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help me change my ...


 Disappointed I am not losing weight!?
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 Am I overweight? Please help!?
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 I'm 5'7 and 125 pounds?
is this a good weight? I want to tone more to make my stomach look better. I'm not a total skinny freak, but I just want to be healthy.
Additional Details
I am 15 and I try to eat a ...

 Is 138 lbs too heavy for a 5' 7 female?
I am thinking of losing 15 lbs. My body mass index is 21.5, which is normal. But most of my friend who are also 5'7 weighs only 120-125 lbs. My mom said itz because I am of bigger frame than ...

 drink 8 glasses of water, have a cup of orange juice, 3 glasses of milk...... what the hell!!!!!?
am i really supposed to be drinking that much of anything? all of these studies come out all time from joe schmo and plain jane telling to eat this much of this and that much of that, it's ...

 I need to eat 3 meals out a day. I want to consume only 1200-1500 calories and spend about $20 a day. Help me!
I love coffee....

 quick and easy tips on how to loose weight and nice light snacks to eat?

 how can a guy put on weight.my bf is skinny and i luk like his fat bride compared.?
ive lost weight im like a size 12...so prettynormal size but hes skinny so i feelhuge compared. also he wants to put on weight.

so what can he do.hes not a gym person. he wont go ever. so ...

 I drink at least 6 diet sodas a day. Is this bad?
I typically drink anywhere from 4-8 diet Cherry Coke, diet Mountain Dew, or diet Dr. Pepper.

Is this too much?

Is it harmful? It's just colored, artificially flavored, ...

 I am thoroughly pissed off at the media telling us what is bad for us to eat. What do you think?
I dont know what they are playing at. I shall continue to eat and drink what I enjoy....

I am craving for a bag of chips but isn't it unhealthy?
I eat about 3-4 packs of chips every week. Lays mostly. Is it bad?

lay off the weed..

No it's not bad. keep on eating

are you over 400 pounds yet ?

Cecil J. Tallywacker
thats ok cmere ill help u work it off :P

yes its unhealthy, to much fat and too much salt.... sorry
Have you tried making your own? Trie frieing sliced patatoe in olive oil (in an average frieing pan no problem) and use low-salt and herbs on them. Really nice!

daniel b
i could go for some chips right now too.

Brown Eyed Susan
I'm not sure but I read once that potato chips do contain SOMETHING that is good for us - sorry, not sure what the ingredient was; perhaps Vit C - i not sure , but i believe i've read that Potatoes do contain some Vit. C ! - but i'd guess that too many chips would be bad for us! but i'm not sure how many would be TOO MANY! best wishes! ( I love Lay's chips too, but i usually don't eat too much of them.

Try baked lays. I love them and they are better for you. Eating a lot of chips is ok, though. Just as long as you don't eat a lot of other foods too and gain weight.

it's good that you are eating veg, that's as far as it goes


when you are craving for chips...go for it, who cares if its unhealthy or not...you will have to die someday or other anyway..

it's causing those dark circles under your eye's and giving you diarrhea

craving is healthy but falling for it is unhealthy.
oh , young people eat junk food anyway. its not likely good. watch your wieght too. try to reduce the intake.
do onething. do not eat absent minded. instead take every single piece , eat it slow and enjoy the taste fully. 6-8 pieces at one time??

Seems to be a little too much, try to stick to a couple times a week. They have a lot of artery clogging fats, even if you're not fat it's still bad for you. I'm assuming you mean those small packs of chips and not big bags.

Marble Magic
It's definitely not good... try to limit it and eat something healthier! Try new food, new snacks, fruits, vegetables (some ppl know how to cook them and it's delicious). But 3-4 packs a day? I'm impressed... I only eat a bag of chips when I'm depressed or extremely hungry (anyway less than 6 bags... a year)!

Yeah, it's bad. Because it's so thin, it contains more fat than a potato wedge! I would rather substitute it with that. But even then it's still unhealthy.

NO its not unhealthy! For God's sake when can we stop with all of this food obsession? Get over it please!
Hey, you are not eating 3-4 packs a day so its no big deal. Just make sure you eat some healthy stuff too and stay active and stop obsessing over every little thing you eat! No wonder people are anorexic or obese... the world is completely obsessed with food.

Yes that is bad. I used to eat them but now I switched to an organic type of chip that are baked and made of veggies like tomato, spinch and potato. They are actually very good and healthy. But if you insist on Lays, try the Baked Lays. Better for you and you won't have as much guilt. But I'd switch off from the chips to raw veggies or fruit. Or if you have a craving for them, drink a glass of water or milk. It's nutrionally better for you.

Potatoes are not unhealthy - the bad part happens when they are deep fried - or even baked at high temperatures.

[Chips] contain acrylamide, a known carcinogen and neurotoxin that is formed when foods are baked or fried at high temperatures. "I estimate that acrylamide causes several thousand cancers per year in Americans," said Clark University research professor Dale Hattis.

But that's not all. [Chips] also contain trans fats, the artery-clogging fat that's been linked to raising bad cholesterol (and lowering the good kind), and increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

kitty fresh & hissin&#39; crew
Yes. Try the baked kind. Not as much fat.

Taste the rainbow
i do the same so...

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