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my glucose read 415 what are my risks?

Just knock it down. If this was a one-time thing, you will be fine. I have had high readings many, many times. I've had diabetes type one for the vast majority of my life. I will read about people who have had it like four years and things already happened to them, and yet I am completely healthy so far. It seems like it is luck of the draw. Just try your best to take care of yourself, like we all should.

George D
Apparently you are on the yo-yo effect. High then low. If you are on a sliding scale, have your Dr., reevaluate it. If not, get on one. Don't run sugars that high for too long. That is why you are to test so many times a day and make sure you do. Kidney Failure and Blindness are the extreme, ..keep the sugars High and one day shortly you will get the whole picture unfortunately you won't be able to see it. Get help and get regulated.


First, in case no-one has come right out and told you, you ARE a diabetic. Blood sugar levels like that DO NOT occur in non-diabetic people.
High blood sugar levels destoy important organs and tissues in your body. High levels like "415" will surely accelerate this. Any levels above 125 are considered abnormal and 125 is the upper limit of a non-diabetic BSL like say 20 minutes after eating a king-sized Snickers bar.
Blood sugar control is important in a diabetic person because their body can either no longer produce insulin (Type 1) or their cell insulin receptors have a hard time using or can no longer use the insulin that they are still producing (Type 2), to keep their blood sugar level in the normal range as like a non-dibetic person.
High BSL risks are going blind, neuropathy, kindney failure, liver failure, heart desease, coma, death, among many, many others.
I'd really hate to be sitting in the kidney dialisys room, blind, after having my feet amputated, thinking "Damn, I should have tried to control my diabetes better."
Low BSL risks like brain damage, coma, and death occur much faster than the complications caused by high blood sugar.
At uncontrolled 415 levels it won't take long for any of these conditions to occur. You should do as much as you can to get this under control including Diet control, excersize, stress control, weight loss if needed and doing what your Dr. says.
Diabetes has ALREADY changed your life and it WON'T go away or change itself back. Diabetes is a "progressive disease" and the only thing you can do is slow down it's progression so you don't get these life-threatening conditions

very high risks to your body in long term and short term. get some meds or insulin now.

If this is a one-off then just get your blood sugars under control as soon as possible. You are at risk of going into a coma.

If you have blood sugars as high as this over a long period its very serious. The high sugars attack your whole system. they clog your nerve endings leading to tingling stinging and stabbing pains in your feet and possibly hands that become neuropathy. They attack the blood vessels in your eyes and thicken the fluid that surrounds your eyeball leading to sore sticky eyes, visual disturbances and eventually blindness through retinopathy. The high sugars also slow your thinking and dull your sensitivity to fluctuations in your blood sugar leaving you less likely to be aware of impending unconciousness and less able to do something about it. The sugars also poison your kidneys making them less able to filter out the bad chemicals that are floating round your system, leading to urinary tract infections and even kidney failure. The sugars also overtake your blood stream making you less able to respond to infections and viruses, thus ruining your health.

These are just a few of the problems, everyone responds differently so not everyone will get this lot...you may be unlucky and get other problems that I haven't mentioned or you may get by unscathed...this time. And don't think that just bringing the blood sugars down will solve the problem... the damage appears over a period of years. I had a bad spell a year ago and the symptoms are still getting worse.

If this isn't a one-off, then you need to consult your diabetes advisor and get help immediately. You may have an infection or maybe have lost control over your diet, or maybe your medication needs changing. Whatever is causing this, they will be able to help.

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