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Roch G
is it true that you can go blind if you have diabetes and how often does it happen and why?


Prolonged high blood glucose causes glucose absorption, which leads to changes in the shape of the lenses of the eyes, resulting in vision changes. Blurred vision is a common complaint leading to a diabetes diagnosis; type 1 should always be suspected in cases of rapid vision change whereas type 2 is generally more gradual, but should still be suspected.

essentially when you have poor control of your blood sugar it causes your blood to thicken, this prevents proper flow to extremities and small blood vessels. If you manage your blood glucose (sugar) levels properly it greatly reduces the risk.

you want to target a fasting level of 100 (approx)

and a post meal level of about 140 ish

Yes it is true, you can lose your sight and also lose limbs. Only if you don't control your diabetes. But if you control it then you won't lose your sight or limbs. So if you do have diabetes, take care of yourself and maintain a healthy sugar rate and also check your sugar daily and record what you eat.

Take care. :)

yes, excess sugar in the boodstream causes kidney damage which results in poisons not filtered out by the kidneys attacking the eyes and resulting in blindnesss.

thats the dumbed down version here's a quote from a daibetes and blindness site on the web

."Roughly 40% of people diagnosed with diabetes in the United States have some form of diabetic retinopathy. Retinopathy refers to non-inflammatory damages to the retina of the eye, in most cases, due to problems with blood supply. The retina is a tissue located at the back of the eye and sensitive to light. Retinopathy leads to decreased vision and eventually blindness.
Diabetics also has higher risk of other eye problems such as cataracts (loss of transparency in the eye lenses) and glaucoma (build-up of fluid pressure in the eye). "

John E
Diabetes effects every part of your body. even such things as hair loss. So yes you can go blind from diabetes. According to the World Health org. about 2 to 3% of all the people who have diabetes go blind

It is possible to go blind from diabetes. It usually does not happen until someone has been diabetic for several years. Most likely it happens to people that have type 1 diabetes (insulin dependant). When the blood sugar is very elevated and poorly controlled, the body will suffer. Thats why it is recommended that your Hemoglobin A1C is under 7.0. Anything over that poses an increased risk of problems. There are also many people that lose limbs, and have kidney failure from uncontrolled diabetes. The reason why you get blindness is that you start to develop bleeding in the retina causing the vision to be blocked. With proper care from your ophthalmologist and possible laser treatment, many people regain their vision again. Hope this helps.

The Only Logical Solution
As stated above, you can lose your sight, limbs and other things can go wrong. The reason is mostly nerve damage.

Now, keep in mind. Stay on the meds, do what your doctor says, eat the recommended diet, and you'll have fewer problems. Many people with diabetes live to a very old age with vision still intact, save for having to wear glasses.

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