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 Please HELP: 3 year old, fever of 103-104 for 8 days on/off, runny clear nose, cough, congestion and side pain?
My son is a very stubborn 3 year old (and 4 months) very articulate. refuses to go to the doctors or ER and gets so upset i dont know if its worth it - do these symptoms sound serious?
He also ...

 What is a healthy cereal that actually taste good?

 Trying to lose weight would it be a good idea to cut this off?
I've started my journey to lose weight and get back in shape. I'm going to the gym and consciously watching what I eat/drink and dieting. I party or hangout with my friends every weekend ...

 Do you guys know any foods that have more protien in them, than they do fat?
I have been lifting weights, and I want to be able to eat foods that will help me bulk up, but not gain fat. I have only found two things that have more protien than fat so far; eggs, and protien ...

 My weight is ruining my life! Please help me!?
I am nearly 15 years old, and I weigh about 250. I don't look like I weigh that much though. I want to lose some weight before my 15th birthday party, which will be March 16th. Someone please ...

 whats the best way to lose weight?
im a teen.
im not fat,
but i have stretch marks everywhere!
im quite tall,
and i want to lose weight on my tummy,
but mostly my thighs.
please help me?
oh, and ...

 600 cal. PLZ help! (Picture here!!)?
I've been on a 900 calorie diet and lost 7 pounds so far, but i keep messing up because i can only do a diet for a week or i get bored...so i am going to move onto a fruit and veggie diet which ...

 how can i get my height increased?
my age is 15.(male). i am 5'2"....

 Does anyone actually eat up to 2000 calories per day?
I'm not even trying to lose weight, but on average I usually eat 1200 calories per day. Some people find the number shockingly low. Why?...

 how long should you wait after eating before you excercise?

 I Think I Am Underweight?
I Am 13
I Think I Am Under Weight
But My Family Say I Am The
Normal Size For My Body
But I Just Feel Big All The Time

Please Help


 How to cut down on sweets?
Stop posting such utter rubbish, like 'Stop eating them'.
I'm concerned because i can't resist temptation, if you get me.
Thanks to all those who want to help!...

 Hi, my girlfriend has joined weight watchers?
shes been doing it for 1 week now and lost 7.5lbs

she been keeping to her red and green days diet and also not going over her syns, she does exercise by going for walks.

what ...

 Tips for losing pounds in 1 month?
I'm 135 pounds, and I was thinking of being around 120-125.
I want to lose weight overall, but at the same time targeting stomache, back, and thighs. any suggestions?...

 Is 45 considered "old?"?

 How can i lose weight fast???
i am 5'5 and weigh like 170 pounds!! i hate this! i am a mother of 4 and i cant seem to get the weight off...i want to be my high school size of 150 and i cant get down to it...is there a way ...

 what would u call me?
im 14. 6 feet tall. weigh 205 pounds. tallest in family. would u call me fat, overweight, normal? what would u suggest? i love to play basketball. gonna try out for skool team next week. going to ...

 why do some people allow themselves to get so fat?
Isn't there a point where they would think, "i better do something about it now"?
Additional Details
I am not judging them, I am trying to understand the mentality behind ...

 How much weight should I lose?

far left...
Additional Details
that's not my grandma.
i hate her and that chubby kid.

 a quick and easy breakfeast!?!?
im 12 (almost 13) and i NEVER eat breakfeast. well because of a few reasons 1.) I HAVE NO TIME! lol! 2.) i never have liked breakfeast. i want something light that will fill me up untill lunch (10:45 ...

How can I make my STOMACH look FLATTER when wearing a DRESS..?
I have a party on Saturday
and I love my dress but I have a little flab which is visible through the dress. I want to look slim and flat.
Any ideas?
Thanks !!

were mirical pants they make you look skinny...
not that i need them ;)

Stop eating all the doughnuts?

loose weight...

Sherlock PJs
wear black with vertical stripes... very slimming


Wear a Girtle or stomack thinning leggings.

Nelly Nelly Nelly
Buy some spanx or a big pair of knickers to pull your stomach in from M&S

It depends on your nationality. If you're European, being fat is normal - so you're okay.
If you're American - you should try exercising the next few days. And pull your stomach in the whole time you're wearing the dress.

get a tummy tuck you can prob get one from like jcpenny or walmart maybe


There are some things you can buy that go under your dress (undergarments) to help slim you out. I don't know where to get them though. I'd suggest going to the mall and taking a look around. You could also tie a sash or something of the sorts around your upper waist (always slimming). Check out seventeen.com, they may have something there.

You can get that underwear which slims out your body shape

Claire. TTC baby #1
wear 'control' pants.
Like the kind bridget Jones wears in the 1st film!
You can get them from tons of shops,the 1st that spring to mind are debenhams and m&s.

Pro Trainer
Do the Fat X fat burning workouts and follow the diet.


Melissa M
get some tummy slimming corset/underwear

Away With The Fairies
Spanx certainly do the trick - expensive but worth every penny.

Some form of "magic pants" would be a good idea, or you could start taking water retention tablets until the party. Or you could always wrap around a sparkly shawl or scarf to hide it.

Horny Cow
buy one of those body slimmer things - see spanx.
don't know where you are, but marks and spencers sell them, for about £30ish.
there are others on the market though

Aine G
buy a corset, girdle or similar.

Penguin Gal
Spanx....it's a girls best friend...

At maternity stores such as motherhood maternity they have a waiste wrap that goes around your midsection and helps you stomach to look flat. Be positive that you are buying the right size though (speaking from personal experience). They run about $15 - $20.

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