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How can i flatten my stomach and reduce fat in my thighs by the time school starts again (September)?
no drugs... i just want good old genuine... but effective... exercises that will help me flatten my stomach and thin out my thighs in about 2 months... basically when school starts again.

once again no drugs or medicine or anything... no acai berry... and if it helps im 12... and also dont say that im 2 young to b worrying about my weight... i just want answers... thnx
Additional Details
4real guyz.... serious answers plz... thnx to everyone who is being serious about this... as to all who r not... **** u....

Stop eatting.

a shy guy

those berries, and it's healthy :)

wear a garder

make longer term goals. make consisten progress with exercise and diet

Theres these worksout in 17 magazine. I found they work pretty well. It shows the foods to eat and exercises to do and what effects they'll have on your body

Cardio is awesome :D. Especially someting fun like dancing or jumprope. spot training never works :/. it may work a tad, but not much at all!
do you have a gym near you? go there and go to their cardio sessions :).

Jessica A
im 13 and i had a swim party for school. and in three weeks my stomach hardened. it was really cool. i just did a tonnnn of these things that work your stomach really hard. u just lie on the floor and u bring up your legs into a bend and make your knees touch your stomach. and make sure your butt comes up off the floor. idk if itll work for evryone tho.

Diamond S
the answers here are pretty awesome, but there's one thing I'd like to add: make sure you drink lots of water! All throughout the day. It speeds up your metabolism and plus it's great for your skin and hair too.
I also heard that drinking tea helps "wash away" fat. Not sure if there's any truth in that, but tea is delicious so why not try it? Make sure you don't flood it with cream and sugar though! I prefer my tea completely plain. And also, that Turkey Hill iced tea is nothing but sugary crap. It's barely even tea! So make sure you avoid that, because it's equally as bad for you as soda.

I hope you're successful!!!! ^___^ ~

You can search it on youtube you know.! :D But what you can do is upgrade your everyday routine. You have to go jogging everyday. Bring water with you because you might get dehydrated. Eat less. Eat more veggies and fruits. Drink water and milk. No sodas or juices, because juice is acidic.

There! I hope it helped.! :D

To help flatten your stomach you can do sit-ups and crunches. To help thin your thighs you can run or jog. Whether or not you will loose as much as you want by school is up to you. start out little and do it every day. As each week goes by, do a few more sit-ups/crunches. Each week you can run just a little bit farther. With it being summer and hot out, I suggest running/jogging either early in the morning or later at night when it is cooler out.

running. running is nature's way of getting rid of tummy fat. a good 20 minute run/walk (as best as you can) is very healthy.

I did it for the last month, and i didn't lose weight because i gained muscle in my legs, but my tummy is a lot flatter, and my thighs have a lot less cellulose.

and just an fyi, running every day builds muslce, while every other day tones muscle. so for best effects on your legs, alternate running with doing some form of cardio exercise such as lying on your side and lifting your top leg, or on hands and knees and lift one leg at a time as far up and behind as you can.

Remember me?
Start a running program, a little at first, and then building up to long runs, get some exercise video's from the public library.
Stay away from soda pop and fast food, or your completely wasting your time.

I lost about 3 pounds in a week and I didn't change my diet or take any medicine or do any extra exercise. Some things I did were:

*Eat at every meal if you are hungry(if you skip meals and you are hungry you will lose energy and eat more later)
*Try to eat only 3 meals a day, no more
*If you do feel hungry in between meals, eat a healthy snack such as fruits, veggies, nuts...
*Eat a balanced diet(fruits, veggies, dairy, and protein)
*When you are eating a big meal (lunch, dinner) fill half of your plate with vegetables and split the other half evenly between the other dishes (potatoes do not count as a vegetable)
*Try to eat only 1 helping per meal. When you have finished eating your first helping, wait about 5 minutes and see if you are still hungry, if you are, then get about 1/2 or less of what you got the first time
*Before you are about to eat, think if you are really hungry, or if you are just feeling peckish (just wanting to eat because you are bored or have nothing else to do--eat only when you are hungry)

I moved to Paris about 2 years ago and a lot of women and girls here are anorexic, that if NOT a good way to lose weight. Because of where I live, I can walk places very easily instead of driving around. Sometimes I tell myself that if I have the choice to walk, then walk instead of taking the bus.
Just walking for 5-10 minutes a day will help and you aren't doing any kind of hard exercise. You may walk quite a bit without knowing it.

Good Luck and keep up the Will Power! That helps too!

btw: I'm 14.

Brooke. rip michael j. </3
in seventeen magazine they ALWAYS have workouts that really do work (i have done them) they also give you interesting (good/healthy) foods to eat

hope i helped (:

honestly, running, biking, and swimming!! cardio is the way to go to burn fat

idk if mine are the best suggestions, so im going to stick around and see answers because i want to know too! lol. but i'd assume something like crunches for your tummy and climbing stairs for your thighs.

Mike N
jumping jacks are your best bet.

Sometimes exercise isn't enough to flatten your stomach. Maybe a combination of crunches and a new diet. Try to eat filling foods that are easy to digest like Broccoli

just eat less than you normally do and go out and run or do sit ups to work on your abs. you could also do lot's of other excersises. you could also just run around outside because it's the summer. i don't know where on earth you are but if it's hot, i think you could sweat outside with the weather being hot.

Adjust your diet and exercise. Don't go on any "diets" just don't eat bad things, and you KNOW what you shouldn't eat, don't even try to kid yourself (cookies or carrots? hmmm). Don't get into the habit of overeating after exercising, thinking that you've burned it off or you've earned it. Go by the old adage "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants."

When I was a little older than you, I used to go to the gym with my dad and friends. There's more motivation to exercise when there's someone with you. Also, if you work out a schedule with them, it's more likely that you'll keep the schedule since it involves other people.

I think the best cardio is jumping rope - that will definitely target your thighs. There are free videos on youtube by sparkspeople that have jump rope exercises that you can do with or without a rope. It's very effective. I have access to a free exercise book that you're welcome to use. It's completely free and you don't have to sign up for anything to view it. http://simplyfactual.com/LeanBodyEbookCopy.pdf

Of course, you want to eat more fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Another good trick for burning excess fat is to add grapefruit to your diet. It's a natural fat burner. Oh and you definitely want to drink plenty of water and avoid juices and sodas. Good Luck!

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