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 What is a healthy breakfast these days?

 13 years old 120 lbs, 4"11 and I need to lose weight! Please Help?
Whats a good meal plan for me? Breakfast,and lunch ideas. Also an excersize plan would be helpful. I dont have alot of time for excersize b/c of school hw and after school activites. The lunch has to ...

 how can i lose weight by august 31?
and i dont want any pills or anything like that
Additional Details
im 15, 5 feet 4 in, and about 150 pounds. i wanna lose weight before school starts which is august 31. how much do u ...

 Do you think I'm fat?
I am 14 years old and weigh 119 lbs... I have no clue why I weigh so much considering that I work out, don't eat junk food, and eat really low-calorie, low-fat foods... Do you think I weigh too ...

 can you die from anorexia ?
i think my friend might be anorexic and i was wondering what are some signs and symptoms, she doenst eat breakfast shes very skinny and she doesnt eat very much lunch and sometimes non.

 14 year old weight?
I weigh 107 and I am 13 years old is that too much or am I just right or needs more weight?...

 does eating the same food over and over make you fat?
like eating hamburger every night for a week or something like that....

 Do you think I'm too skinny?
I have a BMI of 16.4...

 whats the right weight for a 5'3 14yr old girl??
can you please answer in stones?
and it would be more useful if you told me on here instead of giving me links


 is 85 pounds normal for a 13 year old girl?
Im not skinny but not fat, but my friends weight like 80 pounds....

 is it possible to lose 10 lbs in 45 days?
i want to loose weight all over but especially in my thighs and tummy.
i am 5'2 and 120lbs
i am going to NYC in a month and a half
45 days.
and i really want to look good.<...

 How can I lose 10-15 pounds in about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks?
I'd like to be thinner for a vacation in a few weeks. I've been having trouble losing weight......

 if your around 5'4 and 175 pounds?
are u obese?????? because my sister doesnt look obese but she weighed herself today and shes almost 180! if she is obese how should i tell her to start working out and dieting without hurting her ...

 is this a healthy lunch....?
I just ate the following for lunch:
-one low-fat canned tuna fish sandwich w/ 2 slices whole wheat bread
-an apple
-a small soup bowl of grapes
-a Fiber One granola bar
-a ...

 Am I eating too much?
I'm pretty young, still in my early teens, I'm around 5'6 or 5'7 and I'm pretty skinny for my height, but I'm not in shape. I have an obssesion with Chocolate Chip C...

 I'm really good looking, but I'm a little chubby for my height?
I'm female, 19, only 5'2, and 138 pounds. I never use to weigh this much, I've had some problems with Anorexia/Bulemia in the past...the past 6 months, I have packed on the weight ...

 trying to lose weight , is this unhealthy ?
for breakfast I eat 2 packets of oatmeal& mix it with a cup of milk
and for lunch I usually eat about 3/4 a cup of rice and a small serving of meat w/ a few pieces of vegetable
if I ...

 i weigh 116 and im 5'3 do i weigh to much?
do i weigh to much?...

 What shall i do i am in a big mess i need as many people as possible to ansewr this!?
ok so the deal is im 12 and im 13 stone but i look 10 but i would really like to lose like 4 stone. my mum wont let me go on a diet because im still growing and i need stuff. i go out of the house as ...

 What do you think the ideal weight is for a 5'4" woman?

How can I gain weight?
I'm 5'7" and 88 pounds.
NATURALLY! I never starved myself, I've never TRIED to be thin.
I'm going to college in the fall and I'd love to be at least a size 1. I'm a 00 now.

How can I gain weight?
Even if it's fat. Idc. I have no fat =p.
Additional Details
OH i eat plenty!

Every doctor I've been to has said that I'm in great health; my frame is just smaller than average.

Eat alot before you got to bed,that always works for men

eat alot and don't run, just build muscle

answer mine

Carbs, dairy and sugar.
Whole fat milk
Cream cheese


well I am 5'6 and weigh 112 and I am so skinny.
Idk what to do anymore. I eat alot but at the same time I walk alot to so I just think I will eat right b4 I go 2 sleep because that seems the best.

sounds unhealthy oh my goodness. but eat alot and dont do anything like excercise or anything after haha.. like eat before you go to sleep.. cause you wont be working that fat off.

Start eating more calories. Peanut butter, nuts, whole grain breads, olive oil and sweet potatoes are some healthy things that can make you gain weight.

Rose M

13.8 BMI?

eat McDonalds, a lot

eat a lot of meats, grains, and dairy products. Also, always hae a drink with calories in it like gatorade and just constantly drink it. Put butter and salt on food

WOW!! lucky you ;)
well, my little brother has the same problem, he is really skinny and not in a good way. So what he does is get protein shakes and all this protein stuff from drug stores. They really work! They give you a lot of energy and help you gain a lot of weight. Also try to eat more than 3 meals a day, and always keep your calorie count high.
But remember to be healthy, thin or fat, that is the most important thing. Also you should try modeling, they would love a girl like you ;)
good luck =)

Eat right before you go to sleep

I really wouldnt start bad habits like eating like crazy, because then you wont stop. go for jogs. you will build leg muscle. do sit ups. and lift small weights. humans naturally should have some weight but mostly be muscle.

eat more ..or i'll gives like 30 pounds from me to u if that is possible

Eat more. Especially protein and fats, but stay away from saturated fat and transfat, which can turn into saturated fat.

