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 How is it that people are so horribly influenced by the media regarding how they look?
Why do people let tv and magazines and movies tell them what they should look like? So many people worried about weight on here, and how to lose it. Or how their kid can lose it. Little kids! Not ...

 starting cheer/tumbling?
I am starting in the summer and I want to know what I need to know.
I am 11 years old and I have wanted to be a cheerleader since the age of 6. My mom said no at first, but know I am old enough ...

 Why do so many girls do this?
OK this is a serious question.

This question is for all you girls who post in here asking how much weight you'll lose if you don't eat and only drink coke zero and or take diet ...

 how can i approve on my push-ups?
i could only do 10 pushups then i get really tried could anybody give me tips to aprove on my ...

 i want to lose 20 pounds by august?
i dont care if it is uhealthy or not. i am sick and tired of being the fat kid around my friends. i weigh 125 and i am 5'5"
i just want to know if it is possible. i will be going to ...

 wanna loose weight???:))tips here?
well ok if you really want to lose weight like most of us do and arent happy with what you look like heres the plan and trst me it works hey its easy sooo try it what can you loose huh?
before ...

 I'm a 28 year old male, I'm 5'8" and I weight 275 lbs. I am in pain daily I want to drop 80 lbs. HELP PLEASE?
I got fat around age 14 (5'2" 170) and I have been gaining ever since. I weighed in two months ago at my highest ever weight of 284 and it was DEPRESSING. I really want to lose weight, ...

 Whole Body Cleanse before diet?
Are there any negative effects of a whole body cleanse that maybe me or my doctor may be concerned about later?...

 I need to lose my belly fat in two weeks?
I'm not overweight, but I have fat layers round my belly and I can't manage to get rid of them. I need to get in a bikini in two weeks but I'm too embarrassed. Is there a fast way to ...

 How many litres of water should take to get healthy ...?

 Has anyone taken the pill "reductil"? does it work? any good /bad things about it?
I am considering going on this pill to boost my weight loss but I am a little hesitant to take pills....

 I'm trying to loose weight but find it hard to eat less what can I do?
I'm go to gym 3 times a week run and do weights eat on the most part healthy food but find it hard to eat less. Any advice on how to trick my body into knowing it's full....

 How many steps does it take to make one mile?

 My friends mom is trying to make her be anorexic?
my friend has some weight issues but she isnt fat or even heavy! yes she has a bit of a stomach but its nothing major and as far as i know she isnt unhealthy. she and a lot of her friends (including ...

 I weigh 140 pounds and need to loose weight!!!?
im 14 years old 140 pounds 5' 3''.i wanna loose 30 pounds as fast as i can.cuz i really wanna look good for summer.but i have noooo idea what i should do. help!!!!!...

 Help me!! i want to lose 35 lbs by the end of january, what do i have to do to reach my goal?

 I am trying to lose 115lbs. Is there anyway to avoid loose skin?
I am currently quite overweight. I weigh 250 lbs. I want to lose 115pounds (going from a size 20 to basically a size 8 or 10maybe)
I'm wondering how can I lose the weight without ending ...

 How long will it take to lose 10-15 pounds if I run 40-60 minutes on the treadmill everyday?
I'll also be eating natural/healthy foods and be drinking only water and milk (occasionally). Thanks to anyone who answers!...

 For all of you out there wanting to know what to exactly eat while losing weight and weight training :)?
Here is a great list of foods to eat that are " clean foods " . There has been many questions regarding " What should I eat to lose weight or what to eat while weight training " ....

 how can i loose 10 pounds FAST?
how can i loose 10 pounds fast?...

After re-injuring a rotator cuff how long does one have to wait to go through a bulking phase?
I tore my toator cuff years ago and tweaked it again recently (about a month ago). How long do I have to wait till I can start lifting heavy again.
Additional Details
Kia do you hear that echoing every time some takes off your pants?

Kia, did you hear I reported you? LOL

Oh yeah, but just wait it out. You'll want to give it plenty of time to avoid any risks. You also may want to just call up a doctor or a personal trainer and ask for some quick advice on that to get a completely professional opinion:)

cel's giant beaver
WTF is a toator cuff?

When you say "heavy lifting", you're referring to Elvis, aren't you?

You know damn well that if it hurts, you probably shouldn't lift heavy.

However......because you are one of my contacts, you MIGHT not have a clue. Get some glucosamine & chondroitin--the chews, not the pills. Keep in mind that one of the LAST places vitamins and nutrients are taken to is tendons and ligaments--so it's going to take time. Keep limber and warmed up while working out--yaddayaddaya--and stay out of the womens locker room.

There is no quick fix big boy--you'll have to be patient.

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