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Has anyone lost significant weight by eating only one meal a day?
Please Please I really don't want all that it'll slow down your metabolism and don't do it shyte just answer me how long you did it for and how much you lost

no thats not healthy, only way to lose weight is to eat lean foods, your body will crash without fuel

Samantha x
Personally, I think no-one should be eating only one meal a day, it can do extreme damage to your body. Even if you do only eat one meal a day when you start to eat more you will put on alot more weight. In my opinion it is not worth starving yourself by eating one meal a day. Just go on a normal diet.

Renee T
DO NOT DO THAT. just exercise daily and eat a balanced diet of three meals a day. If you only eat one meal a day then you will crash and lose all of your energy. Also, you are more likely to have a higher temper.

I'm sure that a lot of people have, but you couldn't do this for the rest of your life. It is not healthy at all to eat that little. Your body would not be properly sustained on so few calories. You would become tired and irritable all the time just to keep a few pounds off your frame. Once you did start eating properly again, you would just gain it all back.

My opinion: not worth it. There are so many other alternatives than starving yourself. Anorexia nervosa is a serious thing. Please see a doctor if you need tips on losing weight healthily.

Why would you ignore the fact that eating only one meal a day will slow down your metabolism? Isn't it obvious enough that that will only lead to a hard weight loss. Soon your body will go into starvation mode and will do everything in it's power to keep its fat. It will take energy from muscle before it decides to burn fat. You may reduce, but only because you lost all your muscle.

Lose weight safely and healthfully. Forget vanity, think about what's good for YOU.

na that not healthy g money

Eating one meal a day will not make you loose fat, it will make you lose muscle. when your body lacks nutrition to feed your system, it actually starts extracting nutrients from your muscles. essentially, your body becomes self-cannibalistic.

You will see this because your thighs and upper arms will become abnormally thin, meaning your muscle is being eaten away.

You lose fat by eating a certain balance of foods, both good and bad (just not totally unhealthy food, like fast food which just sits in your system and isnt used). So dont eat sparingly! Just right the RIGHT BALANCE of foods, and you can find this all over the internet on health sites (not diet sites)

Never did lose by drastically cutting calories.

Here is how I did it:

The secret of my weight loss has been not to starve myself. But to trick my body. Eat fewer calories for about 3 days. Your body will believe itself to be in a state where it needs to hold on to calories so you may not lose any.

But then suddenly, you have a day where you eat more than you had been. This kind of shocks your body into thinking that it doesn't have to reserve resources.

Keep repeating this cycle to see if it works for you.

As for fruit, I eat a lot of it! Especially berries, which are excellent for you! As well as nuts, seeds, honey.

And as you already know, do NOT eat anything "white" (potatoes, bread, pasta, etc) BUT the way to treat yourself so that you aren't craving carbs is to eat BARILLA PLUS pasta. I especially love the rotini. (It should be in all stores by now. It costs a little more but is well worth it! About $2 a box.)

It has lots of protein and the more I eat of it, the more I lose! It tastes great to me with just an omega (good for you) light oil on it. (Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, etc. You will probably have to find these in a store that has a natural/organic/"greenwise" section.)

I prepare a whole box in advance and store it in containers with the oil on it. That way, I can put some in a bowl, put a lid on it and heat it approx 20-30 seconds, depending on your microwave. You can even freeze some containers for later.

Lastly, do NOT give up your favorite treats! You want to learn to eat those in moderation and to have your body get used to having them. Dark chocolate is excellent, as it is very healthy and satisfying.

But even if you eat a cupcake, just try to keep it at one.

Eventually, your body will get to a point where if you listen to it, you will know when to eat, you will crave what your body needs and it will "self-regulate".

Drink *plenty* of water or flavored water as this is how the body rids itself of extra weight. (You will know when you are losing pounds if you go thru a phase of having to urinate frequently.)

Set reasonable goals--no more than 2 lbs per week and realize it may take some time to do it this way but the results will be worth it...it will become a way of life and you *won't* have to "diet" ever again.

(By the way, I've lost over a 100 lbs. & have kept it off, using above way of eating for over 4 years.)

As far as exercise, just walking is enough. If you do more than that, remember that you will need to eat more protein. And you probably build muscle, which weighs more than fat.

Rajib Bahar - rajib-bahar.com
I observe fasting for 30 days every year. It never helped me lose weight. Try running if your health permits.

its not healthy. not that i increases the time it would take to lose the weight. eat three meals a day and exercise. remember not all carbs are bad. whole wheat and multi-grain give energy during the day so remember to carbs at least twice a day.

good luck

Brandon L
Starvation diets are hard on your body, try eating small portions all throughout the day. don't starve your body.

nah its not healthy

NO! when you starve yourself, your body on energy miser. your body lowers your metabolic rate. it's counterproductive!

please don't do like that, if u want to reduce ur fat,keep running for 1-2km every day and then do abdomen immediately after running , surely u will lose ur fat more significantly...

One meal a day may get you to loose weight, but you'll end up gaining it back just as fast as you lost it because it's hard on your system. That one meal will either get larger to compensate or you'll crash and burn later. You cannot loose weight fast and keep it off. The healthiest and most effective way is loose a little at a time. Start slow. Get rid of soda, coffee, a lot of "juices" and "teas" are just as bad as soda (Snapple for an example), milkshakes, and most calorie, fat, sugar filled beverages. Those have enough junk in it to be counted as a meal! Do JUST that and you'll start seeing results on the scale. Then start limiting sweets. Limit salt... granted you need salt, but most things have too much. Get WHOLE wheat instead of white bread. Do not be fooled by "multigrain" it means nothing health wise. Slowly reduce the fat. You can start with milk going to fat free and not touching mayonnaise. There are lots of ways to cut corners. You just need to read labels and educate yourself on what they mean for you. Good books to get are "Eat This Not that" books. They help when you're eating out. They don't necessarily mean what you should always eat... but help start slowly. It's much easier on the will power and the body to do this slowly. Also... a salad doesn't mean it's healthy. The dressing alone could set you back. Best of luck.

you can lose a significant amount of weight short term like a week or so than your body adjusts to not eating and stores fats. but try eating that meal for breakfast like a bowl of cereal and oatmeal. also during the day try drinking green tea its 0 calories and it helps keep your metabolism high.

ஐ☆Christina ツ innocent angel ☼
yea, I did lose weight, but it was just not for me. I was losing up to 1 - 2 pounds a day not eating. If I diet I lose basically the same amount, so for me I would be better off just dieting. That is how my body functions though. Also, when I started eating back it the pounds came back. I'm glad there is YA here for me, because if not I might of still been doing that. Hope this was helpful!

i used to have an ED and did that, the first week i lost 7lbs just under x

ok, none of that junk then, how about this...

If you think of your body as "addicted" to food, which would you rather do... a) go cold turkey or b) detox off the fattening food?

This is the problem, your body will adjust to that food schedule and you will cease losing weight. It will view your mealtime as an opportunity to hold on to every iota of fat and carbos since it "knows" it won't get any food for another day.

So to directly answer your question, you'll lose between 8-10 lbs in about 2 weeks and you can expect to gain most of it back when you do eat as your body is in starvation mode.

Be good to yourself and start something you can maintain, you will have a thinner body that's easier to keep and feels better, Blessings and Good Luck

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