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 how you can make muscle and gain weight without going to gym?
and without taking any supplement.

i have no time to go to gym so i want some easy methods to grow muscles at home....

 Can high amounts of protein in your diet (such as protein shakes) harm your bones or the calcium in your body?
I've heard that high amounts of protein can harm the calcium levels in your body and your bones are made of calcium so i am geussing it would hurt both. is this true? I eat a lot of meat during ...

 What should we include in our daily diet to detoxify our bodies?

 how do i grow taller?
i am 11years about 4.9 feet.what will be the average level in 2-3 years time!
can u tell me how i can grow taller and i eat enough fruit and veggies!! also excercise plz tell me how i can ...

 How to lose 6 kg in one month ?

 can someone tell me how to lose 5-10 pounds before spring break?
thanks a bunch everyone!...

 I am 62 years old. Any suggestions on how to get rit of a pot belly. I am not a beer drinker,?

 Guys do you prefer thin girls over average sized girls?

 How to lose weight over summer?
I need to lose weight and get toned over the summer, cuz im starting to get big. My older and younger sisters are like a size 4, and im almost a ten. Help! Btw...if possible at home exercises, cuz ...

 How long should I walk/run to lose weight?
I weigh 206 pounds. I wanna be 150 pounds. How long should I run a day to lose weight?...

 Guys Mainly...Are you to big in the stomach?
That you are not able to see the region below? I know there are many of us out there who can relate(my father being one)
I often think of how funny and sad it is when this happens to you! I mean,...

 How can I tone my tummy?
I am quite slim but my tummy is not v flat how can I tone it without going to the gym or anything like that?...

 im really sick and tired of subway and fast food, what are some good healthy foods that i can make for lunch?
and by the way, I work in a grocery store....

 why does your blood pressure lower after exercise?

 Affect of eating soap?
Is soap high in fat? Will it emulsify the oil and water in my stomach if I eat it?...

 What kind of exercises can I do while sitting at a computer?

 will i gain a lot of muscle if...??
i am thinking about trying out for track or cross country, and it startes in the summer. So i was wondering if i am gonna gain a lot of muscle and like bulk up in my legs if i jion. Or will i just ...

 Could I gain weight in one day ?
I ate 3 natural valley granolas, 3 apples, a whole saltine package, chicken breast, salad, special k cereal and pistachios. Could I gain weight this way? I want to gain 2 pounds.
Additional D...

 I have a wedding in 2 months and 2 week my dress is a size 14W and my size is 16W what i do to loose the weigh

 Is anyone else addicted to working out?
I LOVE exercising. It's one of the best feelings in the world for me. Pushing threw the pain and the high I get from it. Sometimes I lose track of time. I can spent the whole day at the gym. A...

I am so hungry, and there is no food in my house, what should i do?

If you have a phone, call someone!

Ain't Born Typical.
order a pizza :]

call someone to get you panda express!

lil wayne
u r joking right?

Snuff McGruff
Eat your computer.

order pizza from your computer

paper is full nutrition (so I've heard)
so there is no rice
no pasta
no coffee
no crackers
no veg
no fruit
left over dinner?
frozen pizza?!
no? nothing?!
like as if someone came into your house just to steal all your food - nothing!?
aw I dunno
I'll go pizza (get an extra large one so you don't end up eating the cardboard - coz its a lot harder to digest than paper!)

Eat your neighbor. Careful of their clothing. Snags on the teeth.

Dial a pizza

i herd carboard is ebible
if goats can eat it so can you!

I, Clavdivs
I have an ice cream in the freezer. I'll think on you when I ate it.

Money? Try ordering in or getting a friend to pick you up or bring you something. Good Luck!

brush your teeth the mint taste off mouth should keep the hunger at bay :) hope it helps

Sydney H
call a friend or family member. or order a pizza

Are you for real? I'm sitting here feeling really badly for you. If you live in FL, we had salad, spaghetti and garlic bread left from dinner.

Please tell me this is a joke, so I won't continue to worry about you!

got any pets?...fire up the grill...

Pick up the roaches as they scramble by.

Eat the crumbs off the floor.

Drink out of the toilet.

Instead of posting on Yahoo. Browse a Take-Out restaurant in your area and have them deliver.


Melanie D
order a pizza

damn and I thought I was having a bad day

Elmo watches you at night
i would say eat your legs but you say you have none

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