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 Is it possible to get diabetes when a relative has it?
My father, my dads dad and my moms mom have diabetes, so is there a risk that i might get it?
Im just wondering and what is diabetes caused by, is it because of eating too much sweets? thank you!...

 I'm 23. My blood sugar is 102. Is it bad?
I don't eat sweet stuff. I got my blood test result and my blood sugar is 102. according to the result the normal range is 70-99. My father has diabetes. Am i going to have the same disease??

 How much should I eat to do my own blood sugar test to see if I could have diabetes?
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 I think I ahve diabetes, but can't talk to my parents. What do I do?
Just trust me about the parents thing...please don't tell me to go and try, because I can't.

I'm a 14 year old 170 lb female (yup. I know 'm overweight, thanks.)

 should i change my diet for my diabetic boyfriend?
he is type 1 diabetic and i feel bad when i eat really sugary things in front of him when i know that he cant have as much as i can. i know that he can have sugary things when he has a hypo or ...

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 has anybody used glucophage before?
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 i hav just found out that i have got type 2 diabetes what do i do if my bs goes to high or to low?

 How can the doctor tell by looking in your eye if you have diabetes?

 Could this be diabetes, hypo or hyperglycemia?
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 What's your blood type?!?
I'm not sure what I am... whatever the rare one is, thats me...

What's your blood type?...

 Is it possible for type 1 diabetes to reverse itself ?
My brother has diabetes and usually has high blood glucose but for the past few weeks he has had low blood glucose levels, like abnormally low. So we'd just give him some sweets but it doesn'...

So, I'm a 17 year old girl, who LOVES sugar, but i crave it like everyday, and more than once a day. I'm normal weight. Not skinny nor fat. My parents are both diabatic and so are my ...

GOVIND GUPTA achar wale(CA)
i am borderline diabetics , can i use honey as sugar subsitute, or sugarfree is sold by chemist can be utilise?
please give the detail of food ,which is helpful in regular life.

Sophia E
You can use honey as sugar

Gary B
Honey is concentrated sugar -- about 80% glucose and about 20% water. Honey, by itself, must be AVOIDED by anyone who is or might be diabetic.

Sugar-free substitutes sold in pharmacies can be used, as they have NO SUGAR in them, and are safe for diabetics.

maybe u can help me

Honey will still cause blood sugar to be elevated. You could still have it in small portions on occasion, but it might be better to try utilizing a sugar substitute such as Splenda.

There isn't any food that you cannot have, it all just depends on balance, moderation, and timing.

Try to make sure that your diet includes plenty of veggies (more of the low carb variety such as a salad greens, green beans, Broccoli, Cauliflower, cucumbers, asparagus, onions, bell pepper, celery, snow peas, tomatoes, carrot etc).

Try not to eat foods with high fat content as it can affect your blood sugar not to mention lead to clogged arteries.

Also, try to balance out your plate such that you have proper portion sizes of meat, veggies, and carbs.

A good meal example might be pot roast, green beans, and a small baked potato.

Would be a good idea to start exercising (helps with weight as well as blood sugar control)

If you felt you just really wanted dessert, eat a small portion and then exercise immediately afterwards.

Lynn Bodoni
As others said, honey has about the same effect as regular table sugar on your blood sugar. You can use it, but you need to be careful in how much you use. I use about half a spoonful of honey with a couple of spoonfuls of artificial sweetener in my tea, the little bit of honey gives a wonderful flavor and the artificial sweetener just sweetens.

If at all possible, you need to go to a diabetes education class. In the United States*, most doctors will be happy to send you to one, and most insurance companies will pay for it. It will take several days, but it's worth it. You will learn a great many things about how to manage your diabetes, and you will also work with a nutritionist to make a personalized diet plan.

*I don't know where you live, and, no offense, but English doesn't seem to be your first language. I can understand what you're trying to say, though.

You can use artificial sweeteners, since they are sugar-free, if you have to. But honey is a real sugar, so don't eat it. Don't eat sweets. Avoid all naturally sweet things, as well as those with sugar added. Also, cut way back on fruit, juice, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, anything with flour, or beans.

Eat more vegetables, nuts, eggs, cheese, lean meat and fish.

Do not use honey, it has the same effect as sugar. I have been using Splenda. It is sugar that has been chemically modified so that the body does not recognize it as sugar.

Honey is just the same as sugar.

Try any sugar free sweetener, Splenda works great for me, tastes fine too.

Just get a small pack of a few different ones, see which one you like.

Mr. Peachy®
Honey has almost the same proportions of glucose and fructose as table sugar (sucrose).

You need to start learning more about glycemic index and limiting carbohydrate intake. Particularly refined carbohydrates. You also need to learn more about the importance of high nutrient natural foods and daily exercise. Join us at http://tudiabetes.com where we share all kinds of helpful information.

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