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 Type One Diabetes testing?
How do you get tested for having type one diabetes? like do they take a blood sample or like a scan? how long does it take to know if you have it?


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 i think there was a problem with my diebetes testing?
the doctor did not ask if i had eatin anything 24 hours before testing so she did not know that a few hours before i had ate a tub of cherry frosting. my blood sugar was normal. but im not shure wat ...

 Type 2 diabetes diets?
Just found out that I am hyperinsulinemia. It is what happens prior to becomeing type 2 diabetic. I knew I didn't feel right so I Kept going 2 the doctor and finally she tested my blood and ...

 why diabetes mellitus effect our sensation(receptor) and how??
i need your help anyone.. pleeeaassede.. i'm in a foundation based program for medicine.. soo.. i really need to know this answer since i missed the lecture.. hehe.....

 what is the average cost of a diabetic diet?
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 Janumet? I started taking it today.......?
50/500 mg twice a day. I couldn't tolerate the Metformin alone and was only on the Januvia and Byetta. I am not diabetic. I have insulin resistance due to having polycystic ovarian syndrome ...

 What are the signs of Hyperglycemia?
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 What is the equivilent unit conversion of an insulin injection unit dose of 3 from a U-40 syringe to a U-100?

Emily x
why are fig bars good for diabetics and what is the nutrients in them?
i need help

Nutritional facts are listed right on the package. Read them
And things like Fig newtons can contain a lot of sugar and are not the best for diabetics.

the fig bars are full of protein, and the cookie surrounding it is a short bread cookie just it is lower in sugar ... figs provide all kinds of vitamins and minerals and good for the digestive tracks...

Most fig bars are made with a lot of processed sugar - VERY bad for diabetics. Figs (and most other fruits) are good for diabetics.

bill burr
figs are very high glycemic. broccoli is better for diabetics since its extremely low glycemic.

As a paramedic and a mother of a juvenile diabetic I am very curious to know why you think fig bars are "good" for a diabetic?

I have never heard that they are good in any other way than taste.
If you want such a cookie, try the 'fig Newman's.' They beat out 'fig newtons' for taste.

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