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I'm horribly self-...

[insert nickname]
Am I too tall???????????????
I'm 5'10'' do guys not like tall girls or are they ok with this height? Should I not wear mini skirts or short shorts because they only make my legs look even longer and make me look taller?

P.S. I'm pretty skinny so I don't look HUGE or anything....

thats a good height. and most guys like girls that are shorter than they are.

hahahah, i think that is nice. today i stood on a chair and i thought if i were that tall, i liked it. dress would like really nice.im 5.5

I am the same height and I wear what I want
Guys love it because I am at their level and they don't have to look down to talk to you

im the same way!!!!! im 5th grade and im 10 years old and im 5'5'' and 10 guys are all over me so i hear ya!

P.S.you are tall so show that you are tough!!!! =3

No that is a great height! Just be conscious of what looks good on you for your body type and stay away from clothes that make you look like you have chicken legs. If you have a pretty good build and muscle tone, then you don't have to worry about wearing short shorts or short skirts because it'll look good on you either way. A lot of men like long legs and remember, you're not getting dressed for them, you're getting dressed for you.

Kate C
I have the same problem! I'm thin and just under 5'8'' and I'm really paranoid about it. Plus, I might not be done growing....

From what I've been told though, guys love long legs, so I wouldn't hide those haha.

love your height. I'm 5"8' and i wish i was that tall. You should wear heels! Be confident in your height and the guys will come.

Lauren A
no, you are not too tall. most models are at least that tall, if not taller. many guys love tall, long-legged women. don't be so self-conscious! be confident in yourself... people will notice! :o)

Danny B
My friend is 5'11" and she's gorgeous.
Men love long, slender legs. Models have them. You'd be best showing them off; it'd attract guys a lot better. (:

thats sounds awesome...for real

don't change yourself for guys. if they like you they like you. wear what you like..

If you are young, it will intimidate the boys, but learn to love your body and figure out what works for you. I am tall too, and I have learned how to work with it and it's great not.

♥Sour Cherry♥
Your not that tall. You are who you are and people should accept you for it.

wear what you want and rock your tallness
who cares what other people think

Ok some guys like tall girls. Don't change what you wear. An so what if you think you're too tall, you're not gonna shrink.

some guys like tall girls, some guys like short girls. depends on the guy, and 5'10" is not too tall, 6'5" is too tall. you can wear skirts and mini skirts, they will look fine as long as you pick ones that compliment your figure. go shopping and see what looks good on you.

Rubber Nippled Leprochaun
Well i don't care if people are tall or short!

5'10" is nothing. Don't worry about it.

Joe G
i would date you but im 6 foot or 6 1 i like tall girls lol

every guy loves a tall women, trust me babeh its nice ;)

nope you can wear all that stuff :]

Da gr8est
Your not too tall. Be happy the way that you were made

wear minnnni skirts i bet you have nice legs.

Hi I'm Trevor
Depends on the guy, I'm 5' 9'' your 1 inch taller than me :D But nah, I won't worry too much about it.

Tall women are HOT!

Guys love women with long legs.

You're never tall enough!

Flaunt your stuff girl!

You're perfect just the way you are... dont change yourself or what you wear for any guy. You should become a model.

Being tall is a blessing. Do you know how many girls wish they were as tall as you?

Isn't it funny how short girls wish they were taller and sometimes tall girls are self conscious? I love that you are 5'10 that rocks and is very hot! Wear what you want and be proud of your height and trim figure! Don't let anyone else tell you its too tall, because they would either be saying that out of jealousy or intimidation.

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