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 will eating alot of grapes make you fat?

Is veggie pizza really good for you?
You know, the kind made with crescent rolls, cream cheese, and loads of veggies?

I just has like three pieces.
I don't feel STUFFED though, just a little bit full.

I loaded it with fresh veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and carrots.

Is it really bad for you though? I mean, since it has the cream cheese and crescent roll?

Vegetarian things are never as healthy as normal food.

Jonny Dangerously
nope you just basically deep fried your vegetables in lard.

Numb Nuts
The cream cheese counteracts the veggies benefits and is known to be highly cancerous.

If you notice a bump on your head it is probably a raging tumour.

Schooling Dietitian
its good once and a while
the veggies are good, and its better than red meat like peporoni
but on occasion because of high calorie, high carb, and high sugar in pizza

not really its part of the food pyramid

yes i love that stuff


Sasha B
any kind of pizza isn't good for you.
the veggies are great for you, but when mixed with the other things, not "good for you" at all.

Jareth Cutestory
pizza with cream cheese and crescent rolls?!

I think whatever you just ate three of isn't really pizza.

And yeah it's probably not so good, since crescent rolls probably have loads of butter, and carbs
And lots of cream cheese has alot of calories and fat.

Das N

sounds fine...I don't see what's so unhealthy. just because some foods have fat or carbs doesn't mean they're not nutritious in other ways.

It depends if it is thin crust or not. Regular crust pizza has TONS of calories no matter what toppings are on it.
It also depends how you define "good for you". If "good for you" means "won't make you fat", then that pizza is not good for you because crescent rolls and cream cheese is high in calories. If "good for you" means "nutritious", then that pizza is good for you because it sounds like you packed a lot of veggies on there.

Katherine B
It's middle of the road...depends on how much cream cheese was used, ect. I wouldn't eat it eery day but once in awhile is ok!

Um no, and vegetarian food is often better for you, due to it not being loaded with disgusting meat and chemicals. But, what you just explained is not healthy, take out the rolls and cream cheese, then you've got something.

Patrick C
Probably. Depends. But if you make your own its much better. You can make it how you like it! Vegies. Own chesse choice. Own toppings. What vegies you want! Its much healthir MUCH healthier if yuou make your OWN food.

JAB 1990
no girl, it is not bad for you, i eat hawaiian pizza and i think that's healthy, so you are set, plus by the looks of it you are in good shape ;)

light on cheese and thin crust. the dough is high in carbs so depending on how and what you mean by healthy. there is less grease from the lack of meat though.

yeah it says mens though it tells you about the pizza

i doubt it's healthy for you because of the
fat there is in the cream cheese and the crescent rolls
maybe you should try using whole wheat doug instead

Meat is always better for you,even Jesus enjoyed meat!

It's the same thing just with veggies on it i really don't think so

Not bad, get it with a thin crust

although pizza doesnt seem to be that healthy for the most part if dont eat it a lot you shouoold be fine. In regards to the actual veggie pizza is it healthy even with all the veggies on it the amount of oil and fat in one slice of pizza is more unhealthy than one slice of pizza.

It's still creamy, fat. Better take salad if you really wanna claim your healthy.

Ginger O
No its not bad for you. not necessarily good for you though either

no not at all b/c of the added things in the crust stuff it is not good for your health but not exacatacaly bad for you

Nat ~Blushing BTB~
crescents are horrible!!! they are filled with butter and you can taste it, thats why they are so damn delicious. and cream cheese is also pretty bad unless you get the fat free ones. But hey if you can eat it and still balance out, as in eat a healthier meal for dinner or the next day then you'll be fine, especially if you are still young and active. so dont worry..

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