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I am very concerned about my 10 year old daughter. She currently weighs 215lbs (15.4st). She now finds it very hard to walk as her legs buckle under her weight. I have taken her to the doctors about it and they just give her a new diet but it never works out because when she goes to school she just buys food herself. Also, if I walk down the street with her people call her names and stare at her and I feel terrible!!!
Additional Details
Please give me some tips about how I can help her lose weight!!! x x

Well, you did this by feeding her so much. Way to go. Don't even give her money for food! Pack her lunch! Give her some apple slices and carrot sticks and a bottle of water or something!

Scott P

have you thought about ephedrine, this is a herbal weight loss remedy created in china from a herb it is very strong and makes you start loosing weight from the moment you take your first tablet.

It is prescribed by doctors for obese people however because your daughter is so young doctors will not prescribe and it could very well be dangerous for her age so i would recommend a weeker alternative, it has simular ingrediants however it is not as strong and there should be no risk for your daughter this is called sida corfillia you can buy both of these from www.elitesupplements.co.nr but i would not reccomend the first one for your daughter but the second should be fine at small doses.

jesus freak
no offense, but you should have thought about this before she got over 100 lbs. all you need to do is sit her down and talk to her about it, then have her eat a lot of small snacks, like apples and carrots. pack her lunch instead of her buying her own lunch. take her to the gym. and you need to do what ever she does, that will make her not feel like a freak.

I totally understand how you or your daughter may feel. An easy way to loose weight is to
1. eat more organically
2. Stay on 2,000 calories a day or less.
3. Eat the normal things you eat daily but less of them.
4. Excersice.
5. Read kids diet books.
Is your daughter upset about her weight? Does she know the dangers of being over-weight? If she doesnt, maybe you should talk to her about it- but try not to scare her. Tell her to ignore kids that make fun of her or you could talk to the kids parents.
I really hope that helps!

Find a pediatrician that specializes in childhood obesity. Only stock healthy food at home and find a way to get control of her at school - this is not a minor problem - this in an emergency!

Start by going for walks, show her what to do, set an example! People will stare - but what are your choices? They are get out and exercise or hide at home and let her die.

Try to discipline her eating habits. Instead of giving her money to buy her own food. Give her your prepared food which the doctor advised. And wake her up early in the morning to get some exercise ( with you in order to make her imitate you)-even brisk walking and stretching can do.

The trick is to get her to "own" the process. Work on her depression, if she has it. Then, you have control over 2 meals in her day. Even if she goes off program at lunch, that's a start.

She has to understand that many, many people are just like her. Make her understand that. For your part,
give her a good start by trying this

Egg whites, 1 slice wheat toast--the egg whites will keep her feeling full longer

Dinner-Green leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage, kale) plus skinless chicken, turkey or fish

Give her 2 apples, one to eat at 10:30 AM and one to eat at 3:30PM. Also, give her 6 walnut halves to eat with these snacks if she's still hungry. She can do this. She truly can.

If she's buying food at school, the bst (although harshest) thing to do would be to limit her money. Packing lunch would be good too.

Your daughter won't lose weight unless SHE wants too, and lets face it. Ten year olds really aren't concerned about their weight and health.

It's also going to have to be a family effort. Kick out the junk food from your closet, start cooking healthy dinners, and get her moving. no more than 2 hours of tv a day and get her exercising.

clear out your fridge dont buy any junk food i know there your kids and you have to give them what they like but not anymore sorry stop with the chockolates and cakes buy vegetables and snacks with low sat fat and low calories and buy a treadmil and get her to start small and work her way up she will gradually learn :)

Erin J
next time you go grocery shopping, try to stay away from the junky, fattening foods. try checking the nutrition facts before you buy it. (just remember that not all fats are bad.)
you could also get her to stay outside/exercise.
oh and also maybe start packing her lunches for school 3-4 days a week.
also try this: http://www.mypyramid.gov/mypyramid/index.aspx
it turns out to be VERY effective!

good luck!

Don't give her money to buy stuff at school and tell her to make healthier choices, like instead of a cookie, give her celery. You could also do exercize like a sport and be more active

* Learn or develop a nutritional eating plan and be disciplined to implement it.
* Select foods that are full of nutrients and have lower amounts of calories. Avoid sweets, soda, and starches.
* Make exercise a daily part of your life.
* Avoid skipping meals.

