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 Curvacious or skinny?

How many pounds can i lose in a week if i eat 800 calories a day?

i don't get why everyone is exaggerating you are not underweight you are at a normal weight. i definitely understand i want to loose weight too. anyways yes eating 800 calories will help you loose weight drink a lot of water that way you won't feel hungry, cuz you're stomach will always be full with water.

girl don't starve yourself ur good at ur current weight if you have like a bulge in an area ( I mean it in a good way I'm so not trying tooo be rude sorry if I am ) you'll need to look into exerciser's for that specific area of your body. also if you were to only eat like 800 call a day it still wouldn't do you any good. it's what you burn not what you don't eat what ever you do take mutivitamins like if its ok with your doc and all that jazz your body needs nutrients nutrien that you can only get from the food you eat.so if your going to do it make the 800 cal count eat food that nuritious your body. for more info on this stuf you can read articles from web md or google it. and get this stuff from an expert cuz i sure ain't one I just know what I read. just be carful not to over do it you dont want to fall out.
kay god bless ^_^!

Naya Naya Balletta
From my own personal experience, I've been losing 1-2 pounds a week, but it depends on how much exercise you are doing. Me: not so much. If you add some running or something, that could probably get you to three to four pounds a week.
I don't know much. I'm sorry.
This is really not a healthy way to lose weight, maybe you should try something else. I don't know.
Good luck, I guess.
P.S. Your weight sounds normal enough to me...

Sandee S
honey please, eating 800 calories a day is madness! that's considered starvation. and when ur body goes into starvation mode, it starts to eat away at ur muscles...which you will never get back.
at ur age, and at ur weight your fine! but if you want to lose weight, dont cut down your calorie intake, more like snack constantly throughout the day on healthy things, like vegies, fruits, etc. and maybe go for a walk everyday for 30 minutes.
this is help you ton up as well as lose the "fat" that you may want to lose.
but please don't eat only 800 calories a day, it's really not good for you. and when you reach your goal (the right way) you want to healthy and not sick.
hope that helps, good luck :)

You don't need to loose any weight, your only 15, its unhealthy to diet aggressively at your age in an effort to loose weight, your still growing.

Plus your not overweight, just eat healthy, 800 calories is too few for you...

You sound the right size to me already. I was 5'3 and 115 pounds for many years (I was thin). It all depends on your metabloism and how much you work out. If you are very active and cut your calories, you can safely lose 2 pounds/week.

i would not worry about losing weight, once you break 100 you start to become anerexic

thats going to mess up your metabolism which will make you GAIN WEIGHT

Ok no 800 calories a day is unhealthy way unhealthy you should be eating at least 2,000

This isn't healthy for anyone! You are crazy to think it is right of you to loose weight this way. I would hope that you wouldn't do this. You will only damage your body this way. Go see a dietitian. This is not good at all.

Linda M
You don't need to diet. If you have soft areas, exercise. You may need to ask yourself if you are anorexic. Eating less than 1200 calories a day is dangerous. One of the first things you might notice is that your hair will start falling out...I am not kidding. No dieting.

Lissie Anne B. @ 1887
You don't need to loose weight. Eating 800 cals/day will result in UNHEALTHY weight loss. You will loose valuable muscle make and become very frail and that's not good. Weight is not only a measurement of fat; it also measures things like bone density, muscle mass, and water %. I am 5'0 and weigh 125 and that's still in the range for my height, so 115 is fine, even on the skinny side, for you (I have tons of muscle mass and really big bones). Your healthy range is 103-136 lbs so you're FINE! What's more important than weight (and it's been proven) are: is your waist under 32 in. (females)? Are you living a healthy lifestyle?
And focusing on your weight to such an extent is unhealthy and will only make you feel badly about yourself for no reason at all. Don't go down that path - too many women do.

you're underweight.
trust me, i'm 5'7 and 110.

eh you don't need to lose any weight your only two inches shorter than me and i weigh about the same as you and i am pretty skinny, so ppl tell me to eat more. 800 calories is not a good idea because we are young and still growing we need about 2,000 calories per day.

Sorry, I'm not going to help a teenager kill herself. Please find something better to do with your time. Your weight is good anyway.

You would die... x_X They say that a 1600 calorie diet is enough to lose weight and stay healthy. Try that.

Sandy M
Eating 800 calories a day will make pounds lost the least of your worries. For your age, height and BMI, 800 calories are not enough to sustain you. You'll likely feel faint, or actually faint, and be too tired to get through your day.


First off... You are already either at your target weight or slightly under.

Second... If you eat under 1,200 calories a day, your body will go in to starvation mode and you will lose all energy and your body will both start to eat it's own muscle and you will store each and every calorie you eat as fat because your body thinks it is going to die.

Doing what you say will be an incredibly stupid thing to do...


It sounds like you have an eating disorder.

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