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Candy Floss
Does swimming really help you lose weight AND tone up ?
I've heard conflicting views on swimming being one of the best forms of exercise to help you lose weight and tone up.

I am almost 30 , am 5'8" and weigh just over 13 stone.

Most of my weight is carried on my stomach...I look 5 months pregnant!

Will swimming help me lose weight and change my body shape ?

Has anyone achieved this and how many times did you go a week and how long for ?

Also if you have done this how much did you lose in total ?

Thanks :)


yes yes yes - swim at least 7 miles a week and your shape will change dramaticallly.!!! I eat what the hell I like - but I swim!

ஐ☆Christina ツ innocent angel ☼
I had a pool in my back yard at my old house and my mom every summer would go outside and swim in it for about 30 - 1 hour. It works every muscle in your body, so it's actually a very good workout in one. My mom saw results within the first few weeks. I don't know how much weight that she lost, but you could definitely tell that she toned up a lot of ares. I think swimming would help you out a lot. Hope this helped you out!! :)

fat killer
try to swim more and more without the rest.
swimming is the most effective sport for the loosing weight but
you need really swim as fast as you can without the rest.
its hard I know that. But very important not eat after the swimming 5-6 hours.
Try to swim after the gym routine. For you information the fat melting after 30-40 minutes of fitness activity. Before that you loose glikogen it's not a fat its something like fuel for you body.
Try swim or run 5-6 days during 50-60 minutes.
Fro the 8 weeks I loose 6-8 lb

Swimming is a very gentle form of getting in shape. One hour a day
or a few times a week helps. Everyone is different. Do laps or movement in the water is great. You can check to see what exercise they are doing at your pool and see if it would be what you may try.

swimming is very good excersize as it will not put stress on any part of your body (unlike somethin gsuch as jogging which can be stressful on the legs!)

The amount of weight you can loose for a certain amount of sessions really depends on how fast you swim! You can loose a lost more weight through fast tiring swimming, where as the sma eamount of lengths at a gentle resting pace will not do much in comparison.

PS i reccommend goggles - my firend gave me this tip and it really improved my swimming technique and also the amount of lengths i could do in a session.

I was in a motorbike accident and had severe neck pain. Someone suggested swimming to me and so I started even though I hadn't been since I was a kid.

I have tried the gym and have done other exercises but honestly swimming is the best hands down. It exercises every muscle and I lost over a stone in weight within 6 weeks. I was doing 20 lengths 4 or 5 days a week and it took about an hour total of my day inc changing, showering etc.

To be honest I wasnt exactly fat, I just had the same problem as you I had abelly that stuck out and made me look pregnant (Much worse when you a guy!!).

I am 6ft 3 and went from over 14 stone to 13 stone and also have got toned as well. Try it and stick with it for a month and I guarantee you will come back and say it worked.

Katie M♥t♥cr♥ss 916
just moving will help you loose wight. ive also heard that swimming is good, i think it uses different muscles to what you usually use in everyday life.

taxed till i die,and then some.
Yes it does,Five mornings per week one hour solid swimming.

gym - o - holic
Definately! You use so much energy swimming so it's bound to help people slim down and tone up. Even if you just walk in the pool, it'll help. Try going for a walk/jog/run on a treadmill or outdoors to really bring it all together.

Please be careful though and see your doctor and speak to a fitness instructor before excersising. I hope you achieve your goals x

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