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 what can i do to lower my sugar level when i wake up ?
I am taking 2.5 mm, 20 min before dinner, I have gestational diabetes, and every morning before eating my sugar level is 100-110, and the rest of the day is 70-80...

 sugar diabetes.........confused?
my dads sugar levle is 86....and i hurd that 80-110 is normal...but the doctor want him to take some medicane.....

should he? isnt 86 normal?
Additional Details
see ...

 Not sure it's diabetes....?
I've always been tested for diabetes due to a strong family history on both sides of the family, but it's always been negative. Recently I've become very dizzy and having frequent ...

 Do I have type 2 diabetes?
I have also been thirsty and urinating ALOT.
Additional Details
Lately I have had the following symptoms. Could I have diabetes? Diziness, fatigue, reoccurent yeast infections, ...

 How do you lower your blood sugar quickly?

 What tests would have have to take in order to take a blood test?
i think its a tests where they take blood and they get a print out of some stuff does anyone know what it is?
Additional Details
i meant to work in a hospital sorry guys please ...

 My hands tend to shake sometimes, and a friend told me that it means I have Low sugar levels...Is this true?

Additional Details
I don't drink coffee, and rarely drink caffeinated beverages....

 Beyond swelling of extremities, are there any serious consequences of taking actos and glyburide/metformin?
My doctor says I should tough it out. Is there no more serious effect from the swelling? I don't want to put up with this, and find out in a year from now that I have to have my foot cut off!...

 does taking steriods increase your blood gucose levels?

 I wanna be a blood ? how do i do it ?
how do i become a blood ? what do i do ? what is a blood ? If your a blood you should give me your digets ? (:
Additional Details
Its a gang ?...

 Complications of Diabetes.?
My mother had diabetes when I was a teen. Before she died she was left a with multiple amputations and only had her right arm left. Had anyone had servere complications or know of people that have ...

 what should i do i have diabetes?
i just found out i have type four diabetes and idk wat that is what should i ...

 What is Insulin.....................?
Ive searched Insulin,What is Insulin,Easy terms about Insulin,but nothing has helped. Maybe YOU guys could help me.
EASY terms...
My friend and I are doing a project about "Diabetes&...

 how long can insulin be out of refrigeration?
My mom is a diabetic and we are traveling long distances by bus and she has to travel with her insulin....

 I've been prescribed that I was a type 2 diabetic, but Im also on insulin, and I want to get rid of it? I?
I've also been told (well since I moved to Florida) that I was a type 1 diabetic, can someone please tell me what type of diabetic I am, because I've been having a lot of complications with ...

 Where can i find a list of foods with their sugar information?DIABET help?
I want a list that show me what is usefull and what is harmfull for diabet.
Mayby a diet plan....

 can low pottassium levels kill you?

 do i have diabetes?
i always am thirsty and peeing more than ever. i have had scabs on my legs for over a month and am always hungry but never gaining or loosing weight
Additional Details
i am 13 and not ...

 blood sugar level 29?
what happens if blood sugar level is 29?...

 Is this a healthy blood pressure for a thirteen year old?
My blood pressure has been around 90 over 50 for a couple of days, it hasen't gotten any higher then 95/54 in the past four days. It is usually 126/80 or around there. Is my current blood ...

my blood type is o negative. what does that mean?

guru ji
this means that u r a universal donar , this means that ur blood can be transfused in any indivisual with any blood grp ! and this does not make u spl or somethng many ppl have this blood grp !

You blood type is precious and you can consider yourself most wanted, Your blood can be tranfused into any person as a means to help promote life. If you choose to donate your blood.

i agree with the other answer. In fact, your blood group is uncommon and is very precious in the sense your blood is needed in special cases.

That means you are the universal donor. When you donate blood anyone can receive your blood.
Scientific terms it means you do not have the Rh protein and you do not have the A or B protein.

Merilee L
Congraulations! Like me; you are now a universal donor which means that you can donate blood to anyone.

Being O-negative also means you can only receive 0-negative blood. It is one of the rare blood types. If you were female and had a + (positive) baby, you would have to have a shot after the baby was born so your body would not reject the next baby if the decision were made to have another.

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