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they say that you can't go in a hot tub or take a shower untill 15 mins. after taking an insulin shot.......?
if you do go into a hot tub or hot shower right after taking the insulin shot is it like you never took the shot or what? pls explain

Going to the water makes you go lower, not higher.

Taking a bath or shower or soaking in a hot tub soon after taking a shot of insulin (blood vessels in the skin dilate from the hot water and cause insulin to be rapidly absorbed).

Stephie Lu
That is absolutley is not true Im type 1 and ive done that about 765 times no joke but yeah if your type 2 then dont do it but type 1 are fine

I've never heard of that. Hmmm...My doctor has never mentioned that either...and he knows that after I do my daily swimming, I relax for about 10 minutes in a jacuzzi to loosen up my muscles.

I also don't believe it. That sounds a little too fishy.

I use a pump so I'm always getting insulin...right until I step into the shower (I disconnect the pump and leave it on the bathroom counter and then reconnect after I get out). I've never seen any effects like you mention.

Where did you hear that?


is it not more to do with the fact that you may go hypo so it's better to wait and check your blood before you into the shower/hot tub so that you're not at risk of collapsing?
hypo symptoms are harded to detect when you're already hot.

Miz Lamb
I really can't understand the reasoning for that.
Maybe the hot water would draw the insulin back out of the needle hole? I have no clue, but do know that people who have pumps have no such restrictions.

The doctors didn't tell me anything about that? Maybe they don't think old ladies have hot tubs or hot water in their showers?? I do not know for sure. I have gone in hot tub right after giving injection and it hasn't affected the way my injection was supposed to work at all. I usually take my shower before injection, so have no clue about what that would do!!

I can see why some people would believe this, but I doubt it is true. Insulin is sensitive to heat if exposed over a long period of time. If insulin is left in a hot environment, it can lose its effectiveness or potency. The hot shower theory, makes no sense as the water runs over your skin and should not effect the temp of the insulin pooled under your skin. Your body temp is 98.6 and I doubt the shower is going to increase your body temp enough to make a difference. I suppose it is possible that a hot tub could raise your temp more and make the insulin less effective, but I really doubt it. Once again, your body temp is 98.6 and it may increase slightly if you are in 100 degree water. It wouldn't increase enough or long enough for it to make much of a difference. It couldn't hurt to wait a few minutes before entering a hot tub, but if you don't, I doubt you will see much of a change in your blood sugar readings.

You should be careful about hot tubs as they can make your blood sugar lower dramatically. Test often.

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