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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
How much weight can i lose in 5 days? without eating?

Deliao Canada
If you "have" to lose weight that quickly, don't stop food altogether, it will be devastating for your sustem. Instead do this and you can easily lose ten pounds if not more (mind you that will mostly be water weight.

Day 1: Only fresh fruit and fresh vegetables (lots of water)
Day 2: Only fresh fruit (lots of water)
Day 3: Only fresh fruit (lots of water)
Day 4: Only fresh fruit juice in limited amounts (ex. 6 oz. Welshes 100% grape juice every 2 hours) (lots of water)
Day 5: Only fresh fruit juice in limited amounts (ex. 6 oz. Welshes 100% grape juice every 2 hours) (lots of water)

nikki d
you actually won't loose weight, i tried that for a day, and i got sick and had to get transported to the hospital. MY stomach was hirting so bad, and when i tried eating again it just made me feel sicker. because if you don't eat when you do start eating again you're gonna go all out, and your gonna get bigger, hope i was a help, GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING :)

with exercise? maybe say...4 pounds?
depends on how extreme you activity level
now, when and if you do this, you should know that after you don't eat for 5 days you cannot, should not go near any foods with fat because after you starve yourself for a period time, your metabolism is like a red neck on hunting season, it's waiting and waiting for food and any remorse of food you eat it will save it and store it, as well it will burn less calories so it can maintain those calories you ate, example: if your say you burn a average of 1,500 calories a day it's going to drop down to about burning 500 calories a day or 200, that's why it's a really bad idea to starve yourself to lose weight, or starve yourself on generall, it's like a fight between you and your body, your body is holding on to every thing and not letting it go when you will be trying and trying to lose the weight and nothing will happen
if you feel your weight is in such a bad shape that you need to starve yourself, you should go to a dietitian where they can see exactly what diet will be suitable for you to take off the weight
starving never works and can cause a lot of complications and disappointing results in the end (such as weight GAIN)

₪ • Leena • ₪
5 days without eating? You'll die! You must eat your servings of the four food groups a day, 5 small meals containing these foods regardless. Besides, not eating can also lead to weight gain because your stomach will eat the fat and nutrients you have left in your body which LEADS to weight gain. And many diets lead to weight gain as well. So do not be getting any ideas, stick to eating your helpings of the four food groups, drink lots and lots of water throw in 30 or 1 hour of exercise each day and take in at least 15000 calories a day. You should lose a pound a week. All the best!!

What Will The Spill Kill?
You can lose 8-10lbs like that, but I can tell you from my own experience that it won't last. Since your metabolism is going down when you stop eating will it be low after five days and therefore will you gain the weight back much faster.
It is better to make slow but permanent changes by changing your eating habits.
Write down everything you eat throughout a day honestly for a week--a month would be a lot better. Then look at what you eat in excess and start cutting that. Eat a lot of salad. You can literally eat all the salad you want, provided that you use the dressing very sparingly. I make my own dressing with vinegar and a little bit of sunflower oil, w. onions in it.
Reduce your salt intake because salt binds water and that is weight.
Cut out your favorite food/snack making a point of it to have one day in a month where you can eat anything you want.
Start an exercise program---walks, swimming, aerobics, crunches. That will help your skin to tighten better when losing weight, plus, it will keep you busy.
Find a hobby that you love doing---that will definitely keep you occupied---the more occupied you are, the less likeli you think about food.
Drink a large glass of water before each meal--you'll be surprised how fast you feel full--so you will eat less. Use a small spoon to eat your cereal. Take a dessert plate for your meals--that makes the plate look overloaded with food where in truth you probably put half of what you normally eat on the plate.
Good Luck....

If you survive quite a bit but your going to gain all the fat back and the muscle you lost when you body began to feed on itself is going to take a lot of work to get it back.

you'll get sick and won't lose much

you do realize starvation diets really don't work ! and all Ur doing is harming Ur self, it's actually the deadliest diet

just eat right, exercise daily and you'll lose weight
and i don't meant cut out everything under the moon, just don't PIG OUT
both of my kids have lost a lot of weight by exercising daily, and eating right , they eat the same things they always have ( and yes that includes the occasional junk food and i do mean occasional like once every cpl of months) they eat all meats, i buy them wheat bread - and a bread made by WONDER it says KIDS real big across the the bag and its got all the vitamins and minerals they need they eat all their veggies and they also have at least ONE type of fruit to eat in between meals, or after dinner as desert

but please do NOT starve Ur self I did it and regret it, it caused me to have sever health problems that i was actually born with but if i would not of starved myself they would of never came up i would of kept on living not knowing i had them

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