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Emily B
Am I too fat to be wearing a bikini this summer? *PICTURES INCLUDED*?
Okay, so I am not doing this because I want attention like other people will sometimes do, I am asking this question because I need some honest opinions. If i ask my friends they will just lie to me and tell me what i want to hear. Just some information, I am in the 13-18 age range, I am 5ft. 6in., and I weigh 137.7lbs. Now, all I am wondering is do you think that i would look good in a bikini? Why or why not? If yes, can you suggest any cute, cheap bikinis (links to them) for my body shape, which is pear by the way. If no, any suggestions on other swimsuit options, or any exercise routines. Also, what can i work on body wise, ex: hips, thighs, arms, stomach, ect...
thank you all so much for your honest opinion, here are the links to the pictures.....
(Also, please to not give my any crap on how this is all for attention, or it just takes confidence to wear one, I have heard it all before)

Yeah...you're a bit chunky, but still wear a bikini!! Even though you have some extra weight, there are people much fatter than you, haha.
I would work on your legs, they are by far the worst.....and work your abs. Try running, it will give you lean muscle and help burn calories and fat all over. :)
Good Luck!!
(and try target for bikinis. they have a wide variety of cute ones for about 30 dollars total.)

If you're going to ask a question like this you migh twant to post pictures showing your body in a bathing suit. You're not too bad but you still have some extra. up to you

I think you've got a great body, but if you still feel uncomfortable in a bikini start a toning exercise routine, such as http://www.muscleandstrength.com/workouts/the-super-toning-training-routine.html and do cardio to reduce body fat.

I think you'll look fine, as long as your stomach isn't really big (I couldn't tell from the pictures.) It looks like you have a butt... I do too. I like to wear a sarong until I get in the water to kind of deflect attention from my rear.

your a ok
but your starting to go a bit pear shaped
a regular swimming session should cure that
but your definetly ok for a bikini
post photo of yourself in one

You'll do just fine in your bikini. Have a nice summer!

its ok, u look fine. u shouldnt worry about what u look like, but honestly, u r skinny. its a good thing. go ahead and wear a bikini!!!!!!!! :)

Courtnayy(Re-add on new account)
You are not fat!
This is insulting to me cause Im like the same size to think people might consider me fat. ahaha.
Personally I feel awkward in a bikini but deff. not to fat.. Im just afraid its gonna fall off (thats happened to my friends) haha go ahead, wear it.

Alex F
In my opinion people should wear whatever they want and should not care what others think.

So your question is irrelevant, if you want to wear a bikini, just do it!

How many times do you plan on posting the same question?

Just look around you in the pool and you will see that 65% of the women are chunkier than you. You're fine. If you exercise, you will even look better, just like we all would.

I can't see your stomach so its hard to tell, but you look good! It is really about how you feel, if you feel uncomfortable showing your tummy you could always get one of those swimsuits that look like a bikini from the back, but have a strip of fabric down the middle of your stomach.
your body is good, and you could pull it off, but be practical.... string bikinis are only attractive on super models :-)

As far as workout advice, like I said, your body looks pretty good... try some cardio to get any extra fat off about 20 mins on a treadmill every couple days will really help, but make sure you run consistently at at least 5 mph, thats a good place to start. I also do yoga a couple times a week; it helps build long lean muscle

good luck, and be confident in yourself!

γουrς τrυlγ ♥
you are definitly not fat.
i think you would rock your bikini :]

Nate S
no i dont think you're to fat to wear a bikini, you have a little extra but i've def. seen much much worse in a bikini.

wow i wish i looked as skinny as you!

Are you seriously asking this question?

OMG!!!!! Is this a joke????

Ok so I will completely honest here.

Your not fat, but I'd say your a little soft around the edges.
I would say work on getting that extra fat off and toning up your body and you would look good.

So I would suggest lifting light weights to tone and doing cardio to get rid of fat. Of course if you have access to a gym I would suggest that. I would also suggest workout videos, maybe THE FIRM workout videos or of Jillian Michaels videos, if you have on demand that means you have access to tons of workouts on Exercise TV. Also while eating 1200-1300 calories a day, eating 5-6 small meals a day and never skipping a meal especially breakfast. Also make sure your get lots of sleep. Just a few weeks ago I weighed 137 and now I weigh 133. I started out at 160. I lost 27 pounds by doing these things.

In no time you'll be looking good in that bikini. Good luck.

-If you have any questions just go to my page and e-mail me.

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