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 Is there a quick fix to keep my blood pressure down for a physical?
I blood pressure is normally in the normal range, but I have white coat hypertension. When a doctor puts the bp cuff on...it goes sky high.Please help!!...

 will natural peanut butter clog my arteries?
i heard that peanut butter can clog your arteries. i thought since it is mostly made of good fats esp since i get the natural peanut butter and mix it naturally it was good for the heart. am i wrong? ...

 Is 56-60 normal pulse for 19 year old male?
I've been checking my pulse in the mornings, and today it's been consistently around 56-60. I've been feeling kinda tired, I did work out a few days ago.....

 Slow, heavy heart beats during sleep?
Lately, I have been experiencing extremely, slow heart beats when I'm sleeping. When I get up to go use the bathroom or do something else, I realize my heart beats so slow I get out of breath ...

 How exactly does high blood pressure cause kidney failure?
I heard that it can cause Kidney failure. How and why? What does our blood pressure have to do with the kidney's? All I know is that our kidneys filter out toxins and if they don't filter ...

 What would make my chest hurt, near the heart?
I've been teaching on here about my Catholic faith and been running into a lot of stress and maybe eating too much red meat too.

What would make my chest hurt, near the heart?

 do heart attacks hurt?
one of my good friends recently passed away from one, i just want to know if their painful and know whats happening to them, he was such a great person and i really hope he didnt die in ...

 is it bad to take my obese father to Hardee's?
He really wants to go. But, he is very fat and does
not need to be eating that type of fast food.

I am taking him there this time, I guess.

Is this enabling a fat person to ...

 What's congestion heart failure?

 does alchohol make you feel anxious? help.?
i was just wondering this? because i enjoy going out every now and then, and i will have about 3 drinks (usually beer) and then when i go to bed i wake up feeling really anxious and my heart beats a ...

 Can you die from irregular heart beats?
I've been suffering these for a while and I'm really concerned about them. I've seen the doctor and getting some tests done this week. I'm really scared and I'm only 17. I ...

 Why would a patient not be a good candidate for heart bypass surgery and already have two stents placed?
My father-in-law is 58yrs old and used to be a heavy smoker. They have put in two stents and wanted to do bypass surgery. But they told him they have done all they could for him and he was not a good ...

 Is there is any different between blood circulation in male and blood circulation in femal?

 High Blood Pressure but I'm only 20 years old?
Okay yall I am a male and 20 year old. I have a very bad case of herniated disc for which I was given 3 epidural injections within 1 week gap in between.

Each week the nurse took my blood ...

 Do you have a kind of red warning flag that indicates too much stress?

Additional Details
category kindly suggested by Yahoo ......

 how to measure blood pressure?
I am having some trouble measing BP. I hear it sometimes rather high and it sounds more like a whooshing type sound, or maybe a faint beating. Then I hear a clear distinct beat. Which is the systolic ...

 is it abnormal to have a blood pressure reading of 91/83 with a resting heart rate of 114? ?
I'm a 25 year old female and I've been experiencing bouts of difficulty breathing where I get light headed and lately I have been very thirsty and have been feeling very fatigued. A friend ...

 What are these symptoms pointing to?
I am 28 years old, slightly overweight. Used to be athletic, but not so much in recent years. For about the last 6 days, I have been experiencing some intermittent pain in my chest area, ...

 is it dangerous to drink alcohol, and then an energy drink straight after, in large quantities?

 Im 29yrs old and I've been having a lot of pressure in my chest for the past two days?
Do you think this could be serious? No Jokes Please
Real answers only.
Additional Details
Thank you for your answers Letsgo , John and Judy.As for the other answers, if i thought I...

how much does blood pressure medicine cost?
I'm trying to calculate how much money i would need if i get put on some medicine, im going to start working out more to try to lower my blood pressure. I'm a student though its its rather hard to afford things. Thanks

bp machines cost any where from 70$ and up... the cheapest route to go would be to buy a cuff and a stethoscope. you can do that for under 50$.. also some of the automatic machines do not give accurate readings.. check listings on ebay or some other auction site!

It really depends on what you are put on. Older meds cost less than the newer ones since older meds could have a generic.

Miz Lamb
Check with WalMart on their $4/Rx listing. try to get your doc to put you on one that is on the list.

just google WalMart Pharmacy for the list.

Depends on what type of bp med is needed but metoprolol and hydralazine both are rather inexpensive.

David D
You can get monthly prescriptions filled at Wal-Mart for any of about 15 generic antihypertensives for $4. You'd just have to see if your doctor will prescribe one of these for you.


in the UK each prescription costs £6.85. If you have more than 4 prescriptions a month it is cheaper to buy a pre-payment certificate for £98.70 which you can pay for over 10 ten months at £9. 87 monthly.

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