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 I am 40 and 235 pounds at 5'9, Asian...is that fat, obese or normal?
I look in the mirror and I see normal, yet people tell me and pictures show me that I have a big double chin, no neck and a fat belly and big thighs. Am I really that fat, normal or obese?...

 Average height for a 14 years old? HELP HELP HELP
I am 14 years old and my height is 5'6.5 and can you please tell me that will i grow and is this height normal.
Please Help
Thank Y...

 Am I overweight????? PLZ answer?
Ok i am 13 weigh aroung 116 and ama bout 5'4" and i weigh more than my friend that is the same height. and i personally think im fat but i want more peoples opinon. There is a pic or 2 on <...

 Am I at the right weight for a 15 year old ?
well i was 7 stones but when i went to my Gp they said i was under weight, so i had to add some. now i am 8.5 stones. Gp said i needed to be 8 stones to be on weight.
Additional Details

 am i overwieght/underwieght?
many of my friends say i'm underweight but i majorly disagree and think i'm overweight. i weigh 117 and i'm 5'4. would you consider under, over, or fine?...

 is this bad or is it fine/normal?
i'v never had breakfast, and wont so dont suggest it. iv also now stopped eating lunch. so all im having is a meal at dinner, just a normal sized one, nothing massive. plus the dinners are ...

 am I over weight ???
iAm 14 years old and im 5 feet 4 inches tall i am a girl and i weigh 145 the BMI said i am 24.9 so it said im over weight but i know im not massive i am active and i eat as healthy as i can i so ...

 I'm 100 lbs over weight.?
I’m thinking about starting a calorie restrictive diet no more then 1700 a day. I also joined a gym,. I can only go 3 times a week. I want to know a good weight lifting routine?
Additional D...

 fav snacks?
what are your favorite moderately priced low cal foods?...

 why are fat people miserable?
they always look stern and scornful. could it because of the weight they are carrying or they are too hungry that they are thinking of their next bic-mac....

 Im i overweight?...This is serious?
Im worried about my weight.Im going to colorado soon, and my grandma told me i was fat. So i was wondering is 152 pounds. overweight ,for something that is 5 feet and 11 inches....

 Do you know a store where I can purchase exercise DVD's at?
I have tried lookin g at stores like Wal-Mart, for example, but can't seem to find any. I would prefer not having to order online. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)...

 will eating alot of grapes make you fat?

 If someone is 12 or 13 and weigh 140 with a height of 5'5, is that overweight?

 Why did no one tell me i'm obese?
im 13 and im big. i weigh 245 pounds, i have health problems like i cant breathe well.i cant cotrol my eating and i cant do much exercise which is why i gained 50 pounds last year. my parents and ...

 where can i buy protein powder?
I live in southern missouri, what stores/websites can i buy protein powder at?...

 Im 17,what's the fastest way for me to loose weight?

 I Don't Know If I'm Fat, Average, Skinny, or What?
I'm 13 years old. About 5'1 or 5'2.
I weigh about 100 maybe a little less
All my friends can pick me up and carry me around. I think they're strong but they say ...

 Do you still exercise if you're ill?
I'd like to get back into my exercise regime but I'm recovering from bronchitis that lasted a month and I was put on antibiotics and now I've come down with a cold. I'd like to ...

 I don't have time to exercise?!?
I was told that just cutting out sweets and soda's can cause you to lose weight in a month. I know its not like a drastic amount, maybe a few lbs or so.

I work full time, usually ...

Something that'll make you throw up?
Dont say charcoal, I know that, and dont lecture me about an eating disorder.... I just need to get rid of everything in my stomach...


uh, paris hilton?


Drink syrup of ipecac, that will surely make you throw up but you have to consult your doctor. OR, just put your finger deeper in your mouth and wiggle it.

baby j
ur finger would be my best answer.

Chris B
Cameras on the traffic lights.

take six shots of gin in a row that will make you throw up or if no gin try another hard alchool

The scene where the guy's guts spill out in Saving Private Ryan. It works especially well if there is a lingering scent of old chinese takeout.

Why are you trying to throw everything in your stomach??? Are you starving yourself?? Not a good idea?? I cant help you on thie question!!!!

Your finger or ipecac.

If you are trying to loose weight, that is such a pathetic way. Have you heard of exercising? Have you heard of eating healthy.

You should just do a cleansing... Green tea helps... a product called Nopalina really helps... If you do a cleansing and then start eating smaller portions and possibly take out all the coke/sugary foods you eat, that'll get you on track... start eating healthier and do some cardio activity and some muscle toning. It sounds like a lot, but its worth it once you get a nicely toned and healthy body, and you don't look like Jack the Pumpkin King....

Good luck 2 ya on making a good choice.

Tamper Proof


Feed your boyfriend broccoli and asparagus, then give him a blowey. The taste will make you puke.

Drink a glass of water and throw up.

Evan&#39;s mom is due again on 12/24!
epicac or your finger

Your face? Or just stick your finger down your throat.

I agree with Scott!

Deborah S
Seeing the 2 girls 1 cup video. I never did see it, but saw other peoples reactions to it.

umm... just put your index and middle finger down your throat.

I hate Hillary Clinton
Seeing someone else throwing up
or watching Two girls one cup.

stick ur finger down your throat whilst over the toliet. Keep going till u want, but i did this this morning and got hiccups and couldnt stop spewing for a while lol

SEEK A THERAPIST. OR talk to a loved one. This is sad. Your body is not supposed to be throwing up food.. it's supposed to be nourished.

Unless you swalled a bunch of pills and are going to die from overdose or some kind of poisening your needing to get out of your system, I will not be any part of encouraging you to throw up your food. I was bulimic for 4 years, and recovering was the hardest thing I have ever done - as a result of my ED I have more health problems than my grandparents, and I am only 23 years old (almost 23). Good luck to you, if your serious, and this is about food, please talk to someone before things get out of hand.
<<HUGS>> Toni Lynne


wow, this is really sad....

anyone who gives advice to this girl has no morals

tantalizinq ♥
your finger?

stephen k
Two ways.

1) Ipecac. That will make you hurl..

2) A toothbrush. Take the toothbrush and irritate the back of your throat near the side. It will trigger your gag reflex and make you hurl

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