~!$ ♥ $!~
well i don't understand why someone would want to gain weight , cause i love being skinny ,i would never want to be fat . but if you want to look bigger i don't suggest you gain MUSCLES , U SHOULD GAIN MUSCLES IT WEIGHS MORE AND MAKE YOU LOOK BETTER THEN FAT WOULD, AND IT WOULD BUMP YOU UP TO AN BIGGER SIZE :) GOOD LUCK :)

Eat like a fat kid eating cake.

duce is right. You need to eat more food. foods that are high in calories. eat 5 to 6 meals a day. It will be your new full time job.

eat alot cause your skinny

Nom Nom
Strange as it sounds, work out. But instead of doing a lot of cardio and other fat-burning exercises, look online for exercises that help you build up muscle. Muscle is a lot denser than fat, so if you gain more muscle, you'd gain weight AND look like you're a healthy. What you don't want is to either look unhealthily skinny or unhealthily pudgy. Eat lots of protein as well. You don't have to worry too much about fat content but just keep your normal common sense (e.g. ice cream for dinner is no good). Make sure every single meal you have contains at least some sort of protein.


Ta-Zu (&Miku)
Try drinking those ensure drinks?

Personally - I say you should go to your doctor to ensure there is nothing wrong with you that's making you stay so underweight. D:
THEN go make some attempts to gain weight..

eat allot of stuff not fatty foods tho. kfc is good but not lootta dat buz dat mean high colesteral. try cookies and candy.

EAT allot of chocolate.But make sure u never get over weight because that would be funny.Im not sure how you can gain weight but ill look into it and email you ill add you to my contacts if thats ok!!!!!

ok well you said you dont care if its fat, and this is definately going to be fat and unhealthy, but this is how I did it:

#1 Ensure (you can find it in most grocery stores, walmarts, and pharmacies, and most stores like Walmart and CVS have cheaper alternatives right next to it on the shelf, because it can get expensive. Just check the nutrition labels on the back of the alternatives and compare them to Ensure's nutrition label to make sure you get the same calories, fat, and protein). Hospitals give this to their patients to gain weight, so it definately helps.

#2 High Carb Diet
I loaded up on frozen macaroni and cheese and pastas, this really helped. I didnt eat alot of meat. I think its a misconception that meat makes you gain weight, it didnt for me. I just stuck to creamy pastas and that really helped.

#3 Weight Gainer
I got weight gain powder from GNC. Probably doesnt matter what brand. I actually mixed that with the Ensure and some Whole Milk and drank the mixture many times throughout the day, usually after I ate, that way I wouldnt ruin my appetite.

#4 Less Active
I stayed at home more and watched movies and tv for a month instead of going out and walking around. This can be very unhealthy, especially on the heart, just a warning, but thats what I did.

#5 See a Doctor
Try all of the above things first, and if you have appetite problems and you cant eat more than 3 meals a day, then maybe see a doctor. They prescribed cyproheptadine, which is an anti-histamine pill. I took it once a day for 15 days, and in those 15 days I was extremely hungry and was able to eat many meals a day. The only downer is that it makes you a little drowsy/lazy, so if you have to go to work or do something active, its best to avoid them. They werent invented for weight gain, they were invented for people with allergies, but the main side effect is that they make you very hungry all day long so you can eat alot more than normal people can. If you google "cyproheptadine weight gain" you will see that many doctors prescribe this to anorexic people who need to gain weight.

Just take it easy, dont try to do too much of this stuff because it can be very unhealthy. Its best to see a doctor while you are doing it that way you can have some kind of supervision and they can check your cholesterol levels. Even skinny people can die from heart attacks if they are getting too much cholesterol at once.


natalie G ayala
you have to eat

I have the same problem. Eat 5 times a day, small meals. And try those Ensure milkshakes that are for gaining weight. I know it's hard to gain, but it takes time.

Go to CiCi's pizza

or Burger King


You have a body of a model :)
well I'm 5'5 and i weigh 108 everyone tells me I'm REALLY skinny like yourself its NATURAL. I wear a size 3 or 27 I use to wear a size 00 when I was in the 8th grade now I'm off to college as well this fall but a couple of days ago I just brought a Ensure drink I've heard that it helps you gain weigh approx. 2-3.5 pounds a week. You drink about 3 a day. One with your breakfast one with lunch and one with Dinner or right before you go to sleep. They give this to Elderly people and people with eating disorders and they can gt weight from it and they actually HAVE an eating disorder so why wouldn't it work for us right? My Uncle is also a Trainer and he recommended Ensure for me. So If your trying to gain weight Buy Ensure drink 3 times a day and you'll see results.

Hope I helped. :)

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