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I'm a size 12/10 and I want to get down to a size 8 in just over 4 weeks please help!?

Weight Watchers diet food

go running every 3 days, then 2 then everyday and DONT EAT JUNK

Mia ღ Abe ღ AJ
theres no way to do this in 4 weeks....and still being healthy...sorry honey....

but face the facts...loosing 2lbs a week is healthy...you want to lose...too much

why? 10-12 is perfect, from a male perspective anyway.

Losing that much weiht in a little amount of time is not good. try to lose it gradually! In third grade I became allergic to milk, and I lost alot of weight because I had to avoid it. But trust me. You're in for a challenge. Avoiding all milk products is not easy. And what ever you do, don't try those weight pills. They give you horrible stomach aches and even diarrihea! That's never good! Ask your doctor for more help and to see if you really need to lose weight. - Good luck! And stay devoted!

are you sure your a size 12??? Your other answer said that you weighed 8stone and were over 5ft7 in my book that makes you an eight at least... im shorter and heavier than you and i'm only just a size 10

Outspoken but Honest
Amputation might help??

Beautiful Disaster♥
Well a man lost 10 stone in a year and 1 stone in 3 weeks so its not impossible.
personaly i would get rid of unhealthy food drink lots of water but not orange juice althogth vitiman c it can make you gain lots. try opting for museli & banana's or a cereal with a fruit lunch maybe a tuna jacket potatoe and dinner maybe ceaser salad
maybe do a strenous sport 30 mins everday and work up more 15 mins like running push ups make up a dance routine anything to help get u fit or try hoovering all over the house you can lose quite a few pounds!!

HIGH protein, low carb and about 1 tablespoon of olive oil a day. Eat 6-7 light meals. Have a large salad everyday. Also, about 64 oz of water per day. The protein keeps your metabolism revving, enabling you to burn the fat without losing the lean body muscle. The water flushes out the fat.

why lose so much weight? every1s fine as they r.

try eating only fruits&veggies but I'm NOT a veggie fan so me personaly would stick to fruits!every nite do 20 runches then go to 40 then to100 a nite.you'll notice a great change really fast as long as you stick to doing this.Hope it works 4 you!

To be honest there is so much stupid an ill informed experts information posted here that really you should not take any notice of it. Go and seek professional guidance that you are doing the correct thing and not being a victim of fashion

weight watchers diet & exercise classes

Sarah J
you will get SICK if you do this

Make sure you eat healthily - but dont over-eat.
Eat lots of salads and fresh fruit.
Exercise ALOT.
- swimming
- cycling
- jogging
- trampolining
- yoga
- skipping
and drink plenty of water.

hey u don't need 2 lose weight, size12/10 is decent, size 8 is skinny. i don't think that u can lose that much weight in 4 wks, it's not healthy 4 u.

Do what i did - drink smoothies for breakfast, dinner and lunch and nothing else. Boring but it worked for me. Everyone's metabolism is different though, so you may need more than 4 weeks to get to a size 8. You should see a difference though. Make the smoothies yourself, as some of the ones you buy are full of sugar and other things. Good luck!

Xtra goodies
hcgdiet.com there is also the forum on yahoo as well .. good luck!! its amazing!!

well what do u eat then if you cut out meat and dairy? how do you get your protein? Soy yogurt? lentil soup? protein powder?

go no carb - south beach. you will loose the weight fast. but as soon as you stop you will gain it back. if you want something permanent then try weight watchers and intense exercise.

Why not make permanent healthy life style changes and not care what you weigh or what size you fit into? Just be the healthiest you can be. Eat whole grains, cut down on red meats, cook with olive oil or no fat cooking spray, chose low fat dairy options, cut down on sugers, drink water and dont drink pop or juice. Just make sure your willing to make these changes permint or you'll just end up gaining weight when you resort back to your old ways.

Kane C
what ever your name i dont think that is possibial to lose that much in that ammount of time

Work out and burn the calories you are taking in, drink a lot of water, allow yourself to rest from working out one day a week. Do a lot of cardio. You should always consult your physician to find out what is right for you.

Paul S
its not going to happen. but i could reccomend the cambridge diet. its possible to lose about 8-10lbs in the first week. but most avge 1-3lbs a week thereafter

best way to lose weight is gradually, not fast as it leaves the skin saggy and will cause stretch marks. try eating smaller meals and regulary. dont eat big meals at night as you dont burn it off and it turns to fat whilst your asleep.

I dont see how that would be possible in 4 weeks... excersise, fruit veggies...

Charles WE
Not asking for much, are you?

This amount of weightloss in this short a time is a very very bad idea.

You'll find it next to impossible to maintain after that short period of time.

You should go on a stable longer term calorie controlled weight loss programme supported by either your GP or other trained professionals.

It is not possible to loose that kind of weight in 4 weeks in a healthy way!

i've been there... and do u wanna know wat happened 2 me? i became anorexic, and it didn't make me hapy just get enough exercise, eat 3 basic meals, it fruit and veg 4 snax, and drink green tea 2 boost metabilism i hope u know wat ur doing, cuz i was more miserable than wen i started. but gud luk

y do u need to loose so much waight in such a short time its not good 4 you


south beach diet

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