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 Is this diabetes?
My fiance' is going to the doctor this afternoon for some bloodwork. His dad and him thinks he has diabetes. Only because he gets really loopy when he hasn't had anything to eat. He's ...

 Should I be concerned with this blood sugar reading?
Let me preface this by saying I don't think I have diabetes. I don't have ANY of your textbook symptoms (eyesight is fine, no lightheadedness, no dizziness, cuts heal within normal time ...

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what kinds of tests can be run from stool ...

 Could I have Diabetes?
I'm a 15 year old male. I weight 125lbs. I have been having the following symptoms for less then a day.:

Leg Tingling
Stomach Pain

I'm not extra ...

 What can you do if your glucose readings go over 300 two days in a row?

 I have heard that people who have diabetes can't use foot spa's. Is there any reason for this?

 my mom was a diabetic for 20 years and didn't know it until she went blind?
she doesnt believe in doctores (she doesnt like doctors) and the only time she went to a doctor was to give birth (ten kids) so i want to know what are the symtoms of the desease? i had a some blood ...

 Can You Be Born With Diabetes?

 Could I Have Diabetes?
recently i been gettin a tingling sensation in my left toe i took a look on the internet to see what this was also, and it said this could be a sign of diabetes, also ive been feelin very thirsty ...

 Do you think i have diabetes ?
My mum has diabetes and everyone says i have the chance of getting it

But at the moment i keep going shakey and dizzy i feel faint all the time im eating the same as normal and i havent ...

 Does this sound like diabetes?
Okay well I heard diabetes is when you drink a lot of water, and for some reason every time I wake up my throat is dry and I can drink a whole glass of water....

 What sweetener is best?
I have recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes. So long, McDonalds Sweet Tea *sob!* What artificial sweetener--if any--will not increase my blood sugar levels, is safe and has no side effects?...

 Could i possibly be diabetic?
first of all no rude answers please, i'm self conscious already, i don't need and put downs.

I'm 16 years old, I weigh 185 pounds, and i'm 5'1

My ...

 i know this person that has diabetes and she...........?
never checks her blood sugar cause she hates needles
and eats really really bad (McDonald at least 1 a day)

she 17 and i think about 215 maybe ...

 Am I REALLY underweight???
Im 12 years old, im 5ft 3in, and weight 76 ...

 I am learning about digestion, what is insulin?
Thank you....

 name foods,snacks and junk food you can't eat if you are diabetic?

 What is your AC1 reading?
If you are diabetic what was your most recent AC1 reading? I'm just curious. Mine was 8.2. I know this is high. :(
Additional Details
I know what an AC1 reading is. I ment what ...

 I have been recently diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 - I'm taking Glycophage 1000mg it doesn't agree with me...
Any advice? Anyone know of medicines that don't upset your stomach, or cause headaches?...

 What food would be good to quickly increase blood sugar level?
I'm not diabetic nor hypoglycemic. I'm prescribed to take some tablets that makes my sugar level low -- a side effect.
I'm not very big with sweets. I can have them once in a ...

how bad is 6.6 blood sugar level?

very bad. Get sugarless soda pops or snacks instead.

The National Diabetes Education Program (link below) states the following about the A1C test results.

"The A1C Test: The Best Measure of Long-Term Diabetes Control

What is the A1C test?

The A1C test is a simple lab test that reflects your average blood glucose level over the last 3 months. A small blood sample to check your A1C can be taken at any time of the day.
Why should I have an A1C test?

The A1C test is the best test for you and your health care team to know how well your treatment plan is working over time. The test shows if your blood glucose levels have been close to normal or too high. The higher the amount of glucose in your blood, the higher your A1C result will be. A high A1C result will increase your chances for serious health problems.
What is a good A1C goal?

You and your health care team should discuss the A1C goal that is right for you. For most people with diabetes, the A1C goal is less than 7. An A1C higher than 7 means that you have a greater chance of eye disease, kidney disease, or nerve damage. Lowering your A1C—by any amount— can improve your chances of staying healthy.

Level of Control A1C number
Normal 6 or less
Goal Less than 6
Take action 7 or more

If your number is 7 or more, or above your goal, ask your health care team about changing your treatment plan to bring your A1C number down.

Miz Lamb
That all depends on if you are a diagnosed diabetic or not. 5 is perfect so anything over that and especially over 6 is in the danger zone for normals. 6.6 is an excellent number for diagnosed diabetics. But it is not extremely bad for normals, just need to change lifestyle and maybe take meds.

Those people who do not understand the numbers are not considering that this is an International forum, not just American. They need to grow up and learn there are more people in the world than just Americans on here.

Emily-Ann ☆
That's perfect .. I'm a diabetic and if I'm that level I'm perfect .! levels should be between 4.0-10.0.. If it's's more than 15.00 your diabetic ..

Ive never seen a blood sugar reading given in that form... usually 80-120 Is normal.

Not too bad. Normal is usually between 5.0 - 8.0.

If that's a fasting blood sugar that's a bit high though and should be monitored.

that is fine, unless you have been fasting for a few hours - then it is slightly high.

it is in normal range , especially if it is after you just ate

john e russo md facm faafp
The United States uses their own unique laboratory values while every other nation on the planet uses Systeme Internationale or SI Units. My comments assume that this is a glucose reading as you suggest as opposed to an A1C as referenced below. 6.6 mmol/L is 119 mg/dL in American units. The normal fasting glucose is 5.6 mmol/L or 100 mg/dL. No decision regarding diagnosis or treatment should be based upon a single reading. After meals glucose does not normally exceed 7.8 mmol/L or 140 mg/dL. When the glucose readings are in question an A1C is done. The proper term is glycated not glycosylated (see M. Roth 'Glycated Hemoglobin' in Clinical Chemistry 1983) hemoglobin A1C which gives the 90 day mean or average glucose. Normal is less than 6.0% or less than 7.0 mmol/L or 126 mg/dL. To answer your question if your reading was fasting it bears repeating perhaps with an A1C. If your reading was after a meal it would fall within the normal range. If I may be of further assistance please let me know at johnerussomd@jhu.edu. I wish you the very best of health and may God bless.

That looks like an A1C reading. For a non-diabetic, an A1C of 6.0 or less is normal, depending on when you ate last before having that test. 6.6 corresponds to a blood glucose reading of above 145, which is okay for a diabetic, but kinda high for someone who isn't.

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