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 How can you prevent "No Delievery's" in an insulin pump?
I have gotten so many No Delieveries with my insulin pump since last Friday! I have found that in the past, after I insert the pump, that if I give insulin right after it is inserted, I get a lot ...

 Diabetics on insulin: Do you have a GlucaGen HypoKit for emergencies?
I do. I also have certificates for $25 a prescription for one if anybody is interested.
Additional Details
MadsKat: NICE! Mine paid all but a $25 copay, then the certificate covered ...

 How can I get my diabetic mother to eat right and try to lose weight before it's too late?


 why is my husband's blood suger level not dropping below 200?
When my husband first was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago- the doc put him on STARLIX- he was doing really well with his levels- and the last few weeks, diet has not changed- his levels are ...

 Is kidney donantion usually done when the donnor and recipient are both young?
My grandmawhoe's 87 years has 20% of her kidney function left, is this still worth it for me to translante one of my kindney to hers. If I did that out of alove, how long will I surving ...

 what do doctors do with body parts after amputation?
what do doctors do after they amputate someones leg or arm... what do they do with the body parts... ( i know the have to throw it out some how but where and how?)...

 What is the highest blood sugar reading you have ever had after taking it yourself?
If it was REALLY high, what did you do about it?
How did you feel?

I just want to compare procedures for a high blood sugar!...

 I am a diabetic and have nerve problems with my big toe.?
I have nerve pain on the top of my big toe (where the shoe bends) I have had cortisone shots and also bought a carbon insole. None of these helped. Any other suggestions? I also take Cymbalta and ...

 can grapes give you a laxitive effect?
also what other foods can give you that effect?...

 What new advancements or treatments are on the horizon for type 1 diabetics?
I used to subscribe to several periodicals and keep up with this stuff, but for the last 9-12 months I've been outta the loop. Anything new and exciting going on?...

 questions about diabetes?
i took my blood sugar lately in the morning and it was 105 fasting. after meals it is 125. i am in good shape. do i have diabetes or pre diabetes?dr wont test me till my fasting number is 126. or am ...

 is my GP right in saying that glucometer tests using strips do not give accurate fasting and PP results?
he says that only tests done in a laboratory do give accurate results....

 How am I going to pay for my daughters medicine?
My 8 year old daughter is a Type 1 diabetic.She was diagnosed in Sept.2008.This year is a new year and we just started to figure out our budget.The problem is our insurance.
My insurance ...

 diabetes question????
Metformin or Glyburide? which is better of the 2? i used to be on Metfomin, changed me to Glyburide...why??...

 what should I expect from takng Metformin?
I've already read up on it. but sometimes ppl have experiences that might help others. so I'm asking for personal experiences. thanks for your help. I start it on Tuesday!...

 Can a diabetic go into bodybuilding?
I was once a diabetic with high blood sugar and its around 110 now. I weigh 160 pounds and I eat 2500 calories a day to maintain my weight (40% carbs, 40% fats, 20% protein) and keep my blood sugar ...

 Can they be wrong about my diabetes?
I have ask a question before but did not add that I did have a A1C test done with the result of 7.6. My orginal blood test after fasting came back 170. I have been watching my sugar since and it has ...

 Type 1's...what's the highest BG you've ever experienced?
I'm just curious...when I was diagnosed, I was in a coma and I've known since then that my BG at the time was off the charts, but a nurse recently told me she'd heard one even higher......

 Are you diabetic?
1. How's life?
2. What type?
3. Is it hard?

I have type two! It's so easy!...

 Kidney disease renal failure symptoms question!?
I know that symptoms of kidney disease don't show up until there's already been a lot of damage. I'm trying to find out what symptoms correlate with what degree of kidney function?

what is a natural blood sugar reducer?
what can you take to reduce your blood sugar?

There are many foods which naturally helps in reducing blood sugar.
Avocado – This is actually a fruit and contains the healthy fats that raise your insulin sensitivity and is thus another of the foods that lower blood sugar.

Cinnamon – this is a commonly used spice that contains natural compounds that mimic the effect of insulin, as well as reducing LDL cholesterol in people with diabetes.

Garlic – This beneficial herb is another of the foods that lower blood sugar. Garlic can raise insulin production and increase insulin sensitivity.

Flaxseed – ground flaxseeds are rich in lignans and magnesium, which helps lower blood sugar. It is also a potent source of omega-three fatty acids, which also help in controlling blood sugar.

Barley – is a fiber packed and healthier alternative to rice for people trying to reduce a high blood sugar level.

Cherries – are a great choice among foods that lower blood sugar as they contain red-pigmented antioxidants, which can help raise your body’s insulin output.

Onions – The high sulfur and flavonoid content of onions which when consumed at a level of 2 ounces per day by diabetics caused a significant reduction in blood sugar

Exercise and insulin injections for an immediate effect. Exercise and a healthy diet for the long term.

Be careful exercising if your blood sugar is extremely high (like over 240) If you are spilling ketones and you exercise your blood sugar will go up instead of down, which can make you very ill very quickly.

I've heard cinnamon helps. I have capsules to take but forget to on a regular basis.

If your blood sugar is high, you can play around with these foods and stuff, but make certain to keep a close check on your blood sugar level. No food or "natural" supplement can lower blood sugar as effective as medication supplied by your doctor. It's very easy to test and see if any of these natural remedies work by keeping a log of your blood sugar levels. Try testing around the same time every day and see if eating an avocado really makes any difference.

Ilana ♥ Leigh™
insulin!!! duh...
or exercise

There is no magic answer!

The best way is to limit the intake of carbs!

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