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Is it true that weight lifting will convert your fat into muscle?
Muscle is built from protein, so I can't understand why people think that muscle building will convert your fat into muscle. I want to know whether it's true, or whether muscle building simply helps you burn off calories.

my uncle was fat,bought this ab-king pro machine and weights..

he was big and his stomach was like jelly

2 years later today

he is still big maby like 2-3 inches off the stomach.. but the stomach is like a ROCK his fat turned into muscles

so i guess yeah ..

Protein and weight lifting builds muscle and starving burns fat.
Only your own body can eat your own fat unless you have lipo suction.

i thought fat and muscle were two completely different things. its when you take in too much protein and dont workout thats when its starts turning into fat. like protein shakes and stuff like that....

Mel Mel
it wont convert fat into muscle, but it will burn fat and build muscle in its place.

Ithilrien F
It isn't true. Weight lifting will convert protein into muscle, instead of converting it to fat and storing it, and having more muscle mass does up your metabolism, but no, weight lifting doesn't even burn much fat, let alone turn it into muscle.

As you said the weight lifting as a form of exercise will burn fat while at the same time building muscle but not actually turning fat into muscle.

it does noot get directly converted but muscle growth and fat loss are both linked to exercising so the 2 tend to happen at the same times,

Convert wasn't the right word for them to use--that isn't what happens even though it may seem that way. Weight lifting will build muscle and burn some fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn naturally (muscles burn more energy than fat, even at rest). If you get into a good weight loss and exercise program it may seem like you are converting fat into muscle, but really you are building muscle and trimming fat separately.

george f2
fat is not actually 'converted' into muscle; depending on the type of weightlifting you do, fat may well be burnt off by it (particularly if you do high numbers of repetitions). as well as this, when combined with the right diet, you will build muscle. as you have been told, a high-protein diet is essential for building muscle due to the amino acids contained in it which cause muscle tissue to be made.

so basically, weightlfiting does not convert fat to muscle directly, but it can cause you to lose fat and gain muscle, but the two are separate processes.

Troy H
any exercise burns calories, the actual lifting of weights does nothing as far as burning fat..etc..This has more to do with proper diet and rest along with an exercise program..whether cardio or lifting weights..

You can learn more about it here

Weight lifting and cardio will help you lose fat and gain weight. The reason we need protein to build muscle is because if you dont have enough protein in you body, after you workout your body will feed off of the muscle that you just tried building. If the protein is there, the body will feed off the protein so that the muscle will not get taken away.

i don't think it actually converts fat to muscle but it does help to lose fat and build muscle. that being the case i can kind of see why people that don't really understand bodily processes or fitness might think this.

Peter P
Strictly speaking the answer is "no", but the result is that you will build muscle through resistance training the muscles and the increased metabolism will burn off more fat so you will lose fat %age from your body.

There is now some evidence that intensive resistance training can burn more calories and assist in aerobic fitness more than previously thought which would mean that more fat was burned (but not converted).

I think you just worded the question a little carelessly which allowed the usual pedantic morons to call you names. Ignore the petty little creatures.

Steven B
Not true. You can't "convert" fat into muscle, as much as you can't turn water into wine or coal into gold.

It's true that muscle tissue weighs more that fat, so the assumption is that you are converting one into the other, when the reality is you are actually using up fat reserves as you get fitter, and become more toned the more you train.

no they are completly different materials and are stored in different regions in the body. They are seperate and so one cannot be turned into the other xx

Lifting weights will help build muscle, but it's not effective at burning fat.

The best exercises for burning fat are cardio exercises like running or swimming. Anything that elevates your heart rate really.

When you lift weights you cause microtears in your muscles. Your muscles respond by repairing themselves to be bigger and stronger than before. This has nothing to do with the fat in your body.

If the only exercise you do is lift weights your muscles can grow, but you may still look flabby because you're not doing an effective job at burning the fat. The best way to burn fat is to do cardio exercise. Shoot for about 20-30 minutes of jogging, bike riding, or some similar activity at least 3 times a week. Make sure to get your heart rate up and keep it up.

The only effective way to "convert" fat into muscle is by good old fashioned diet and exercise. Eventually your body will start using the stored fat for fuel to give you the energy you need to exercise.

no, muscle cells and fat cells are completely different,one can not change into the other.

David S
Fat can't be converted directly to muscle. You're right in thinking that body building simply burns off calories.


if you want to lose fat you MUST use up more calories than you take in.

if you want to gain weight (muscle in this case) you MUST take in more calories than you use up.

these are the basic principles. therefore it is impossible to convert fat into muscle.

weightlifting burns calories because you are making your body do work. weightlifting is a good way to lose fat. but you cannot lose fat and build muscle at the same time, it is impossible, read the two principles^.

some people wrongly think fat converts into muscle because when you lose fat the muscle underneath becomes more defined because there isnt as much fat covering it, giving the illusion of muscle gain.

Carry On..!
Muscle and fat are different substances and it is impossible to transform fat into muscle or vice versa.

Ian K
Weight training will build muscles and burn fat but it does not "convert" fat into muscle. Also be aware that muscle weighs more than fat so if you go on a training regime you may actually gain weight.

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