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 How can I motivate myself to stick to a diet/workout routine?
I always quit after like a week, what're some tips to help me not give up so easily?...

 I am thin & have finally put on some weight, but most of the fat has gone to my belly, what should I do?
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 Smaller thighs and butt?
How do i get smaller thighs and butt? mines are really big and i really want to make it smaller.. what cna i do?...

 Why do some people need a gluten free diet?

 Am I too flabby?
I'm about 5,5'
16 years old
27 inch waist
36 inch hips
34 chest

I want to have a 24 inch waist, but I eat ice cream every night and I can't stop. Any ...

 i think i'm fat am i?
i weigh 90 & I'm 13!!! is that alot??? b/c i think it is!!!
Additional Details
I'm 5"2.........

 What is the BEST WORKOUT DVD?????
Which dvd would you recommend, for toning, weight loss.....

Thanks ...

 Why is my fat 'flabby'?
I've noticed two different kinds of fat that people have around there mid section.

One is firm, and the other kind is flabby. Is one better than the other? Whats the difference?

 how do i lose weight in my face?

 How do I lose ten to fifteen pounds in 2 months on a busy schedule?
Im not really overweight i just need to lose a little weight and tone up...help!...

 Are waist cinchers comfortable enough to wear? And do they help you lose weight?
I'd like to hear from anyone whose tried them....

 Bleh...lose weight?
I am trying to lose about 25-35 pounds and I want to try to lose it kind of quickly. I'm about 5 foot and I weigh about 130. I may/may not be overweight, but I don't like the way I look so I...

 Why meat eating should be avoided?
It is not needed.
All the protiens, iron, carbohydrates which meat has is available in plenty in vegetarian food.
Meat doesnt have vitamins and hence one cant depend on it.
Meat ...

 My stomach is jiggly a bit and I need to firm it up: What is the fastest way to get results?

 What is a good healthy eating plan for a teenage girl?
I am happy with my size at the moment but i think i could be healthier, i dont want to go on one of those diets and loose heaps of weight, i just want to have a healthy body. Are there any simple ...

 Want to lose weight... but lacking in motivation.. help?
I'm 21 and want to lose like 2st.. (28lbs)
I am 5'8/5'9 and 13 stone (around 180lbs)
I hate judging by lbs, I'd rather just have smaller/no love handles, and a ...

 what are some good songs to go jogging to?
i jog about 10 miles on sundays and i just got my new ipod and i want to fill it up with some motivational soungs good for jogging. Im more into rap/hiphop/r&b, and a little techno..


 what cardio work outs are good that i can do in my room????
i want to lose some of my body fat but i really don't care about wait just losing the body fat and i lift weights so i will gain muscle. so what are good cardio work outs?...

 Best exercises for hips?
I do a lot of cardio, about 45 minutes of it a day (elliptical, treadmill, running, dancing), and a little bit of toning/weights (such as the Express Circuit at the YMCA, if anyone knows what I'...

 which milk is better to drink when training 2% or whole milk?
i'm training for a marathon and i read milk helps your muscles but i can't decide on which milk and does soy milk have the same ...

Can stretch marks itch from LOSING weight?
Im quite overweight and have started eating healthy and my weight is dropping and my stomach is definitely smaller yet my stretch marks have started to itch. I thought they only itch when they get bigger, but it seems to be the oppossite. Any ideas?

Dimmy Dimwit
Maybe some crabs got caught in there when the fat went away!

Joanne J
Since your skin is changing shape when you lose weight it is common for your stretch marks to itch.

I'd suggest to lose weight steadily rather than really quickly because your skin needs time to adapt!

You can find more tips below ...

Jen J
i think

Have you tried the Lil Jack workout? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKCGe2Ezris

Merry Christmas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73OcXl6Bgyw

Oh, just EVOLVE!
Yes, the itch comes from the cells in your skin attempting to repair themselves and re-tighten. The sensation will fade after a few months.

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