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 Are these signs of diabetes?
im always thirsty, no matter how much i drink. when im hungry, im really irratable, like even if someone talks to me i get mad at them. i never gain or lose any weight, and im extremly skinny for my ...

 quick question about urine testing?
If i inhaled two puffs of weed 5 days ago and have an interview tommorow but have been drinking as much water as i can today, and now my urine is white..is that a good sign??and if possible how much ...

 I think I have Glaucoma and im only 17....?
Ok im a 17 year old African American female, I do not have diabetes, I had a routine eye exam in like October 2009 , I cant remember what exactly they did and I cant remember if they dilated my eyes. ...

 I need a diet for a teen girl with wacko hypoglycemia (: SHORT?
I am 12 and my mom tells me i have hypoglycemia (she has it too) and i did a whole load of research and i have it. I'm getting a doctors appt. just to talk about some stuff but my mom doesn'...

 does delaying 15 minutes in testing blood sugar result in a higher or lower reading on a monitor?
I'm supposed to test right at 1 hour after eating
I lost track of time and measured my lunch reading at 1 hour 15 minutes
will it make much of a difference in the reading that I get at ...

 has anyone ever took flexaril and it ran your blood sugar up?
my dr put me on it for a pinched nerve in my ...

can someone help me find a physician, like a regular family doc, thats open for saturday appointments!!!! thx

around these area: cypress, cerritos, seal beach, long ...

 How many diabetics in the U.S.?

 I am T2 diabetic since 12 years.Is metformin safe, my blood reports show low testorene,insulin and B12.?
I am taking metform 1g for the last several years, recently i found low insulin,testerone and B12 accidently when my blood was checked. please also let some help to know the effect of metformin ...

 How to improve the haemoglobin content?

 I have been dizzy all day! What does this mean?
Is the because I eat a lot of red meat for protein? Everytime I move around or practically do anything...I get lightheaded and feel like I'm going to pass out..?!?!...

 Should I get tested for Diabetes? ?
I'm 17 and for a while now have wondered if i had T1 diabetes because i match the symptoms like being constantly thirsty and going to the toilet many many times a day is one example. I've ...


 By some charts I have read and heard that 99 is the hightest fasting number?
that is normal and I am thinking that since mine was 99 that is bad....or is it ok?
Please a true answer...thank you so much......

 They say when u think u have diabetes...u?
get hungry all the time....
Dont people just get hungry sometimes more days than others...
Or is it uncontrollable hunger??

 can i use medication that still has the seal, but has exceeded the expiration date?
commit stop smoking aid.....

 what is the best medicine for diabetic patient?

 What is the function of glucose and lactose ?

 My father's blood type is AB- and my mom's is A+ but I am O+. How is this possible?
We have all been tested twice and the results are the same. Are there any exceptions to the rules that an AB parent can not have an O child?...

 Diabetes Type 1 questions...?
I am a nursing student making a video on Type 1 Diabetes and the Basal Bolus regime... I have a few questions.
What does your needle look like? (a link would be awesome!!)
What kind of ...

why doctors are reluctant to prescribe insulin pump therapy?

Kathleen M
My first endo refused to perscribe the pump until I showed that I could get my A1c down. I couldn't believe it! That was the whole point of me wanting the pump, and I am a very "compliant" diabetic!

Any way, I changed endos and learned from my current one that alot of doctors are just not educated in pump therapy and have little desire to learn. Also, most hospitols are not trained in pump therapy and do not know what to do should the patient need to be hospitolized. They do not realize that WE know what to do.

I am now pumping but have to see an endo 70 miles away from my home and glad to do so!

I'm a diabetic with a pump. It dosen't work for everyone. A pump and suplies can also be expensive.

Most endos i know want everyone on a pump !
never heard of a doctor who wouldn't suggest the the very best treatment options.

You need a new endo!

Good luck


My doctor was thrilled I wanted to go on a pump (that was 6 years ago). He prescribed it, helped me through the insurance processing, got me into a training class and watched as over time on the pump, my sugars stabilized and my A1C came down.

I did my own research before I asked him about getting a pump. He was knowledgeable about them because his wife had one. My new endo (I moved out of state) is also educated in them and he likes the idea that I took control of my diabetes.


Your doctor may not know enough about the pump itself to feel comfortable perscribing it for others. If this is not really the case then perhaps they feel that the requirements and committment may be too much. While the pump is a Wonderful tool for managing diabetes,it does take discipline and a huge committment on the patient's part to use it. You are still required to test your blood sugar regularly and monitor your food intake .Initially,it takes time BUT basically it involves counting carbs which nowadays is very easy. Once a person gets the hang of it,it is great and allows a person a sense of freedom and,most importantly,it allows the patient to be in control of their diabetes.
Lastly,one hold back with perscribing the pump may be insurance related. Each company has requirements and restrictions that may discourage the doctor from perscribing.

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