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 what part of the body uses the most blood sugar?

 I am confused?
It is very perplexing?
I am confused. I posted the follwing and responses are contradictory. I need advice from well informed persons or a med docs.

"I am 54 yrs old. I was ...

 What are the symptoms of diabetes?
I have looked up a little a bit about diabetes. I am 15 and think i am diabetic.
I go to the toilet a lot, especially at night.
I drink lots and find that im always licking my lips and ...

 The carbohydrate that circulates in your blood and provides energy for your cells is a ?
The carbohydrate that circulates in your blood and provides energy for your cells is a

complex carbohydrate called glycogen.
single sugar called fructose.
single sugar ...

 what would happen if a transfusion of type A BLOOD IS GIVEN TO A PERSON WHO HAS TYPE O blood?

 What are the warning signs of diabetes?

 Can you get diabetis from someone scaring the binggles out of you?

 what is this human addiction to sugar and to oil anyway?
why are we not using all the sugar products of the world to make biofuels........and than see the weight of human beings drop off a lot.......the oil people don't want this to happen do they?.......

 odd diabetes questions?
hello. im a 15 year old boy. when i was little, my mom said i had some sort of food allergy where i got grumpy when I ate sugar. To me, it sounded like diabetes. However, she says it wasn't, and ...

 Diabetes or bulimia - which would I be worse to have???
So I'm unhealthy and overweight and at high risk of getting type 2 diabetes and i'm on a diet and i can cope with a healthy breakfast and lunch but dinner allways catches me out ...

 would it b wrong???? PLEASE dont ignore this ?
ok so im hypoglycemic and i want to buy a blood sugar meter. i dont want to ask my dad cuz he thinks its no big deal i just have to eat more, but i want to get a meter just in case. would it b wrong ...

 Is pumpernickle bread ok to eat for people who have Type II Diabetes?
Is pumpernickle bread ok for a Diabetic's diet? How about rye bread too?...

 what are stem cells?

 I am a 62 years old Type 1 Diabetic patient, for the past 8years.?
My nephew who is a doctor says, "Diabetic Neuropathy.
PREGABA is the latest medication for the same along with Stiloz and OXRATE 600 mg. Any experienced doctors can give their openion?

 Can you be diabetic even if you're at a healthy weight and haven't lost any weight since it started?

Additional Details
No, I have not been to a doctor yet. But my blood sugar has been very out of order the past month or so, and I've had a few symptoms of both low and high blood ...

 How can I get my blood sugar levels down without medication?

 whar is the normal fasting blood sugar level?
mine is 99. am i diabetic?...

 My boyfriend diabetes?
My boyrfriend of 2 months has diabetes (sort of under control). He's good about going to the doctors, ok about taking medicine and eating. But his sugars are still higher than they should be ...

 what foods are safe for hypoglycemic people to eat.?
I know that I am hypoglycemic but when I was diagnoised my doctor didn't tell me that there are certain foods I shouldn't eat. Some of my other friends have the condition as well and were ...

 High blood?
Recently my mum was diagnosed with having highblood. She is now worrying day and night. She keeps a good eating habit,and is currently exercising very hard. But I don't think it will help much, ...

claudia m
what happen to your body when the blood sugar goes down?

tired irratable confusion

serendus g
well i know you feel shaky cant consentrate and just feel sick. When your blood sugar goes down i guess you could say so does your energy.

Without insulin your cells cant get any fuel , so you will shut down
if your sugar goes too low, coma and even death its very

Depends if you have diabetes (or a similar disease) or not. If you have diabetes, you have to correct the dropping sugar by eating foods with high sugar content. Candy, sugary drinks, or sugar in juice works well. If the sugar drops too low, a diabetic can become tired, disoriented, irritable, uncoordinated, and eventually pass out and go into shock (as in call 911 if this happens!).
If the person doesn't have diabetes, they will become tired, grouchy, blah and will usually seek out food or juice with calories and become refreshed after eating.

The Islets of Langerhans will secrete a hormone glycagon to convert some of the stored glycogen into glucose so that there is sufficient glucose for respiration.

The brain, upon receiving blood low in sugar, will send messages to the stomach, which results in hunger pangs

This will lead to fatique or even giddiness.

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