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The Magic Answer
What happens if I accidentially take 2 multivitamins instead of one?

[Đ²] ăƒ„â™¥

You should be OK, but just to be sure, take one Fred vitamin and one Dino. That way you're not getting a double dose of anything...

Your urine will be twice as expensive as if you take only one. That's where vitamins you don't need go, and if you eat anything more healthy than a diet of potato chips, or have some specific vitamin deficiency, you don't need any.

Truth Seeker

be prepared to face some backpain if you keep doing this. Your kidneys will probably have some hard time processing it.

Niklaus Pfirsig
Most multi-vitamins are made to provide the minimum requirement of nutrients to prevent vitamin deficiency disease. most adults actually need more than the minimum, and for most people, occasionally double dosing on OTC multivitamins is no problem.

While this isn't something I would suggest doing on a regular basis, a one time event shouldn't be an issue. Most of the levels in a vitamin are not high enough to cause serious harm if you are a healthy person and just take 2. Your body should excrete the excess in your urine.

There are really no harmful side effects of taking an extra multivitamin. You will just end up urinating out the excess vitamins and minerals. Don't fret!

Louella R
Nothing but you will have very expensive PEE ~P

I used to overdose on vitamins all the time..and it is a waste

of money and sometimes hard on your kidneys and other

organs like the liver that has to pass this extra load of nutrition


Lets see, you could get hot flashes, your urine could be yellow, and your body will flush out most of the extra vitamins. Although I would not advise you to do this long term, as you could cause damage to your organs, your liver will have to work over time to expel the extra vitamins.


you might bcome a Multivitamin Addict!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to your nearest Rehab Center and get help quick!!!!

Robert D
nothing at all

nothin's gonna happen dude. go to http://www.toadsqueezer.com

Van Cupid
You will have spasms and faint

Don't Ask Stupid Questions
Not much.

No biggie. It's fine.


an OD is a serious ammt of pills, so relax

you pee out the vitamins that your body doesnt use... you may get a stomach ache... thats about it

nothing.. your pee might be really yellow

yellow pee is so fun!!!

Darren G
double the recommended allowance of all vitamins! You shouldn't get sick!

I don't think much would happen. But to be sure, just don't take one the next day.


you'll poop a solid ball of calcium.

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