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 Could I have diabetes?
I get really really thirsty. I am always drinking water, and I drink a lot throughout the entire day. I am a teenager and drink and eat healthy. I get plenty of exercise. My grandmother has ...

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My daughter is 3 years, her dad is a diabetic, and just recently i have noticed a huge change in her, shes constantly asking me for bottles of milk, id say she has 6 to 8 , her nappies at night are ...

 can i have diabetes, or not?
by the way im only 16
okay well i use the bathroom alot, so i posted a question about it and someone mentioned diabetes, so i looked up the signs.
and they were:

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Sometimes this happens not once a day, sometimes like 5 times a day.

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there is something odd about me which is..
i want to have diabetes...
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Does having diabetes (Type 1 or 2) make the life span shorter? Like cancer. I'm curious....

 Really Thirsty.......?
since about 2 years ago ive been feeling really thirstty. ive heard this can be a sign of diabetis. is this true? ive ben to the doctor and every things fine
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people ...

 do i have diabetes im showing some symptoms?
Im mostly always thirsty but i dont drink every time im thirsty, I have to pee all the time I haven’t lost a lot of weight but it keeps ...

 When you have diebetes type one do you need to eat more sugar or stop eating suguar?
My friends said that when u have diabetes type 1 u cant eat any sugar but then i was watching this one show this girl was shaking and her mom needed to give her some candy to get her stop shaking. ...

Erika Talesnik
why do i pee on myself when i drink alcohol?

Justin L
It's mainly for confirmation purposes. Because your not really drunk if you don't pee on yourself or end up curled up necked in a ball throwing up next to the toilet. If you pee on yourself while throwing up, you are an awesome person in my book.

It is essential to drink sufficient fluid daily, since too little causes over-concentration of the urine and will exacerbate bladder problems. Too little fluid consumption can also lead to infections (dark, strong-smelling urine is a sign of over-concentration of urine and that too little fluid is being consumed). However, limitation of drinks in the evening and at night can help restrict night-time frequency (nocturia) or bedwetting (enuresis). Drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea, cola), alcohol, carbonated drinks and acidic food or drinks should be avoided as these may irritate the bladder. If constipation with impacted stools is a problem, the daily diet should be adapted accordingly.

Absorbent products can be subdivided into light incontinence and heavy incontinence. These absorb leaks from the bladder. Absorbent underpads are also available for use on chairs or beds. Since urine can be very irritating to the skin, daily washing is paramount. Perfumed soaps or harsh detergents should be avoided. Protective skin creams are available from the doctor or nurse.

Mama Mia
Diabetics already have impaired nerve control after they have had diabetes for a few years. It just goes with the territory that if you further impair the operation of the nerves that control the bladder, you shouldn't be surprised when they "won't hold water"

you shouldnt really drink when you're diabetic. maybe thats the worlds way of telling you to stop. or sit in your pee w/e

maybe it affects you greatly and you lose control or you drink a lot and lose control

Mike A
because your a dumb*ss. Oh, and your incontinent when you are drunk.

christy y

Stefan K
da maybe u are drunk

ha ha i did that myself once got drunk off of gold Schwaiger almost drank the whole bottle to myself and got so drunk that i threw up down the stairs and peed my pants because i was puking so hard.
Maybe try not to drink as much

Mr. Wizard
I'm assuming this problem happens when you're NOT buzzed or all out drunk, but it happens so quickly---you oftentimes aren't given time to use the bathroom in time.

IF this is the case, signs indicate you might have an allergic reaction or bodily intolerance to alcohol---and on the ASAP, you should stop drinking alcoholic beverages outright.

As far as YOUR body is concerned: Further alcohol drinking might accelerate liver damage---that CAN cause other serious health issues.....including death.

I never had this problem, so I am not sure. Even when I drink too much,I don't pee on myself. Perhaps you have a weak urinary sphincter. Perhaps you need to see a urologist.

cause you are too drunk to notice when you have to go, you have a problem and you need to see a doctor, your bladder is too small to hold all that liquor and it wants to get rid of it quick. IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STOP DRINKING YOU SHOULD SEE A DOCTOR.

Because it soaks through your brain cells and your brain can't tell your bladder not to pee.

Alcohol is a diaretic (it makes you have to pee). This is actually one of the causes of the dehydration symptoms that accompany a hangover.

If you aren't listening to the signals that your body is sending you (or, if it is NOT sending the signals as it should) it is likely that your bladder would let go when it gets beyond the point it can contain. This is better then if it had burst, though I think the best solution would be to drink less at once, so your body doesn't confuse itself.

John S
It happens.

Mary Boo

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