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 i think i have Diabetes.. Help ?
i had a blood test about a month ago to see if i had the flu, now i have all the symptoms of diabetes and was wondering if it would have showed on the test if i acctually had diabetes ?...

 My dad has diabetes i dont think i do but?
everytime i eat or do something alot of times i feel really light headed i felt like that and like a hour or two a lot less i decided to use my dads machine to see my sugar level trying to narrow it ...

 My boyfriend has diabetes and has severe trouble controlling his anger when his sugar is high?
will I always have to deal with this?
Additional Details
We have been together for 5 years, he is Type 1 diabetic since he was 11 years old he is now 26. When I check his sugar when he ...

 Would this help me figure out if i am hypoglycemic?
I have episodes where my body is absolutely starving. My stomach feels completely empty, and the hunger is so bad it hurts. I start to get feelings of hotness, and then the next minute I am ...

 Hi, i am planning to sell my kidney.can i get the guidance?
Hi, I am thinking of selling my kidney in India only. My blood group is O+.Need to know the pros and cons about it....

 regarding types of diabetes, what is the mechanism underlying glucose induction of insulin secretion?

Additional Details
this is a hint given for a question for an up and coming exam i a stuck ...

 How long until sugar effects diabetes?
When does the sugar start effecting you after ingesting it?...

 What does Insulin Level has to do with Periods?
I am 25yrs old, married, residing in India. I have missed my period since last 3 months. I have been tested negative for pregnancy. However Dr has given me Metmorphin saying my fasting Insulin is ...

 Do I have Type 2 Diabetes?, alcoholism?
I'm 26, and no one in my family is diabetic. For 4 years I was a pretty serious alcoholic and I got sober just shy of 3 years ago (Oct 31st is my sobriety date). After getting sober, I lost ...

 Why are people with diabetes at higher risk for hypoglycemia?
I can see why hyperglycemia would be a problem, but hypoglycemia doesn't make sense unless they were purposefully avoiding sugar, and if they were doing that, then they probably also check their ...

 Blood Sugar Level is high for an unknown reason!!?
I recently came off glucophage because my Dr said I was fine now and didn't need it anymore. (I was diagnosed with insulin resistance). I just joined weight watchers so I'm not eating ...

 how do you know if your diabetic?
how do you know if your diabetic???...

 How can diabetics safely lose weight successfully?
I am diabetic and morbidly obese and desperately want to get this weight off. I have no time frame, I just want to do it safely. I am sick of hearing 'you have to lose weight' and not ...

 FOR DIABETICS ONLY. what's the highest and lowest your blood sugar has ever been?
heeey! i've been diabetic for like two and a half years now. i got it when i was 12. and this is only for diabetics to answer. so what's the highest you've ever measured? and the ...

 I feel like type one diabetes is setting me apart from everyone else, please help?
So I've had type one diabetes since I was 2 years old. I've went to the same school from k-8th grade, with the same basic group of friends, so my diabetes was always just my ...

 I had my A1C ReliOn come bak in the mail today..It said 6.2 I am not trying to cause problems..I just am scare?
Please my number came back 6.2......

5 months ago I took one and it was 5.3

January I had a fsting blood test done and it was 84..

Could this test be right is all I ...

 Will the swine flu kill me because I have diabetes?

Additional Details
I don't want "could's" or "maybe's"
I wanna know if I am gonna die!...

 what is the treatment for diabetes?

 Can you get diabetes from not eating sugar?
Or very little sugar.

By the way, My parents have it and my aunts and uncles have it too.

What's my chance if I stop eating junk ,sugary foods?...

 Where can I get free insulin ASAP?
I am diabetic and i don; have any health insurance at the moment. I ran out of insulin and i cannot receive more unless i have insurance. does anyone know a program or can anyone send me some insulin ...

cam cam
what do alpha and beta cells do in the pancreas?

Alpha cells make and release insulin, this acts to increase glucose uptake into muscle and fat cells, also promotes the storage of glucose as glycogen. Insulin is released in response to high blood glucose.
Beta cells make and release glucagon in response to low glucose levels or the presence of insulin. Glucagon promotes the breakdown of glycogen to release glucose and also promotes the breakdown of fats and proteins to release substrates for glucose formation.

The bulk of the pancreas is an exocrine gland secreting pancreatic fluid into the duodenum after a meal. However, scattered through the pancreas are several hundred thousand clusters of cells called islets of Langerhans.

The islets are endocrine tissue containing four types of cells. In order of abundance, they are the:
• beta cells, which secrete insulin and amylin
• alpha cells, which secrete glucagon;
• delta cells, which secrete somatostatin
• gamma cells, which secrete a polypeptide of unknown function.

Beta Cells
Beta cells have channels in their plasma membrane that serve as glucose detectors. Beta cells secrete insulin in response to a rising level of circulating glucose ("blood sugar").

Alpha Cells
The alpha cells of the islets secrete glucagon which acts principally on the liver where it stimulates the conversion of:
• glycogen into glucose ("glycogenolysis")
• fat and protein into intermediate metabolites that are ultimately converted into glucose.

In both cases, the glucose is deposited in the blood. Glucagon secretion is:
• stimulated by low levels of glucose in the blood
• inhibited by high levels of glucose in the blood
• inhibited by amylin.

The physiological significance of this is that glucagon functions to maintain a steady level of blood sugar level between meals.

Beta cells make and release insulin and Alpha cells secrete glucagon. Glucagon is a hormone that breaks down glycogen (stored in the liver) into glucose.

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