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Ramona R
what is a 29 blood glucose reading mean?
what does a blood glucose reading of 29 indicate?

Silent Storm
It means you have a seriously low blood sugar, you need to eat some protien, peanut butter sandwich along with some milk. Then get someone to take you to the ER.

Ilana ♥ Leigh™
ughh your either dead or in a coma. Hypoglycemia is what its called it happens when a diabetic takes too much insulin and it is real dangerous. My my sugar gets to anything below 60 i feel faint

This is a very low glucose reading. Get some glucose (sugar) or food in you to raise it up to a level between 70 and 100. Try to keep the glucose up to between 70 and 100.

thats REALLY low
get some food in you
have you been dyagnoses (exuse my spelling)
wit hypoglcmia
if not get your self to a doctor

diana f
It means either the test was inaccurate, or the person with the BG of 29 will have a siezure soon. Get that person some OJ or candy soon if they are awake and can swallow. Take them to the ER, (FAST!) if they are too sleepy to swallow.
If the person is sitting up talking clearly and normally to you, take the test again.

Joe Paramedic
That's way to low. You should be up around 100. If it gets that low some people lose consciousness. You could die or have brain damage if it's allowed to stay to low for very long. It's called Hypoglycemia. See your doctor.

Miz Lamb
If the reading is mg/dl it means they are in danger of going comotose from too little sugar or too much insulin in their systems.

If the reading is mmol/dl it means they are in danger of going into shock from too much sugar in their blood.

Either way this number is a dangerous number to have.

Kipper to the CUP!
Depends where your from, and what units the readings are in..

American, mg/dL thats VERY low.
Canadian, mmol/L that's pretty darn high.. that's how high i was when i was diagnosed, you wanna be around 5-7

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