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 when your sugars are high is it normal?
to sweat. i have searched diabetes u.k for info on symptoms of high blood sugar. and unless i missed it there is no mention of getting hot and sweaty.
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 I think I'm on a 1 way path heading for sure diabetes..help...?
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even after drinking prune juice for 3 days....lots of gas too....

sorry TMI?...

 Do you think I have Diabetes?
Right, I'm a 14 year old boy, i weigh 8 stone quite thin. I've looked at the symptoms of Diabetes type one and the only one i think I'm suffering from is the thirsty more. In the ...

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 Am I too young to develop Diabetes?
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 Diabetics: Is there such a thing as testing your blood-glucose 'excessively'..?
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 How important is it for a diabetic to have a flu shot?
Is its purpose one-more proactive measure to prevent an illness? Or does it put a diabetic in the ICU? Do people still die from the flu? Can the flu kill a type 1 diabetic?
Additional D...

 What happnes if you don't take insulin with diabetes type 1?

 I pee a lot do i have diabetes ?
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 What is the procedure for a diabetes test? Please answer.?
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 diabetes? low blood sugar? help!?
i am a 23 yr old, recently (since about jan. this year) i have started to feel funny around about 11-12 in the afternoons and 4-6ish in the evening. the times really vary but i more so notice the ...

whats a quick way to bring down blood sugar without insulin or medications?


if you are a type 1 or insulin dependent there is no way to bring your glucose down without insulin - period.

Hi, i have found an article on blood sugar which says "Control blood sugar" , i think its a good article as it contains some kinda info for blood sugar. Thank you

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wow.. many different opinions on this. i am a type 2 diabetic and have been for a year and a half. i do not take medication or insulin. the doctor wants me to but i refuse. for some reason any medication i take makes me sick and all kinds of problems. so diet is a big part of managing. when your blood sugar is high, about all i can do is drink a lot of water and move. exercise is a big part. if my blood sugar goes up it usually a number a reason and i know when it is too. i will get hot and when it rises quickly i get headaches. i can almost always say my blood sugar is high and ill test it.. sure enough, im 90% right. it can also be high when im sick. or it can be as simple as eating something or a combo of something i shouldn't have. so i may have that ice cream and then go for a walk. clean the house or mow the lawn.. things like that to keep your body moving and it will come down within a couple hours.

Water , drink plenty of it , and along with the right food and the
right exercise , you can bring it down .
Im a type 2 and I drink alot of water , it does help , I don't induldge in
sodas or juice , just plain water , and none ot that famcy water ...

I think you can try this treatment, this is one new way:http://www.diabeat.cc

Lots of good advice here. Yes, exercise is good but it does temporarily drive your BG up (especially if it's strenuous). Type 1 means you need insulin period! Type 2 can usually be controlled with careful dieting mixed with exercise (at least in the beginning stages). BUT if your BG is 240 or higher and you are making ketones, then you should absolutely NOT exercise as your body will make even more ketones and you could wind up in the hospital!

Well, exercise really (depending on your blood sugar. If it's over 15mmol/l then it'll just go up).

But you wouldn't rely on that full time. If you have diabetes then you would absolutely need to take insulin/medication because if you just use exercise to lower your blood sugar levels you will quickly go into ketoacidosis because your cells aren't getting enough energy due to lack of insulin.

Hope I helped :D

Walk!!! Exercise! Don't rely on diet and pills and other stuff to help. Exercise is the key to everything!

weight reduction and exercise. works great. skip the fast food, soda, and any high fructose corn syrup stuff. i,ve seen this work many times. don,t fast!

jog....treadmill...30 minutes.

any strenuous physical activity over at least 20 min.

this is short term. longer term,- cut sugar, carbs such as bread....
spaghetti, pasta. use diet drinks. low carb fruit juices. meat is OK as is chicken and fish and cheese.

Get up & Get Moving!

My Granny is diabetic, and she dances to a favorite CD when her blood sugar gets up.

Gary B
Don't Eat!

Exercise actually RAISES your blood sugar readings:
When you exercise, your body needs FUEL. that is what blood sugar is for. So when you start to exercise, your body sends out chemical signals saying, "Send more fuel!". You body responds with a Liver Dump. Excess sugar is stord in the liver for just such reasons.

When the liver "dumps", you blood sugar goes up. It takes several minutes, maybe an hour, for your blood sugar to drop after exercising.

BUT . . . your muscles are still "vibrating", and need fuel. So exercise provide a LONG TERM solution to blood suagr. AND, exercise builds more muscle. more muscle needs more fuel, so exercise builds muscle which uses more blood sugar which ultimately, over weeks, makes you blood sugar LOWER.

there is NO "quick" way to lower blood sugar EXCEPT by taking insulin or medications. If you don't eat you will not put more sugar into the body, and your body will use the sugar it has. But that takes HOURS (in a diabetic, DAYS), not minutes.

So, the GOAL of diabetes treatment is to keep your blood sugars at a more-or-less "normal" point -- 80-120 three or four hours after a meal (just before the next meal), and a bit lower than that (70-100) afte a 8-10 hour fast (overnight).

if you ARE diabetic, then your body is NOT using the sugar in the right way due to A) too little insulin being produced (Insulin Deficiency), B) the insulin your produce is not being used properly (Insulin Resistance), or C) you have too much body for the amount of insulin you produce (being overweight).

Beng overweight (C) ALSO produced Insulin Resistance (B), so weight control is a must! (A) is typical of Type 1 Diabetes, but Type 2 Diabetes can also be caused by REDUCED pancreas function

If you do NOT take insulin shots as prescribed, Type 1 Diabetes WILL kill you rather fast (in a few months). Type 2 Diabetes (Insulin Deficient or Insulin Resistant) will kill you, but much more slowly and painfully.

DON'T MESS WITH DIABETES! take your medicinss (including insulin) as prescribed, Control your diet, get more exercise, and control your weight. FOLLWO DOCTORS ORDERS EXACTLY!

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