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I'm craving a slice of pizza really bad!? :(?
my mom bought some pizza and its cut into long slices not triangular slices and I really want to eat one.

For breakfast i had a bowl of honey bunches of oats cereal with 1% milk.

For lunch I had a nutri grain cereal bar

and after school I went running I jogged 2 miles

and I just ate a little bowl of mixed fruits
but I really want a slice should I eat it or not?

I&#39;m back!
if you're dieting then no! resist the temptation! all those little cheats add up!!

Lily &lt;3
Oh, just eat the slice already! You jogged 2 mi., had a single cereal bar for lunch, a snack of fruit, cereal with 1% fat milk, so what would a slice of pizza do to you?

im cool
eat half u ran two miles you cant be that fat

enjoy your self
if you think its to much cut it in half
if you dont you might really want some later and eat more so

pizza , yum.. go ahead .. it's not like you're going to eat the whole pie!!!!

if you deprive yourself of foods you like you'll go crazy. just eat a piece or two. you'll be fine unless you go crazy and eat the whole pizza ;)

go ahead enjoy the pizza, whats stopping you? nobody....

you've had 500 calories at the MOST today.. you should eat a whole pizza!!! lol. Make sure you are eating at least 1200 calories a day when you are dieting... and if you are jogging you should eat atleast 1500 calories a day. You want the pizza because you NEED it!!

Oh and its V-DAY ... you are suppose to eat good food on V-day! I am going to have Mexican.. yumm yumm :)

Chad D
Just eat the damn pizza.

Yeah.. so far you really have not gotten in your daily amount of nurtients..

Eat one peice of pizza with a nice big salad.. make sure you run in your junk food with something healthy.. one peice wont hurt you.

Eat the whole damn pizza. Put some meat on your bones. You have eaten less than 500 calories today if that list was all you ate. You sound like your anerexic.

You did not get enough food for the day, and the pizza will help your continue with your exercise routine. It will give you more power to continue, just don't eat too many slices though. Enjoy!

By this I'm guessing you are dieting. Yes have the pizza but then excersize while watching TV later. Have more for lunch! It will make you feel fuller.


were getting pizza tonight.
so we can BOTH eat it.

u deserve it. eat it.

omg have a piece...u barely ate anythng today and that not enough calories!

you made the worst mistake in your diet. where was lunch?? sure pizza IS fattening but at the same time pizza won't hurt. the reason you craving a slice is because you had a breakfast bar for lunch and then went jogging for two miles. unless your crazy take that pizza and cut it in half then just eat it. it won't ruin you but when you tend to not eat a real lunch your hunger will crave food at night. becarefull of what you eat! and especially when.

Brendan M
Absouloutely! You're your own person! Eat that slice of pizza my friend! You know you want it!

You are not eating enough. Snack more during the day (bananas, yogurt, pecans, dried fruit) and consume more protein. That way, you won't be tempted to eat stuff that is bad, if you are already full with stuff that is good.

Have a small slice of the pizza to taste it, and fill the rest of your plate up with salad.

YES anyone that has to blog about pizza NEEDS TO EAT IT. get off yahoo and go enjoy then pizza. then come back and update your question and tell us how it was. YUMMY can you email me a slice.

Lo A
have the damn pizza...lol if you went jogging 2 miles...basically all you ate today was a bowl of mixed fruits......i know how you feel tho...my family gets take out ALOT!...and sometimes its hard for me to say no to it...but then i know how i feel after if i eat it im unhappy the rest of the day...LOL and remembering that feeling helps me say no...also if you cook something for yourself really fast right now...it helps alot...have some chicke rice and vegs...cook it now...dont think of the pizza...eat ..and then you'll be so proud and happy that you did not eat that pizza...LOL trust meeeeeee.

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