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 is 110 fat for a 5'4 16 year old girl?
i'm 16 years old and i weight 110 pounds would that be considered fat?? my height is 5'4 and i don't work out at all. should i lose weight ???...

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I weigh 200 pounds. I know, I'm kinda overweight. So how much should i weigh?
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Opps sry...im 5'9...

 im anorexic and dont want to gain weight but have to?
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 Is it okay to eat 600-700 calories a day?
No rude comments.
I am trying to lose weight.
I am trying to lose around 20 pounds to weigh 95.
WIll i lose weight??...

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Ok, so I'm a senior at high school and I weight about 250 right now and am 6 feet tall. I'm built like my dad, so I guess I look manly. I want to weight at least 180 by the end of May (...

 just want to know, do you prefer dark choc or milk choc?
do you like malteasers?...

 I think I would look better at 100lbs. Do you agree ?
I'm 5'3 108
I want to weigh 100lbs.
I want to be a size zero
I diet and sometimes exercise
I am very sad because I think I need to ...

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How long until you see results?...

 How much weight do i need to lose?
Im 12 and 5'0 123 lbs, how much do i need to lose?
and i dont have a car so i cant go to the gym!:( what can i do to lose weight?? i really want to be skinny and wear a bikini!

 Hi im 28 and trying to loose some weight. i want to loose at least 2olbs. i get lazy doing exercise help.?
well i start off nice for a week then i get all lazy and stop. i dont really have anyone to excercise with me to motivate me. help ...

 Is Pot bad for you?
Well one of my old friends said that pot wasn't bad for you but I think it is. What do you think?...

 Would I lose any weight?
I could never, ever EVER pull this off and don't really want to, but i was just wondering, so, lol, but if I were to go to school and skip breakfast and lunch and eat a hardy meal for dinner and ...

 can eating a lot of protein help make you stronger?
i know that it builds muscles but can it actually help make you stronger?...

 How can i lose weight i am 5 6' and 115 pounds what works fast?

 they say not to eat after 8 pm?
well when i come home from work at 9:30
and im starvn
is there anything i can eat small
just so i can get to sleep
and wont make me gain weight?...

 become taller?
is it possible i can grow a few inches taller in a year, if so what helps? i am nearly 17 and around 5'9
Additional Details
good lord leg stretching!?! :P ...

 how can i lose 5 pounds in 3 weeks easily?
i barely drink soda, maybe 1 can every 2 weeks.
i exercise a lot.

but i'm only 13 so i can't buy anything. (expat for green tea)...

 I want to be taller :] what food should i eat?
Yes i know i got genes from my parents and i dont want to be short my whole life :] so if there certain food i can eat to slim me down and get taller thanks for all the answers im turning 14 in dec. ...

What does it mean when a guy is cut? What does it mean when he's built?

a guy is cut when he is circumcized... he's built like I dunno. .when he's toned?

defined body, abs, mussels.....

cut = really nice muscles. can be big muscles or maybe just a nice shape and tone.

built = pretty much the same as cut but probably a bit bigger muscles.

hmmmm..... i like both :)

Cut is definition, the muscle can be lean and long but the lines are clear between the division of muscular tissue, lots of reps and attention to smaller and larger muscle groups will make one "cut".
Built is muscle bulk and size, increasingly heavy lifting will yield build.

Elie H
cut means that his pissed off.and built means that his muscled.

Jason K
Cut means ripped, toned, well shaped. Build is samething but alittle bigger.

You with the face!
Both means they look good. Cut means slim,Tailor made, nice. built means muscles.

i'm cut like a steak

That it seems that he works out and is not flabby looking in any way.

very fit, not much body fat, somewhat like a sculpture. You can see their muscles i.e. pecs, abs (ab really, it's just one muscle), biceps, back (Trapezius, Lats).

well, cut could either mean he has quite a bit of muscles, it could mean that crease on either side of the hips near the groin that comes with exercise.
that or it could mean he's circumcised.
being built just means he's buff, muscled, same as the above.

stephen k
He is both muscular and well-defined wtih his musculature, as if cut from stone

Cut means sharply delineated muscles. Built usually means well muscled, but also nicely proportioned. Body builders are generally neither since they often go way overboard.

Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers is cut. Brettt Favre is built.

Same thing, good muscle definition.

Cut is a common word used for men who have muscular definition in there body but still remane lean and not bulky. While build is a man who is muscular and bulky.

Sharp Marble
yep-he's got muscles and a six pack

If a guy is cut then it means he's been circumcised.
If he's is built, then it means he has a very nice body.

Cut means that you can clearly see the definition of their muscles. Lean, lean, lean.
Built is more open, but generally means he's bigger (muscles), and appears to be in shape.

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