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 how can i lose 50 pounds in 2 months?
how can i lose 50 pounds in 2 months, im 12, Im 5’1”, and i weigh 162, i want to be 112 by the end of august, how can i do this?...

 Is it bad to workout before breakfast?
Is it bad to workout on an empty stomach?

Ive been doing spinning at 530am for the past 2 days and plan to do this 4x a week.

I eat breakfast around 715 when I get home, im ...

 how do i learn to hate......?
can any1 advice mi on how i can grow 2 HATE chocolate?... show mi pics or tel mi nasty ...

 how can i lose a stone very fast?
in less than 2 ...

 Are you supposed to eat before you workout or workout and then eat?
Please advise....

 Are people with larger frame size stronger physically than those with small frame ?
If not,what is frame size for ?...

 Why am I not losing weight?
Okay, so i'm 17 years old and i'm a bit overweight. I mean, i'm not really fat, I just have a lot of excess fat/saggy skin on my stomach, thighs and chin. It's been really getting ...

 3 BALLERINA (TEA) Does it work?
Hi, I've heard rumors about this tea and purchase it! I want to know if it works, I am a little scare to drink it because of taste and also side effects. Is it safe? Does it really work? How ...

 how can i get into good shape?
i am 12 years old im 6"00 and 145 lbs. i play sports and control what i eat but i never seem to get a good shape.

i want to look something like this- http://g0ys.org/images/folds.jpg<...

 Promise not to laugh? I have an embarrassingly dumb question?
How is soy bad for women? I am aware of the estrogen-like hormone properties in soy and I can see how that is bad for men and small children, but I don't understand how it affects females.

 How to be a healthier person?
I don't eat very well and I'm trying to eat better but it's hard so I was wondering if there were any good supplements to take that would help me feel more energized and less tired in ...

 so my doctor told me to eat 500-800 calories a day?!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how can i possibly do this?!!?
okay so heres the regular gameplan:
breakfast: 2 fullsize pizzas a plateful of waffels/panckaes, a bowl of cereal, a coupple of poptarts, a spicy breakfast burito and a coupple of organic sodas ...

 why is candy bad for breakfast?

 When is the best time to exercise?
in the morning or at night before bed?...

 why is drinking green tea good for weight loss?
lots of people recommend green tea when dieting and im just wondering why?...

 When using the treadmill do you.....?
go for distance? time? calories burned? other?

i go for distance so i can run the mile as fast as i can and get off....

 The only way to have flat stomach is exercise?
I'm have a pretty chubby stomach and I'm scared that if I exercise, the fat will become muscle but it won't flattens down...

someone explain to me please?

Thank ...

 Why does working out help my acne?
Whenever I work out for atleast 3 days my face clears up and it looks healthy. I want to know step by step like does the heat cause the pores to open up and take it all out?...

 how much food is required to eat to jump start your metabolism? A cracker?

 Will jogging on the street/sidewalk eventually ruin your joints?
My mom keeps assuring me (over and over and over, lol) that jogging a lot on the street/sidewalk is bad for you because it will eventually "really ruin your joints"...How true is that (.....

Why are my bowel movements so large?
as long as i can remember even as a kid i have always had very large bowel movements.. and also irregular move movements sometimes i would go as long as 2 weeks and maybe more without haveing a bowel movement..and when i did finally go.. i would nearly pass out cause it would hurt so much.. well recently i have been eating lots of fiber..and i have been going pretty regulary.. atleast every couple days.. but my bowels movement are still very large.. i have to use a plunger to break it up or else it will not go down.. i always seem to have trouble getting my bowel movements to flush... it's emberessing.. i clog up comercial toilets! at motels and such.. i just had a bowel movement 10 minutes ago,..and it was atleast 14-16 inches long and very big around! didnt hurt though it was fairly soft...i had to break it up and fight with the toilet.. this is no joke and not trying to be funny.. just looking for serious answers or people with similar problems.. thanks ..

so you really wanna know?
umm...please see a doctor. that is NOT normal. sorry i don't know what to tell you other than to seek professional help. hope you can figure out your problem and get better. Just keep eatin the fiber!!!

Honestly your bowel movements are supposed to be large. When you have a large lincoln log consistency this means your bowels are doing what they are supposed to do. If you shoot marbles, or it's soft and gooey it could mean there is a sign of something wrong. Or you simply are not eating the right foods.
The part where you don't go regularly though is what concerns me. You should have a BM at least once a day. Especially since you have been eating fiber. This simply may be normal for you, however it still wouldn't hurt to discuss this with your doctor.
I hope this helps!

Josh B

First, I am not a doctor and you may need a doctor to help you with this. Second, I am not personally familiar with this situation but I have some ideas that may help. First, start exercising, it helps to move your food around in your body and helps to regulate your body. Second, start eating yogurt and make sure it contains active cultures. You may not be digesting your food well and the active cultures in the yogurt may help to improve your digestion.

I have the same problem but it's my medications that cause me problems. I try to take a fiber supplement, like metimucial (I know I mispelled that horribly) everyday. That seems to help me quite alot, but I think with the large feces size is just something we have to live with, unfortunately.

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