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 Ways to lower my blood sugar level?
Is there maybe certain foods or anything I can eat?
Or is there certain foods I should avoid?

I am pregnant, and just failed a one hour glucose test. Because my blood sugar level was 1...

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 Diabetics, how many infections have you had from reusing syringes and/or lancets?
In my 25 years of type 1 diabetes, I have yet to get an infection from such things. Is this just more propaganda from the pharmaceutical companies to get us to buy more supplies and make more money ...

 Do you always remember whether you have taken your insulin?
Once in a while, I cannot recall if I have taken my insulin. The choice in then to either (1) take it and risk a double dose, or (2) don't take it and risk getting high sugar. Does anybody have ...

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 Can I cure Type 2 Diabetes?
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 what's good for blood circulation?

 could i have diabetes?
i feel hot and i can drink a gallon of water in 10 minutes w/out even meaning to i also lost 15 pounds in two weeks

oh and everyone in my family has it except me and my dad if that ...

 I'm a type2 diabetic; but i don't want to accept disease, is that bad?
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 Is diarrhea a symptom of diabetes?

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 How do u know u're diabetic???

 Help needed for friend!! Insulin overdose?
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 Are you considered "pre-diabetic" if your blood sugar ever goes over 140?
I was reading up on the OGTT tests and on a website about diabetes I read that if your blood sugar ever goes over 140 you are considered
'pre-diabetic". They weren't talking ...

my blood sugar is 149.....?
Im 14 and my blood sugar is 149. i didnt eat anything all day when i took the test, my mom did it but she wouldnt tell me if it was good or bad...sooooo can anyone tell me if its anything i need to be worried about??
Additional Details
Im not sure if i am diabetic,
it runs in my family though, im just wondering if i am or not thats what i am trying to figure out
my mom is a nurse and she pretty much thinks she knows everything and she doesnt tell me if its bad or not because she doesnt want us to worry

I wouldn't wrry cuz if it was serious Im sure ur mom woulda been worried

Joy Melaine O
it is high i am pre type 2 diabetic go drink a tsp of cinnimon in some water it works i do it

Sounds a little high...talk with your mom and ask her what she thinks you need to do to regulate it a little better.

First of all, are you diabetic? And are you type 1 or type 2? And what meds are you on? All that can have its place in the reason your sugar is 149. If you are diabetic, you should be the one doing your testing unless you're sick .. I really think your mom should be sharing that information with you. It's you dear that must control this disease and learn to live with it.

Glenn H
For a diabetic a reading of 149 is a little high but it wouldn't put you in a coma.

Are you diabetic? That impossible to say from one reading. Usually two consecutive fasting readings of more than 126 would indicate possible diabetes and you'd want to see a doctor for additional tests. But we can't diagnose you.

It could be, like others have said, your liver might be sensing that you need calories (because you didn't eat) and is dumping extra glucose (sugar) into your bloodstream for energy.

Do you have any first party relatives, besides your Mom, that are diabetic? Sometimes it runs in families, sometimes not. Have you been extra thirst lately or peeing frequently? Always hungry? Any sudden dramatic weight loss or gain? Any numbness or tingling in your hands or feet?

Talk to your Mom about it. It's not the end of the world if you have it but is something that needs to be managed. There are professional athletes that have diabetes and it doesn't stop them. Try not to worry too much.

Diane S
normal is about 80-120, 140 is seen after eating meals in a normal person. So that is high.

Martina L
even though you havn't ate anything today, doesn't mean thesugar you ate before is going to dissapear. sorry to say i don't know if the sugar level is good nor bad.

Cynthia ♥
my mom had type 2 when she got sick and she said u need to be close to 100. 149 is not bad, but it also shouldnt be that high if u hadnt eaten


i would drink some apple juice

it is a bit high.


Its hard to say, if you haven't eaten anything all day, your liver has had to make glucose through a process called gluconeogenisis. This could be a result directly from you NOT EATING.. now go eat..

If you did not eat anything for twelve hours, then 149 is very bad. 149 is diabetic. Have your mother test you again, and if it is still that high run don't walk to a doctor. You are at risk of falling into a diabetic coma.

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