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debbie c
my diabetic score is ? my meter reading says HI means that it is over 600 i just took 50 units of Lantus?
should i wait an hour and test it again and if it is still hi should i call my dr.

Are you new to diabetes and insulin shots?
Just wonderin?

50 units is a good deal - well, a lot in my opinion. I don't know your body weight so I will not judge. I also do not know tour diet habits.

Lantus works slowly over 24 hours.
I would check it again in about 1 hour - it will definitely come down as long as you don't eat right away.

But always be careful, that is a lot of insulin - I hope you are not going to sleep anytime soon after taking that much insulin. You could wake up with a low blood sugar reaction.

I have had more than a few reactions - some were really bad.

The bad ones can be scary.
You can't think straight
You can't talk straight
And you can't help yourself by feeding yourself.

So always remember - balance is key.

If diabetes is new to you, please be careful.

I have been diabetic for 25+ years.
Remember each day is different.
You may excersize more on some days and not so much on others. This will affect your diabetes.

As the days go by - you will be able to read your body (but don't forget to always test your bloodsugar anyway).

Signs of high bloodsugar:
Dry Lips.
Frequent urination
Frequent thirst.
Lack of energy.

Signs of Low Bloodsugar:
An odd tingling feeling across your body.
Loss of concentration.

A good sign throughout the day - you urinate approx every 4 -6 hours (pending how much you drink or sweat). I can easily go 8 hours before urinating at times but I don't drink liquids a whole lot either.

With diabetes, you will learn your body like you never knew was possible, but it takes a little time to reach that point.

First thing to do is wash your hands in case of having something on them then retake the test. Any time you get a reading either too low or high it's a good idea to retake the test as the possibility of error is high (faulty strip, contamination whatever). I would think it is unlikely you would have a reading that high especially as you are on insulin.

Lynn Bodoni
Lantus is a very slow acting insulin. It works over a period of 24 hours. Many diabetics take only one shot of Lantus each day.

If you have regular insulin, the stuff that works within 15-20 minutes, that's what you should take. Wait about 30 minutes, and retest. I can't give you even an approximation of how many units to take, I'm not a doctor.

If your sugar is still very high after an hour, call the ER or urgent care center. You could go into a diabetic coma, and that's dangerous. Very dangerous.

Discuss this issue with your doctor, and try to get into a diabetic education program. These classes last for a few days, and you will learn how to treat highs, lows, and how to better take care of yourself.

lantus has a slow action, not like humalog that make your glucose level drop fast within minutes. 50 units of lantus is a huge amount but it has its onw type of action, its lasts about 22 hours.
You need a humalog (or rapid action insulin) shot asap and yes, you should call your doctor right now, he/she must know what's going on and will say to you what to do.

You should wash your hands and re-check yourself to make sure your HI reading was accurate. Sometimes contaminated hands (with food particles) can affect the outcome. HI does mean that its over 600 and with blood sugars that high you do need to bring it down asap with rapid acting insulin.

Lantus is long acting insulin meaning it slowly releases over 24 hours. It can bring your blood sugars down but it will take several hours and may not bring it down enough.

Rapid acting insulin like Humalog or Novolog is what you take prior to meals and to correct high blood sugars. It begins working within 15 minutes and is what you need in a case like this.

If you don't have rapid acting insulin call your Dr right away. He/She should be aware of your situation and either give you a Rx to fill asap or administer an injection himself. Your Endo usually has bottles of insulin on hand which they can give to patients.

You really should call your doctor and talk about taking some fast acting insulin to get that down. Best of Luck.

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