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what should MY blood glucose be? a fasting was 111 . my doc sent me home w/a glucometer to check my result
twice a day but im taking it three times a day
Additional Details
so i report back in 21 days and am getting am gluc of 94 to 120 and after meals 119 to 130 and at bedtime 119 to129..........im worried here and am losing wt and 30 min of wts and 30 min of cardio every day im afraid im pre-diabetic PLS ELABORATE on your answer THX

a fasting one (no food) should be 40 to 60
regular sugar levels should be 40 to 70
any higher or lower check with a Dr

Biologic Dental Consultant
before i answer that...if you have mercury amalgam fillings or root canals, they can affect blood sugar and thyroid, so get them out, and go to a biologic dentist. go to mexico if you need to, because the states it is very expensive. if you need a list of sites to fine a dentist, email me.

A normal fasting blood sugar result is lower than 100 milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood (mg/dL).

If your fasting blood sugar level is 100 mg/dL to 125 mg/dL, you have impaired fasting glucose — commonly known as prediabetes. To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor may repeat the fasting blood sugar test several days to a week later.

A fasting blood sugar level of 126 mg/dL or higher is consistent with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes when accompanied by classic signs and symptoms of diabetes — increased thirst or hunger, frequent urination, weight loss or blurred vision.

To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor may repeat the fasting blood sugar test on another day. If your test results are 126 mg/dL or higher twice in a row after at least eight hours of fasting, you may have diabetes.

If your blood sugar level is higher than 200 mg/dL and you have signs or symptoms of diabetes, you may be diagnosed with diabetes without a second test for confirmation.

Dr. Ward Dean says everyone will get diabetes eventually and he says everyone should be taking this. i have taken it a few years and i am not diabetic. they call it a smart drug or life extension drug:


Normal range is 70-130. So 111 sounds good to me.

Blood Glucose should fall with in a range of 80 - 150 depending on when you have last eaten.
Some idiot said 40-60 fasting that is in the area of Hypoglycemic and can cause a person to pass out. If you have eaten lots of sweets and take your blood sugar immediately <15 min you should be under 150. Max 130 would be better and less than 110 after 2 hours. IF YOUR BLOOD SUGER IS 200 OR MORE THAN SEE YOUR DR NOW. If in the 150 to 200 range after 2 hrs of eating see him right away. If it is less than 120 two hrs after eating then do not worry about it to much

A diabetic for 7 years undergoing certification to be a diabetes educator.

From a recently diagnosed diabetic type 2, your results look pretty good to me. Here in Australia we measure in mmo1/L and not in mg/dl. I think I have converted yours correctly.

Please dont take my answer as gospel because Diabetes is something that should be monitored and when in serious doubt seek advice from your health professional. Good luck.

nothing to elaborate on. it sounds pretty normal to me. but take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning

Dear Mr/Ms

dont worry you dont tell us how old are in any case a GTT GOLOUGOSE TOLERANCE TEST will show if you are a prediabetic or not .dont be worry I hope u have no problem

Anna Maria S
There is no cause for alarm... Your Blood sugar is just good. It's good that you're checking your blood sugar most of the time..Imagine for three times a day. That's good enough. For me I can say that my feeling is ok if I get 120. Just don't eat a lot of sweets and carbohydrates. Maintain that and don't feel bad. I had mine for 14 years now. Don't worry to much as long as your doctor is helping you out there is no cause for alarm. Good day!

Laura H
the American diabetes Association has set the standard guidelines for glucose levels as follows for patients with diabetes.

Before meals and fasting level should be 90 to 130 mg/dl

1-2 hours after eating less than 180mg/dl

Your numbers seem to be alright. I do not thnk that you have anything to worry about. Losing weight is what they want us to do, and it is really hard to do.

I am a diabetic and have been for 9 years and wish that my readings were that low.

I am on medication and my fasting numbers are staying high.
But it levels out during the day and before my meals.

