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How long is it safe to not eat for?
As embarrasing as it is, i just failed to balance my money well and am completely broke, wont be getting paid again till this next wednesday. Im not talking dont have extra money to buy nice things, i mean i literally have a couple dollars in change... I havent eaten since yesterday morning, as i no longer have any food available to me. I am confident i can make it 5 more days without eating comfort-wise, even though i will be hungry... but is it going to be safe? i really dont have much of a choice i dont have family i can go over and have dinner with, live alone, i pretty much am stuck. like i said i have no problem doing it as its my only choice i just wanna make sure im not gonna get super sick or die from not eating for a week.

Additional Details
Thanks for the support and responses everyone. I dont expect anything i was just looking for advice. I do have a roof over my head so im not trying to make it sound like i have it harder than everyone else. I have heat and a warm bed, because i was able to pay my rent and my electricity... i just never really stocked my kitchen as i live alone and dont know how to cook, so i ate out alot, but when i ran out of money it left hardly anything to get by on. I havent talked to my family in years and they live on the other side of the country. I do have friends, but none that im close enough with i feel comfortable asking for favors. Thats another thing, i can ask for help on the internet because its anonymous, but its hard for me to do in real life as its a pride thing i guess... but ya, i will try the ramen idea as i might be able to round up some change to buy that, otherwise i will try a shelter just for like one meal or so? i feel bad taking food away from a person who is truly homeless

sell something quick to get enough money until next week. but don't go more than a day without eating. don't you have a friend that wouldn't mind you eating with them? and don't forget to drink water!

Death will occur after about 40 days without food--that's with freely available water.
Without water you would die a painful death within 3 to 5 days.
Here is a rehydration recipe--better than plan water if you have just salt and sugar available.

You can make an Oral Rehydration Therapy solution yourself:

1. Take one litre of water.
2. Measure one level teaspoon of salt and put it in the water.
3. Measure 4 heaped teaspoons of sugar into the water.
4. Stir.
5. Taste – it should taste like salty tears.

Fasting is not bad for you...here is a site that claims its benefits: http://www.healthy.net/scr/article.asp?ID=1996

Here is a quote I've heard: “Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope”--unattributed quote on thinkexist.com

§sniperexpertxx§ ﺕ
Why don't you borrow someones money?

Amy D
You can go with out eating for longer then 5 days its drinking water you can't do that with that can kill you fast. I think you will be ok untill then just try not to make it a habit and if you have vitamin supplement laying around take them so you are at least getting some nutrison to your body thats important.

Well, not eating isn't safe or healthy at all, but if you have NO options for food, then I don't know. I would feed you, but the chances of you living near me are probably pretty slim. My Mom died in February, from Alzheimer's, Cancer, and the fact that she stopped eating about 8 days before she died. I know you can go a while without food, just make sure you drink plenty of water. Water you cannot live without!

I do not know your location but here are a few words to hopefully help you in your time of need.

"Ask, and it shall be given you;" Matt 7:7 ASV

Also, please click on the LINK below to locate IMMEDIATE help in your area and DON'T forget your local CHURCHES...

"Better is a neighbor that is near than a brother far off."
Prov 27:10 ASV

Take care and God bless…

that's interesting...
maybe u should spend your last couple of dollars buying some food and vitamin...

its not safe not eating for many days at all and i really mean it(mean not a single piece of food put in your mouth and eaten) cos you will get sick and side effects in the future like gastric ,u may lose your appetite completely or may feel nausea once u start eating...

if u really need food that badly and dont wish to sell your computer,try eating leftovers at Mac or somewhere if u dont mind ...its better than risking your life...

not eaing for 3 days may cause u to feel sick...

or go to your neighbour's house for some food i hope they understand .

good luck ,hope u still alive to see my answer..

Why would you not want to eat thats CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some people live for entire year without eating. Well, I you could however manage 7 days if you save your energy.. but you might be sick by that ... but may not die.

Dude get some part time job on a gas station or mc donald etc.

wow, you really know how to manage your life! drink lots of water and let us know what happens...

Try seeing if any of your coworkers have any food to spare.

You won't die. At least drink plenty of water to get you through those five days. You might feel tired and lightheaded and even grumpy without any food.

You know you should buy food that lasts the next time you get paid like potato's,rice,and beans etc. And you really should cut things out like the Internet if you can't even afford to eat.


"just never really stocked my kitchen as i live alone and dont know how to cook, so i ate out alot"

You really need to learn how to cook, its not hard. You'll save money by doing this.

You will be okay until payday, just don't make a habit of it, otherwise you will end up hurting yourself more than you realize. If at all possible, go to your local grocery store and buy packets of top ramen. They are 7 cents a piece and are a very filling meal.

you wont die as long as you drink plenty of water to keep you going those 5 days, but you might not be able to think straight if you dont have even a little bit of food each day.

Well, the avrage person can go 20 days with no food before dying. If you really are in this situation, i suggest you go to a gas station, borrow their phone book, and find a shelter. THat or spend thos last 10 bucks on some vitamins. With vitamins you will at least be keeping yourself healty, and it will last longer. But you will be hungry. So a shelter would be a good place.

You could always find a LDS church. they give away free food if you talk to thier bishop( religous leader) they take you to a store and just pay for your food. No repay neccisary and all that good stuff.... gotta love those mormons.

Good luck,

Disney Dreamer
Do you have a roof over your head? Sounds like you are really down on your luck. I will pray for you. Is there any address where I can send you some food?

Go to a local bakery or grocery store that gives out samples and chow down.

its not good not to eat but if you were to eat you could live off of water for like five days but it is not SAFE. you should eat like two days a week.

you can live without food for one month and without water for one week,but this is very unhealthy because there are some vitamins and minerals that your body need every day. PS; most difficult are first 3 days of fasting after that you will feel better. take care.

If you have a couple dollars in change go to the store and get yourself a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter(dollar store maybe?) and some ramen noodles.

Please consider contacting a local soup kitchen or food pantry for a meal. Or, contact your local social services agency to help you find a way to get a meal.

Good luck.

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