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but how can you tell if you're diabetic..?


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what can i do to lower my sugar level when i wake up ?
I am taking 2.5 mm, 20 min before dinner, I have gestational diabetes, and every morning before eating my sugar level is 100-110, and the rest of the day is 70-80

do a fast walk around the block or try a few sit ups to bring the sugar level down.

I don't think you need to go lower than that- anything lower than 125 is fine. But some people find having a snack at bedtime, protein, like a glass of milk, or some cheese, helps keep them from having the "dawn effect" (higher # in the am, because your liver kicks in, during the long fast overnight). 100-100 is really very good, but try the snack, if you really want to be lower in the AM.

100-110 is pretty good, 70-80 is really good.

Don't worry too much, it is probably just a side effect of sleeping, or maybe the result of something you're eating or drinking before bed.

Talk to your doctor/nutritionist, they will know for sure.

100-110 is a good sugar level. But if you want to keep it down in the morning eat within 1 hour of waking. Your liver kicks in thinking it is starving or something after that first hour. I asked my diabetic educator the same question. I would take my blood sugar when I woke up, wouldn't eat and it still went up. Honestly though I would do back flips for your blood sugar numbers

Your sugars sound great. I know they drive you crazy when you are pregnant.
Congrats on your new baby.

Thats where it should be, normal range is 80 - 120, you don't want it lower, otherwise you might go into hypoglycemia, which is not good

Paul K
There's some great articles on Diabetes at http://diabetes.hammocksurvivalguide.com/

Those levels sound fine, if you are worried talk to your doctor or midwife...;

eat light until you have a blanced breakfast and ASK YOUR DOCTOR

actually these are good controls. you shouldn't be worried about them. however, if you are still worried then raise your dose in the afternoon but be careful of night time lows. this can be prevented by testing once during the night. if you experience night time lows then go back to your regular doses.

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