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Additional Details
something fast, i dont have much time to eat.. :o(...

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email me harry_potter177107@yahoo.co.in
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sorry i had writtem wrong spellings due to the speed in which i was ...

 Is this a healthy weight?
I am 13 years old. I am 5'5.
I am about 130 lbs.

I am little pudgy on my stomach.
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Please no ...

 is a size 7 for a 16 yr old bad?

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size 7 in jeans, as for my chest i am a 34B...

 Honest opinion: What do you think when you see someone fat at the gym?

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how much water should you drink in a day?


can you drink to much water in a day?

been drinking it LOADS lately...!!...

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 Size zero, what is it, UK?
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It consisted of:
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- Water
- 2 ...

 7 weeks to drop 13 pounds,PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
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Hunger PAINS.... How do i get rid of them?
im drinkin water.... I dont got Gum.. but i smoke so yeaa.. i i got a pack on me and I Been tryin to smoke a cigg when i feel hungray... and im not eating. im fasting...
Additional Details
and i smoke because i smoke.. **ciggs** not Bc i want to be thin!

☆ DXfan ☆
go to the doctorers

P!mP ju!c3

can you take pain pills. also why are you fasting? if its to lose weight then dont because that is not healthy.

You need to eat. fasting is bad for you. sorry. your body is telling you to eat, but if you really need to, just chewing anything will work. chew paper if that is the only thing you have. chewing works, but don't chew watever u are chewing for more than a half hour. it can make you even more hungry if u do for an hour or 2.

Protein powder. Mix it in with your water or juice.

Mandy B
Well, the obvious answer would be to eat, but if they're not too bad, sometimes i can get rid of them just by drinking a glass of water.
Also if you're trying to diet and that's why you're not eating as much, try making smoothies out of fresh fruit and ice.

The REAL Steel Deal!!!
That is just silly to smoke in place of eating. Stop doing that. The more you do that, the more the pain intensifies. You are bringing it on yourself.

If your fast allows smoothies and the such, drink them. Smoking kills my hunger pains but makes by hubby more hungry.


Saltine crackers, carrot sticks, celery, a glass of nonfat milk, a piece of wheat bread...

Don't smoke! That is ridiculous to pollute your whole body with toxic smoke just to be thin. You will end up thin but looking like an old hag a few years down the line.

Also referred to as Hunger PANGS, one thing that helps me is eating a handful of almonds. If you don't like 'em, I don't know what to tell you. Why are you fasting? Probably none of my business. Anyway, try to eat something little or drink that water about every 4 hours- you'll go nuts (excuse the pun) if you don't.

the parent of 3 kids
eat or take a tyenol

cooolbeans. ;]
okay i would start eating and stop smoking..thats giving you the problem. smoking is not good for your health. try some tumsss! ;]

Shannon R
slim fast? its so filling. i meal in a can really.

to get rid of hunger pains.....you EAT!

Rick M
Have a large glass of tomato juice.

stop smokin the green stuff "smoken420"

No Name
k. I know your fasting, if its to lose weight then try munching on a couple of celery sticks. drinking lots of water. A cup of cofee with no milk (fattening) or sugar. nasty but fills you up and no calories and gives you energy. Aslo almonds a hand ful only works well.

If your fasting for other reasons and really can't eat anything, then try to stay busy and not think about food. I know this can be hard, but if you play a video game or pop in a movie or pick up a magazine or book, or actually do some work, then you will forget all about eating.

drink more water. If your fasting there nothing you can really do...except eat

Drink water and eat oxygen

JUST EAT INSTEAD OF BEING ANOREXIC...and thats horrible that u are smoking to lose weight

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