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 What are the best snacks for Type 2 diabetics that can be bought at service stations?
Hubby was diagnosed as diabetic this morning. He drives a truck and needs to be able to buy snacks at truck stops and gas stations. I plan on sending food with him but there might be times he needs ...

 What's up with this?
I've been showing the symptoms of diabetes lately - constant thirst, frequent urination, tiredness, eyesight deterioating, etc. Today I had 2 slices of toast and a cup of tea for breakfast at 7...

 muscle fatigue caused by high blood sugar?
i woke up this morning with my blood sugar being really high. it was 325. so far today i've noticed that my muscles are very tired and weak. i feel like i can barely hold myself up and my arms ...

 Is it true that Demi Lovato has Diabetes?
I read that on Perezhilton.com

I hope she doesnt....because it can be passed from human to human or human to squirrels....

 blood sugar?
my girlfriend dose'nt check her blood sugar like she should at all! she checks its maybe ones or 2 times a day when she should do it about 4 times a day and when she dose check its very high ...

 know anything about GI dieting?
im wondering if i finally did something right...
i have been dieting forever and finally lost weight when i did the South Beach diet!! now im wondering if you could tell me how different the SB ...

 I cant gain weight.?
Okay so, I weigh 135 pounds 6ft tall, i have been this weight for almost 5-6 years now no matter how hard i try i cant gain weight what could be the cause of this? is my metabolism just that good? ...

 Diabetic 76 year old father with no insulin?
Hear me through.

So basically we've been here on vacation since friday, we're on vacation from illinois and we're in florida.

For the first day, my dad ...

 Is anyone a Type 2 diabetic on insulin?
My doctor is trying one more medication before putting me on insulin. I was on Glucophage which is supposed to be very good but it didn't help me. The doctor has given me Avandia (which I'm ...

 My father always says that he got diabetes because of stress at work and in the family, could it be right ?
I mean, can stress be a factor for diabetes ? My father is nervous by nature, he is easily agitated. thank you!...

 Can the swine flu shot yield real high blood sugars the next day?
Trying to figure out if I need to change her pump settings, or if this is temporary. And if so, how many days until it levels off?...

 Which artificial sweetener or sugar substitute tastes most like real sugar?
Please state brand of the product, too, if you really like it because I've tried Stevia, have heard people rave about it, tried it but wasn't impressed. However, there were like 6 different ...

 how do you know if you have diabetes?
i drink soda everyday an eat ice cream everyday, too. could i get diabetes? i'm 18 years old and weight 165 pounds and 5'10...

 Is it safe for an older person with type 2 Diabetes that is out of control to be living on their own?

 What does it feel like to give blood? Does it hurt alot??
I live in Mexico, and have a rare blood type for down here, a friend of my father's dad needs me and my moms type of blood desperately and is having a very hard time finding it. I'm really ...

 Is there a site on the web where you can type in the symptoms that you are questioning and it will give you?
suggestions on what it may be or where you can go to get more information?...

 why do diabetic people's wounds heal more slowly??

 How can I lower my insulin levels (Insulin resistance)?

 What makes Dr. Faustman think that treating people with Diabetes with BCG will cure it?
I understand she successfully cured Diabetes in mice but this treatment has already been studied in prior research and has been given as part of standard vaccinations to people in Europe. If anyone ...

 Any Type 1 diabetics suffering from drastic lows to immediately high sugar levels?
My mother (type 1) for about 20 years on occasion goes hypoglycemic often in the middle of the night. Last night or rather this morning 4am, she woke up and she knew something was not right. After ...

which alcoholic drink is good for a diabetic?
Now please do not tell me I should not drink. I drink only once in a week, that too 90 or 120ml. Now please tell me which hard liquor is okay?? Whisky, rum, gin, vodka, brandy or wine?/ I know beer is not good for diabetics as it contains more sugar also I feel rum is not good.

Now make my life happy with no compormise in health.
thanks in advance

Numerous double blinded control group clinical studies individuals who are suffering from diabetes that have consumed Balins capsules for the treatment of diabetes in accordance Balins capsules official consumer instructions daily have shown, that the subjects evinced absolutely no side-effects

Stay away from rum and brandy--they are sweeter liquors. Vodka and gin are good. I've noticed that wine has a tendency to lower my blood sugars. This can sometimes be a good thing, but it's something to definitely keep an eye on, so you don't go too low.

If you don't like martinis, though, then vodka and gin won't really be too helpful, as they don't really mix well with things (other than gin and tonic) that are sugarless. Most bars don't carry diet sprite, or anything like that.

Whiskey's harsh, but if you do something like a jack and diet coke, then you should be okay.

I've been a juvenile diabetic for about twenty years now, and wine has always been my drink of choice, usually white wines. If I drink one or two, I don't have any problems. More than that, and I have to give less insulin at the end of the night, so as not to go low while I'm sleeping.

Alcohol is fine for diabetics even beer as it tends to lower their blood glucose level for the first few times you drink something then keep an eye on your glucose levels so you know how that drink will affect you. I am a diabetic and enjoy the odd drink or 2 and have drunk all of the above at sometime or the other with no ill effects (not all at the same time lol) be careful what you mix with them use diet sodas and stay away from to much fruit juice or regular sodas

From the list you provide, wine, particularly red wine, seems to have some benefits. Of course, you'd still need to take into account how much you're drinking, and the effects it can have on a person. (If you drink a lot, you're more likely to become lax at testing your blood glucose (sugar) levels, so you won't know how it's affecting them.)

Alcohol LOWERS your blood sugar.
Do not count these carbs.
Always eat and check your sugar when drinking.

I don't know if this is common but I find that when I drink hard liquor with some kind of diet soda it lowers my sugar level. Even if it is not on an empty stomach. I don't know if it is the same with you but I would watch my sugar level closely.

Yes, you can. Never drink on an empty stomach because beverage does have calories. If you are struggling with your weight as part of diabetes, be sure to pay attention to this. It is suggested to stick with simple drinks such as beer or wine instead of mixed drinks. This can seriously affect the turn of sugar in the drink. If you use insulin, keep your beverage up to two drinks a day.
This is how a drink should be measure:
-12 ounces of beer
-1.5 ounces of 80 proof spirits
-5 ounces of wine
Intoxication and hypoglycemia often hit the same symptoms. It’s best to enjoy your drink with someone who knows your condition, safety first. Be aware if you taken any medication that is not suitable for your drinking session. You should check with your doctor before you consume any alcoholic drink. It's best to check with them, ask them whether is it right for your condition to get a drink or two? Better be safe than sorry. Hope this relieve you a little :-)

Kay H
Five scotch-waters will put me in the bottom of my closet with my nighty on backwards. Red wine is OK, but no more than two glasses. White wine is like lighter fluid. Rum--went to the Bicardi rum factory in Puerto Rico. Never got off the barge. O'Douls cold is good. Good luck. I hope they give me your heart!

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