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 what will happen if I eat a lot of rice before I go to bed?
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what will happen?
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 Is this a good way to lose weight?
Eat somewhat healthy...(no junk food)

3-4 days a week
40 min of running on the tredmill
50 situps
50 crunches
3 sets of 15 lunges with 8lb dumbell
3 sets of 15 ...

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 If starving yourself doesn't work, why are people anorexic?
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 I just went for a 30 minute bike ride, is that good?
I'm trying to tone my legs, so i went for a bike ride, i usually go on runs but i went on a bike ride, is going for 30 minutes good, or should i go longer next time?
Additional Details<...

Which is better?: eating supper before or after a 1 hour walk.?

Definitely after;

Your body has glycogen stores which are simply stated "Stored Energy" As you take in more calories, these stores fill up and then you revert to storing this energy as fat (remember energy can never be lost, only transferred). So, when you take a walk before eating, you are burning through those glycogen stores and fat cells because you don't have a more readily source (food) available.

Walk on an empty stomach, eat after to restore your glycogen levels and rebuild broke down tissue.

i think eating before so you can go and burn the calories

actually it is better to work out on an empty stomach because then your body has to use the stored fat to burn while u work out or walk.

I think after you eat supper.That away you help burn off what you ate.I would save the desert for when I got back from my walk.If the desert is good,mabey you'll walk a little faster!

karen wonderful
After because after exercising, your appetite is not as great and also after exercising, your metabolism is higher than before so what you eat is burned off faster. It is also better to exercise on an empty stomach.

doesn't matter when you walk so much as what you eat.

After. This will re-supply your body with energy and hydration.

after youll work up the appetite.

Before... (If you're concerned about weight loss). By eating before, any sugars you consume are burned off during the walk, as opposed to being absorbed and converted to fat.

Janet lw
Eat before you walk because when you eat your blood rushes to your stomach to assist in digestion. When you exercise your blood goes to your muscles. They can try to do both but risks heart problems.

b4 so u can walk off the newly added lbs

Babz M
1 hour before or 1 hour after!

You need to eat supper after a 1 hour walk that way you can burn energy while your asleep and night. if you eat before you will be hungery and hurting after words

If you eat and then walk, you might cramp up, although a nice stroll is better than sitting and dozing after a large meal. Waiting two hours after eating if it's for fitness would be better.

If you are trying to lose weight, a brisk fitness walk for an hour before eating would actually help to decrease your appetite for the meal you have shortly after the walk. Walk first, then eat.

Depends on what you are doing for your walk:

If you are trying to lose weight then eat after- working out on an empty stomach is better.

If you are just walking for fun- walk after you eat- it is better for you than sitting on the couch- it aids in digestion. You will only get cramps (or "stitches") if you are walking at a fast-pace. If you are just leisurely walking you'll be fine. Personally- I always walk my dogs after dinner.

After is better the same calories get burned but you are more relaxed and satisfied eating after.

after. your metabolism speeds up after a work out.

Eating should be done, after exercises...The best, is to have that one hour exercise, before you eat breakfast...And a short walk in the evening, after you've had your supper...No cheating, with snacks later!

During, but it's hard to cut steak while you're holding your plate on a walk.

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