If you do not have diabetes, and your numbers are this low, you have nothing to worry about. Do not fret. Watch your diet, keep exercising and you are going to be all alright.
I promise you.

...your doctor is the one to ask that question...your glucose score may be okay for one person but too high for another; get that info from your doctor...don't get it from Yahoo answers...

Thanks for introducing yourself to a supportive, intelligent, caring community that can help you.

My FBG level was 99. My doctor said 100 would be a cause for concern. I had just recovered from pneumonia.

I went home, through out every bit of sugar I could find. I have not eaten sugar except for a piece of cake at a funeral last year.

I have lost twenty pounds of fat. I have tripled my level of energy for sports and other activities that I enjoy. I eat NO CAKE CANDY COOKIES CHOCOLATE SODA OR ANYTHING WHICH SAYS ON THE LABEL SUGAR. Not even one gram.

My glucose went down to way under 100. I am hungry all the time, so I eat sugar free potato chips, pretzel sticks dipped in hot mustard and sugar free rolls with butter. My weight goes down if I do not lift weights and eat protein before retiring.

I view candy, cakes, cookies and chocolates as poisons that can and will kill me prematurely, as they are so many of our fellow Americans. Sugar is the worst stuff on earth, no matter what form it takes.

I make my own soda with sparkling water and squeezed limes or oranges. I do not allow sugar in my house. I treat it the way recovering addicts treat drugs and pills.

It is the first milky way that ruins your life.

Look at the people who suffer for sugar...

my paperwork on diabetes says u should keep ur sugar between 70 and 120.and it says that it should b 100 when u go to bed...be sure to check it 2 hours after u eat,if it isnt between these numbers u r eating too much or not enough! it doesnt hurt to check more times than what u r doing,i im supposed to eat small meals 4 times a day so i check mine more frequently

Dorothy and Toto
Normal blood glucose ranges from 70-110. Anything below 70...hypo..anything above 110..hyper.
A range of 4 to 7 mmol/l (72 to 126 mg/dl) before a meal is normal.
A level of < 10 mmol/l (180 mg/dl) 90 minutes after a meal is normal.
A range of 7 to 8 mmol/l (126 to 144 mg/dl) at bedtime is normal.

mrs wilson54
normal range is 80 to 120

Big mama
Any fasting check should be 80-120. Any non-fasting should be less than 140. The glucose levels are going to vary a lot but yours are really not bad at all. The one thing that really gives you a good indication of whether you should worry or not is the A1C results. That is the blood test that your doctor usually does every 3 months. It should be less than 7, preferably 6.5 or less.

a fasting blood sugar of 111 is a little high for fasting. It sounds like your blood sugar is a little too high at night. I wouldnt panic till you see the doctor. He should get a blood test Ab1 (Ithink thats it) that gives your blood sugar level for the last 3 months. That is a better long term indicator and if you blood sugar is off over time.

With those levels, you're probably 99.9% fine. Any fasting reading above 200 is considered rocky territory. While losing weight is a sign of diabetes, working out for an hour a day is probably what's causing it. Usually losing weight AND increased hunger and eating are together a sign of diabetes. You said your doctor gave you a glucose meter. Is this doctor a GP or endocrinologist? If he/she is a GP (general or family doctor), your better bet is to see an endocrinologist. They specialize in diabetes and other endocrine disorders. Not that GP's aren't skilled enough to treat a diabetic, but sometimes they over exaggerate the diagnosis of "prediabetes". Just don't stress over your numbers so much (stress is a killer on the blood sugars); as long as they are under 200 (2 hours after eating or fasting), they're not bad. Also your better bet is to have your doctor do a Hemoglobin A1c. It gives a more accurate reading of how your blood sugars have been averaging.

Best of health to you and yours.

under 100

Normal ranges are 80-120. Watch your diet and get some exercise. Are you pregnant? That puts a whole new light on things.....

Normal blood sugar is 70-110.

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