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Is it okay to eat Banana's when you're trying to lose weight?

a banana has the same calories as a double quarter pounder

Yes, but you know bananas are a big source of potassium. Be careful not to eat them too much, high amounts of potassium can stop your heart, I'm pretty sure that's what the lethal injections are.

My grandma's doctor called her after a physical recently and told her not to eat any bananas for a while because her potassium level was too high.

It's a fruit, why wouldn't it be okay to eat them? They have no sodium, fat or cholesterol.

Of course they are fruit

Bree bangs 3,367,589 people
of course :)
they're really high in potassium
so they're really healthy too

Megan M
Yes of course its okay.


Elizabeth Ferguson.
Yes. Not to many though.

Yes a typical banana only has about 30 calories in it.

It's definetly okay to eat them, you need a lot of fruits and vegetables while on a diet and their a great source of fiber and potassium! But keep in mind if your on a very low calorie diet.. bananas have over 100 calories in them!

Hope this helps =]

of course it is. just dont eat too much of them.

I definitely think so! They have almost every nutrient in them, so they are a super food. The fiber keeps you full longer and they are sweet which zaps that sweet tooth that you often get when you are trying to trim down.
Hope this helps!!

CheekyMonkey &lt;3
yh they keep u full 4 2 hours!

Only if you eat the skin as well. My friend went on a diet where she ate 15 bananas a day for 4 weeks, skin as well. Now she weighs 8 stone. A dramatic loss of 2 stone. AMAZING.

Sstarstruck ♥
Yes i think so because it's a fruit and fruit is healthy so why not =D?

nyx コト
Bananas are better than any snack food, but they're less beneficial than other fruit. I would suggest berries, especially, as they are excellent in providing you with vitamins and helping you maintain weight loss.

Is it natural?
Is it contain healthy sugars?
Is it full of vitamins and minerals (like potassium) that are good for your body?

If all of those answers are yes then YES it is good for you and is ok for you to eat to help lose weight.

yes they are high in pottassium. A good afterwork out snack!

Satan Is A Republican
For me, its never been a problem. They keep me hydrated. Plus its a good source of vitamin D.

Yes, but as with any foods, make sure you know your calorie intake. Keep it to one banana a day and include it in your daily calorie limit. They are very nutritious.

Victory ♥
yeap. sure. but make sure u dun eat too many banana in one day. as they r high in carbs that wont be good if ur on a diet.

Its okay. Its not like you're going to eat 1 bunch of banana at once, are you ?

Well, good luck in loosing weight :D


totally. I've even heard that by smelling the banana peel it helps u lose weight--now, I don't know if that is true or not...

J. R.
Losing weight means getting your fruits vegtables dairy meat fats and grains.
of course it's okay!

Bananas are FRUIT!!! Of course it is. Cookies? Not so much..... Just use common sense.

abi loves the jonas brothers
yea! they are fruit after all

yes, just don't eat too many. Bananas are a good source of protein and all that stuff. You'll be fine


They have around 150 calories.

That's a lot for a fruit.

you kno whats cool we have the name name but its spelled diffrent!, anyways it can be okay as long if you dont eat to many because they have alot sugar in them! which you should kind avoid on diets!

Tip on diets: eat everything you would normally eat but cut it in half and replace the other half with veggies or fruits. exercise 30-60min a day and stretch befor cardio! worked for me lost 5 pounds!

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