Well first of all where is she getting the money to buy food at school? If you are giving her the money it is just enabling her to make unhealthy choices since you are not around, You should be packing her healthy lunches so she can take them with her. Also try to get her to exercise by making it fun, take her swimming, bike riding anything that will keep her active but not seem like a chore. Also get rid of all the unhealthy foods in the house, it may not be fun for you and the rest of your family but in the long run when your daughter is healthy it will be worth it.

Med stu
Make sure u don't give her any junk any more, not at all! Also make sure she walks the dog or u walk her every other day. Losing weight starts from the mind so u have to make her know the dangers of having such weight. Scare her a little. If u really want what's best for her u would do the utmost to make sure she looses this weight now and not have her go into puberty like this. Put her on a very strict diet; mostly fruits and veg and proteins.
She would thank you later for helping her to lose the weight. I wish u all the best of luck!

Tell you what man, sometimes it is in the genes, but really don't sweat things ok? She is very young and has plenty of time to get over this, especially with your parental support.

Have her eat 3 times a day, nice good, nutritious meals.

Also every day, try to get out for at least 30 minutes. Buy her a dog, or take her swimming, or whatever it is she likes to do, ride a bike with her, get the activity going, keep this up for a good 3 months and you will definitely see some results.

Also, SLEEP is a big important factor, make sure she gets 8 hours of sleep and doesn't stay up late, the less sleep you get the more weight you are prone to put on.

Don't sweat it man, it'll be fine with time.


Don't give her money for food at school, pack her a nutritious lunch. Also, don't do any medicinal ideas, you can't trust those.

My heart goes out to you.
Start by changing the food you bring in the house. Choosing organic/natural, minimally processed foods would help, you can find these at your local Wal-Mart. Read ingredients!! Watch out for ingredients like TRANSFATS, PARTIALLY HRDROGENATED ANYTHING, MSG ( AUTOLYZED YEAST EXTRACT) AND HIGH FRUCTOSE CORNSYRUP. While considered "safe" by the FDA, they are outlawed in many countries and are known contributers to the American epidemic of obesity. Cutting down on eating out and getting active with your daughter might help too. (swimming, b-ball, walking, etc.)
Add more fruits and veggies to BOTH of yall's diets would encourage her to eat better because you do too. While you cannot control what she eats at school, you can control what she eats in your home and give her knowledge of healthier foods and the effects that food has on a body.
Hope this helps...

I think your whole family needs to be involved.
Stop buying foods that are not healthy. If your daughter goes shopping with you and begs you to buy junk, then go by yourself. When I was with my boyfriend who was overweight, I always ended up buying junks!
Buy lots of healthy foods including veggies and fruits. Instead of giving juice and soda, provide her a water or tea without sugar. If she does not like tea, there are lots of flavored water that has almost no calories. When she goes to school, pack some lunch for her. Giving money does not stop her buying junk foods, especially if she will not given any at home!

Also, set the time for walking with her. By doing it, you can find out what is going on in her life, and time goes faster for her. Change where you are going every other day or week, so then she will not be bored. Increase the distance as she gets used to walking.

And one more tip. When she lost some weight, give her a little reward, like the clothes or shoes she always wanted to get. Don't give her a food item though. It will motivate her to keep on truck of what she has been doing.

I do not think she is concerned about her health at her age, but once it becomes part of her life, it will be beneficial for rest of her life.
Good luck.

start doing fun exercises with her, like basketball, or tag.
try to do things that you wouldn't call exercise, but they really are.

about the school thing, dont allow her access to money, and complain to the school for not providing healthy food.

i hope i helped!

just make sure she watches what she eats.

Vernon C
The problem started long before now. Give her lipton diet or sugar free green tea, instead of sodas and fruit drinks, cut out all the sugary snacks, and cut the portions down. If her weight is steady, then she has reached a balance, you must get her to use more energy that she is storing. You shouldn't feel terrible, you are responsible. She should feel bad for being in that shape.you can't just talk about it, you need to take charge. She is 10, you are in charge, so let her whine and cry, but make her follow instructions.

stop giving her so much food

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