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вαвч ∂σll ♥
If starving yourself doesn't work, why are people anorexic?
I wouldn't call myself overweight, I would say I'm on the border of it though. I'm also bulimic. I've heard that starving is the unhealthiest but yet the fastest ways of losing weight.

I've heard that you gain weight when you starve yourself,
If that's true then why are so many people anorexic?

btw I'm 15 (:
Additional Details
i'm 5'5 & 160 pounds (:

Brittany H
they are just an exersise freak

how can you gain weight if you starve yourself? Logic please?
And then again honestly I have 0 sympathy for Bulimic and Anorexic people. Why ? because it is all about being spoiled kid in a rich country. If someone can find me a single Ethiopian who is anorexic or bulimic and I ll do anything they want to

I was anorexic when I was 11... the funny thing was I actually prayed to be anorexic when I was like 8 cuse I always felt soo fat...
now I weigh the same weight as I did when I was in grade 4, 80lbs
i'm 13 now

Larry S
you're mentally ill

Well at first of all anorexia and bulimia are BOTH very unhealthy. And they both can start out getting people to loose weight I suppose. But the thing is they change your metabolism. So when you start eating again, or start not purging your body is already in starvation mode and it stores up everything you eat as fat. It's much safer and smarter to just go on a diet. =]

I'm 15 and i'm sorry but that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. i don't know why you would consider yourself boarderline overweight lifes about having fun at our age! But if it bothers you that much do something about it sensibly. You will still put on the weight when you do not purge as being a bulimic your still starving your body of the nutrients it needs to live - this is also why after not eating for long periods of time will make you put on weight when you eat again - the body will store everything because it needs it.

Being bulimic means having massive intakes of food at once "splurges" and then purging it back up. Bulimia is brought on through a mental illness when the sufferer fears becoming fat so they purge all the food they eat; it doesn't usually involve people who feel they are already overweight.

If you want to loose weight tone up and cut out junk food and takeaway's. Having a lot of low fat calcium will also help you to loose it as the calcium will react with the fat molecules before it reaches the stomach. The compound produced is too large to fit through the stomach wall and therefore the fat will come out the other end. Also eating a little and often is good.

Also, every lad i know like a girl with a bit of meat on them - they want to be able to grab something!! It's just the way they are. My friend recently wanted to loose weight and she has but she eats everything she wants which includes cake. All she did was go to a exercise class once a week - going with someone you know will give you extra encouragement (dance classes such as limbering are brilliant as they also involve different toning excerises). Plus, toning up is much nicer then being really skinny.

Just get active, you don't need to calorie count just watch what your put into your body and don't purge it back up afterwards. This can rot your teeth and will give you extremely bad breath after only a couple of days... NICE!

people who are anorexic starve them self's because they think their fat even id their not, and they do loose weight

its a disorder were people start to get paranoid abouut there weight it can get as bad as them hallucenating that people are calling them fat yet there to skinny

hunny anoreixa is a mental disorder the same as is bulimia its not something to want its something you have because you are sick- you need to talk to someone bout this because just cause you dont look sick you are sick. In accordance to losing weight-starving is not the answer you need info so see a dietician and definately see a physcologist!

Its bad. those who starve themselves find it hard to start eating again. I find it EXTREMELY ugly to see someone just skin and bones. my personal opinion, I would prefer seeing someone overweight instead of too thin. if you were to lose weight, I would choose a different technique. throwing up after every meal isn't healthy either. again, please try a different technique, its not the favorite of most but healthy eating and exercise would be the best way to do it. Sorry I couldn't provide a better answer for you.

people who are anorexic starve their self for so long that their body has no fat to get energy from, so their body's start taking energy from muscle and that's why they look so thin. so many people are anorexic, because of the way that they see themselves. when they look in the mirror, they don't see someone who is at a good weight, they see a sumo wrestler type person. i have a friend who's anorexic and that's what she told me.

You most likely wont loose weight if you starve yourself or if you are bulimic. You are robbing your body of things it needs to actually loose weight. Get off your butt and work out if you want to loose weight, stop killing yourself.

please go see a doctor or talk to your parents about that..it is so unhealthy to smile at being 15 and bulimic

Doglover and lax beast in one
You don't gain weight when u starve yourself because your body goes in to depression mode to save food so you don''t die. Are bodies are smart they are trained from when we had lack of food. Eventually u will lose weight just takes time. U would lose faster in a balanced diet with exercise! You also burn muscle before fat if you are do that stuff!

It's a psychological disorder. You don't really choose to be anorexic. You do choose to get help though.
You do gain weight back when you go through rehab though because your metabolism crashes when you don't eat and then when you do eat again, your metabolism is very slow, causing you to gain more weight than usual.

Also, you're screwed up if you're going around bragging about being bulimic. Get help. That's nuts, and you WILL gain a significant amount of weight when you start eating like a normal human being, because bulimia also causes your metabolism to crash, along with acidifying your teeth and throat.

You do lose weight by starving yourself but your only choice if you want to stay thin is to continue starving yourself. By not eating, you slow your metabolism and anything you consume becomes fat because your body is trying to store it for survival.
I suppose people are anorexic because they think it's the easiest way to lose weight but they don't know the consequences.
Bulimia is terrible too, btw. By throwing up, you're corroding your esophagus as well as your teeth. You also don't lose a lot of weight that way because you've already absorbed most of the calories from what you ate. Exercise and eat right. Best way to go.

★Starkissed ★
Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological disorder, it isn't a lifestyle choice.

Mrs.H: more to life than ttc
bulimia is just as dangerous as anorexia...and you could cause severe damage to your esophagus as well...

I suspect you are nowhere near the border of overweight but have low self esteem and body image....

gaining weight from anorexia: fiction

dying from anorexia: fact

if your're anorexic you are going to lose a tremendous amount of weight in so little time. you will only gain weight back if you starve yourself then decide that you are suddenly going to eat again. this happens because you've slowed down your metabolism from starving yourself and can't burn food off as fast. people who are anorexic never eat. they might have a yogurt and a couple rice cakes a day and some water. that's practically all they eat, if even that.

you can lose weight if you eat healthy and exercise. yeah you will lose weight if you eat just celery and water but don't just eat celery and water. that's not enough food for your growing body and you will probably most likely regret it in the future.

oh yeah, and by the way you can probably mess up your growth spurt or whatever from starving yourself.

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