself. But mostly it's the hand you've been dealt.

David Jang
It has a lot to do with how well they treated their bodies as they came to age. People that are in the sun a lot ages their skin. People with oily skin tend to keep youthful looks. But mostly it is eating healthy. The rest is in genetics.

Jeff Archer
Some of it is genes but mostly it's lifestyle, diet, race, hair colour, diet, health.

Here is a quick run down on the things people could do to make sure they age well.


I'd say it's all of the above, and a luck component.

Dolly Blue
It is down to genes, plus lifestyle and diet all have their effect !!!!

Barbara Doll to you
Genetics also. Just because you look a bit grey and wrinkled outside doesn't mean your body is not in better shape, and healthier than someone else who looks superficially younger.

Also, people age at different rates then stop. So someone who looks old for 25 might look a young 50 year old.

Get Stewie With It
there are a few reasons:
1 genetics (mainly)
2 health/lifestyle
3 stress
4 smoking
those are the main ones

then theres other stuff like squinting or frowning all the time

I am sure a lot of it is genetic and if you are lucky enough to have been born of slim healthy parents, the chances are you will be the same into old age. Healthy eating helps but again it is really down to your metabolism as fat people will remain fat despite many attempts at dieting, with few exceptions. Those lucky enough to be slim throughout their lives are just programmed like that with no effort.

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