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Do u think i am fat or ugly?
OK so i feel like im fat im 14 years old and i way 97 pounds andabout 5 1" ppl say im preaty all the time but i think im ugly and i just want to know the truth can someone please tell me?

Your not only pretty your gorgous, if someone tells you your pretty you should embrace it.

you're not fat or ugly.

Your not fat at all...and honestly if you actually think your fat then you may have body dismorfia because I can't see how ANYONE can see a 99 pound 14 year old girl as being fat, if anything its underweight. I can't tell if your ugly or not because you posted no picture of yourself...

no thats pretty good. very beautiful

you are not fat! and probably not ugly. All pretty girls always think they are fat and ugly. Even though they are like the opposite of that!
Hope i helped! (:

Banana P
If people keep telling you that you're pretty, then face it...YOU ARE. People tell me that ALL the time also, I'm denying that I'm not, I just HATE it when they say that. It makes me feel weird. I don't want to be envied..but hey, that's just me.

I think that you lost self confidence by something that has happened in the past.
If so, try to recover that and get back your self confidence!
Don't think that your ugly. Everyone on this earth will think that at least once in their life time. Even me. But thanks to my friends I was able to be confident and know that what counts is your inner beauty. You may think my answer is pretty dumb but, I only say this because I want even at least 1 less person depressed on this planet. =) Be happy! Love your life! Live your life the fullest!

First: there's no photo, so we cant choose between the two
Second: the only thing that's ugly is having a poor self esteem. Positive attitude= positive reaction!


poumds girl u skinny !!!!

actually you are the idea weight for your height. If you are 5 feet you should weigh exactly 100 pounds and for every inch over 5 feet you should weigh 5 pounds more. So you are actually the perfect weight! I don't know what you look like. But your problem is not that you're fat or ugly, it's that you THINK you're fat and ugly. Your problem is that you care too much about what people think about you. Chances are, if you hold your head high, it changes what 80% of the people think of you. If you walk around like you are self-conscious all of the time, it makes you look worse. So be who you are, hold your head high, and accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.

Talk to a doctor, if you sincerely believe you are fat even though you're only 97lbs., you may have an eating disorder.

Food Kills
Is that you on your avatar? I think you look pretty and you are not fat at all. You should believe people when they tell you that you are pretty :)

general impression: YOU ARE NOT FAT.
also, all people are different and beautiful in their own way, even if they look like chewbacca :)

finally, remember: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don't worry if you look pretty or not, because you are you, and i'm pretty sure that's good enough for your friends and family.

send me your picture because i don't know what to say


im 14 108 pounds and im 5 4''

people call me a twig

you not fat

Sophia B
omg seriously stfu you know ur not fat your just fishing for compliments. your retarded get a life and go **** urself

im going to have to say that u r underweight,,

well your not fat because your not even 100lbs yet and im 199lbs, 14 and im not chubby and if people say you are pretty then you should believe them

i think you are in wonderful shape, if i wear you id watch out..the handsome boys are about :D

Picture Please but if I would have to answer, I would say you don't weigh a lot.

well do u have a picture, i cant really tell u if ur ugly or not, u didnt even describe urself. ever then i would need a picture. as for being fat, ur not. u always are ur worst critic, and under 100 pounds when ur 5'1 is a good bmi

ur perfect...don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

97 pounds is totally skinny. and if people say your pretty i'd take their word for it...why would more than one person tell you lies?

well if you had a pic it would help.

No I don't think you are ugly, and definitely not fat. I am a 14 year old boy.

Gloria C.
Actually, I think you are underweight

In View Of The Facts
You're not fat or ugly, quit trying to get attention.

no..you are beauty

you weigh 97 pounds your not fat !

Not much to go by so just to make you feel better I'm going to go with no your not fat nor ugly.

You are actually underweight according to your body mass index. (BMI.)

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