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 What can you do when you are waiting for your blood sugar to rise?
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 Question about DIABETES!!!!!!!!!?
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 When should I worry about being a diabetic?
I have been testing my my blood for the past week and my sugar levels are between 125 to 155. I test it before I eat in the morning and before I eat dinner. Should I be worried?...

 Why won't my mother take me to a doctor?
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 Diabetics - Has anyone ever told you that you have to go to the bathroom to test your blood sugar?
... if so, what was your reaction? What did you end up doing?
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I don't have to respect anything. My daughter is 3, and I won't have anyone treating her like ...

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 can you tell me if this is pre diabetes?
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 i have take 5 abmiem and drank 4 beers I weight about 156 what is going to happen to me?

 I eat a lot but never gain any weight?
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 How do I shop and cook for a Type II diabetic?
My husband was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I'm thrown - how do I shop and cook for him? He gives in to temptation, so if it's in the house, he'll eat it....

 What is normal for your blood glucose when you are using a monitor?

 does insulin make you sleepy?
does taking one shot of insulin cause sleepiness?
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I'm not a diabetic, but I'm not taking any.
My aunt and uncle are and I was just curious....

 Can people with type 1 Diabetes drink alcohol?
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 What does it mean when they say you have Sugar?
A co worker of mine had to be rusehd to the hospital the other day. and they said that he has sugar and that he might have to take needles for the rest of his life what excatly is sugar???...

 Can a hit to the kidney area in the back cause Diabetic nephropathy to accelerate?

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I should add that the person is diabetic and diabetic nephropathy is already a suspicion. Could a hit in the back cause this condition to accelerate?...

how high does a non diabetic sugar go after eating?
i just used my son's meter and see that i am obviously now a type 2 diabetic...my readings have been 245, 195 and 150. could i NOT have diabetes and readings are high sometimes normally?

I have type two diabetes, possible if you eat a lot of carbs. do some more checking but the only way to know for sure is by taking a glucose tolerance Test unless that has changed in the last 8 years. Your readings are high. believe me diabetes isn't something to play with it can cause all kinds of problems including death if not under control.

For most people, good blood sugar levels are:
On waking up (before breakfast) 80 to 120
Before meals 80 to 120
2 hours after meals 160 or less
At bedtime 100 to 140

Play it safe and find out for sure. I now have congestive heart failure to. Symptoms


German Shepard
A home glucose meter is not accurate enough to be used for diagnosis, but with the readings you show is a major cause for concern and you need to be tested by your doctor. You don't indicate when you took those readings but a non diabetic will rarely if ever exceed 140 no matter what they ate.
The first test you should have is a fasting blood test, if that comes back normal then it should be followed up by the OGTT, which is a fasting test followed by drinking a special fast acting carb and getting tested for the next several hours. When the doctor does the first fasting test they might also test your A1c to get a baseline, it is not used to diagnose but to create a trend on your blood glucose control.

Miz Lamb answered your question very well. Make sure to follow the advise about getting your blood sugar levels checked. The a1c levels will show if you are diabetic or not. For some more info, check out my site.
I have been a diabetic for 46 years.


I agree with the two who responded to your questions. They have good answers. Good luck to you and God bless you.

Miz Lamb
I recommend you make an appointment with your doctor immediately for complete physical exam including blood panels. 150 is normal for after eating for a non diabetic. over that is scary!

For better checking do some early morning fasting testing. Like when you first get up. then some random time during the day.

But do get a doctors appointment and get checked for diabetes. And not the icky GTT gag alot syrup testing either. Get the HbA1c blood draw.

Tin S
Your definately diabetic.

Fasting Blood Sugar Test:
Measures the blood sugar level after 8 hours fast or overnight. Normal fasting blood glucose level is less than 100mg/dl. If your fasting blood glucose level is from 100mg/dl to 125mg/dl then you will have impaired blood glucose level also known as Pre-Diabetes. If your blood glucose level is above 125mg/dl then your doctor will diagnose as a patient of diabetes. To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor may repeat the fasting blood glucose test on any other day. If you have blood glucose level of 126mg/dl or higher in two consecutive tests, then you may have diabetes. If you have blood glucose level greater than 200mg/dl and you have symptoms of diabetes like increased thirst or hunger, frequent urination, weight loss, blurred vision etc, then you may be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus without confirming it with second test.

Random Blood Glucose Test:
Random blood Glucose test gives your blood sugar at any time in a day. Normal random blood sugar level should be less than 200mg/dl. If your random blood glucose level is between 140mg/dl to 200mg/dl then you will have pre-diabetes.

Welcome to the club of misery !!!

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